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Darkness Unfolds

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I’ve decided to put this down to writing, since I’m not sure anyone else has experienced this. If anyone has, please get in touch ASAP, since this is getting worrying.

A few weeks ago, I’d started experiencing fuzzy vision. I’d be doing whatever, eating, writing, be on my bike, and my vision would get all blurry and sometimes I even fell down… I decided not to tell anyone. It was no use worrying them, I was probably just tired.

These started getting more and more regular. Now strange shapes had started to dance around like shadows cast by a fire, contorting into snarling, disturbing faces. They formed into shapes, a hanged man, a woman with no eyes, a dog with its belly ripped open, a small child with it’s wrists cut, lying on the ground… I closed my eyes when it got too disturbing, but I could somehow still see the visions in my head.

I decided to get it to stop. I contacted a so-called paranormal expert on the Internet and waited for a reply. He said to meet him the next day.

That night, I had the worst bout of all of them so far. I started sweating uncontrollably and felt as if darks clouds were closing in on me, the blue gap between them slowly fading and giving way to darkness. Then I had a series of violent spasms, and saw a black figure on the ceiling. He was not deformed and rapidly changing shapes like the others, he clearly had the figure of a hunched back man. As he slowly came into focus I could start seeing his features, and in colour too. He was an old man with gouged eyes, and two holes in his hand. The wounds looked fresh, and a drop of blood even trickled down and hit my bedsheets.


The man beckoned to me. “Come forth, and see the truth.” I got out of my bed and he grasped my hand and we flew out the window. He showed me the UK, then we flew higher and he showed me the world. At this point I could no longer breath and choked to death.

The last words I ever heard haunt me to this day. Dark, disturbing words. Full of an unknown evil power.


“Oh bugger, you guys don’t breathe in space do you”

Credit To – SDR

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7 thoughts on “Darkness Unfolds”

  1. Joleen Hunnicutt

    OK I usually don’t comment on these but I have to say you pulled me in believing I was actually going to read something truly creepy on here Lol the vivid details of the loss of sight and horrible visions that do not go away even when you close your eyes awesome and then WHAM!! you come up with a ludicrous out of no where ending that honestly made me literally Lol. Normally this type of “let down” would completely irritate me and I would rate a 1/10 but I so thoroughly laughed and ended up ENJOYING yes a dare say enjoying the unexpected humorous ending that I HAD to give my very first 10/10 rating

  2. I doubt you’ll see this since you’re dead but yeah Peter pan took me into space too and I died. Glad to know I’m not the only dead person with internet connection. It’s been a few weeks since I died too, so maybe it was the same one.

    Definitely could use this plot and make a better story 3 points for effort.

  3. Too many unanswered questions, a first-person narrator who dies, useless details–this isn’t the greatest story, though the twist was original.

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