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Dargaia’s Nectar

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If you ever find Dargaia’s nectar, you’ll probably be one of the ones who have been looking for it all their lives, and thus won’t need any instructions on what to do with it.

Just the same, it’s pretty simple, at least to start with. Make sure your affairs are in order (incase you have a bad reaction), and then? Bottoms up.

The coming months are the least pleasant part. You’ll find yourself unable to keep food down long before you’re far enough along to stop needing it. Same with sleep. The color of your blood will be off, and your veins will consequently stand out more. Expect a few ingrown body parts; little things, just fingers and ears and teeth, usually pressing up against the skin. Make sure you’re caught up on your booster shots because you’re never going in for a checkup again. Or wearing anything more revealing than a trenchcoat in public, most likely.

Eventually, a little cut on your belly will start ‘unhealing’, becoming a puss-filled wound in a few days. Over the coming week, three things will emerge from this.
The first object resembles a greasy black beechnut with maybe a tooth or two growing from it. When you’re dead someone will eventually find it and use it to make a new batch of Dargaia’s nectar. Hide it well, make things fun for future generations.

The second object basically looks like a softball-sized cluster of veins, many of them broken and leaking oily black stuff, all wrapped around something. Then it’ll squirm and you’ll notice the twisted little skinless fetus in the middle. It will only survive for about twenty seconds. Burn the remains.

The third object will—

well, let’s just call it “object 3”. It’s easier that way.

You can plant it anywhere you want. I advise some place where you don’t mind spending all your time and no one else would go. Your back yard or under your cellar works if you don’t have any roommates; as long as there’s fertile soil. Dig at least five feet down. It won’t want to be buried, but just keep piling dirt onto it (if you can still hear it when you’re finished you didn’t go deep enough).


Its veins (or roots, I guess) will eventually spread in all direction about a foot and a half for every year of your life. Grass and weeds will grow stiff and bony, or black and oily, or take on the color and texture of a spider bite, or rice paper. Wood will be infected too; you’ll hear the arteries in your walls pulsing on quiet nights. The ground will rot with dead insect and animal life. Don’t mow your lawn; it bleeds like hell.

This is your sanctuary.

No matter what threats or injuries beset you outside, here you will be safe and healthy. Well, what passes for ‘healthy’ for you now. And if you really hate someone, bring them here. Trick them into coming. They’ll get infected, one way or another; a lungfull of spore, a thornprick, a bit of residue on their hand. They will blood-vomit and the blood will have tiny centipedes in it. They’ll shit out their own spinal fluids. Their eyes will milk over and hatch; little spines and brambles will grow from the sockets. They’ll survive for months or years, doctors will be baffled, it will be completely fucking great.


That’s all for starters. You’ll learn more as you go. Much more. But if I told you everything now you might not do it.

Whatever you do, just guard it with your life, with your very soul. If you think you’re in danger of loosing it, dig it up, kill it with a silver needle, let someone else make a new one some day. You’ll feel as if you’ve pierced your own heart, but it’s better than letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Because you’re a Holder now.

And you’d better not let them come together.

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67 thoughts on “Dargaia’s Nectar”

  1. At first I thought this was incredibly stupid, until the end when I found out it was connected to The Holders, and then it was good.

  2. Enjoyable pasta. I have though one thing to say: when will people learn the difference between ‘loose’ and ‘lose’?! It’s about as annoying as ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ mixups…

  3. @Random Passerby

    I’m not sure how you figure that this relates to the Holder of Silence… I see no connection between the two… other than the words ‘Holder’ and ‘Object’

  4. First time reading anything about this “The Holders” series but I’ve heard alot about it. Lives up to expectations tho, hoo. Nice.

  5. I really liked it.
    The details were great and gruesome.
    It reminded me of a quest that would be on elder scrolls Oblivion.

  6. The holders reference made it just all the cooler. I read…about half of the Holders story (i have no life), this story…could fit in nicely. It has everything The Holders needs. Gruesome, twisted, wonderful. With a sprinkle of pain.

  7. Anonymousity x 2

    Where the freaking hell are we supposed the find that nectar?

    No, seriously, who knows where it is?

    Oh, and the Holders’ reference was quite unexpected. What would be the number of the object then? 444?

  8. ShifterInTheShadows

    With Dargaia’s Nectar, you’d easily be the baddest freakin’ holder ever! Darn, I wish I knew how to create it.

    The Angel of Death ain’t got nothin’ on this!

  9. I’ve read the Holders pasta through many a time, but all the links I used for it are offline now.

    Some of the Holders stuff is great, with sub-themes through sets of items really playing into the whole idea that the items have a power their own but it’s changed by how they’re used. Others of the Holders series are more like Highlander II.

    Anyone have a working link to the expanded series?

  10. ‘That’s all for starters. You’ll learn more as you go. Much more. But if I told you everything now you might not do it.’

    i just love that paragraph…like i’d do it n e way ><

  11. You know, I read a few of the Holders pastas…Some are good, some not so much, but that’s all been said.

    What was really fun though was looking for Holders pastas on DeviantART…I found a couple on there that really are pretty well done. The Holder of Anarchy, the Holder of Trade, etc.

    I liked this one quite a lot as well.

  12. Yeah, I agree with Darkest. I’ve read about the same number of Holders. The first one really drew me in, and the rest have been an okay time-waster when I’m bored, but once you get to the 40th repetition of “Do not do [thing] or you will undergo unimaginable torment for the rest of eternity”, it really loses its edge.

  13. Holders video game like Stay Alive perhaps? You lose you die, your journey in virtual reality finishes the job in your plane of existence.

  14. Yeah, I read about 40 of them. Honestly, some are good, but my favorite has to be the first. After a while, they just start to try to outdo themselves with more hell-worlds and demons and monsters.

    The holders shouldnt be about that. They should be about places that shouldnt quite be there, and people who shouldnt quite exist.

    That said, this pasta = win.

  15. If that is the case, then I applaud you for your vast patience. I myself have read about 100, but I hope to finish sometime this week when time is not so elusive.

  16. Miss Betterdone

    What has someone read all of The Holders Series?

    -raises hand sheepishly-

    It gets old after a while.

  17. Very clever reference to the “Holders” creepypasta. I’m curious, by the way, to know: Has anyone actually read it the whole way through?

  18. Welldone: Your comments always have just the right amount of creepy.

    That said, this is definitely my favorite of all the Holders-related pasta. It introduces a sort of antagonist to the Seeker. Those transformed by Dargaia’s Nectar would be the ultimate foil to the quest to collect the items. I’m sure that many a Seeker would have died at this person’s hands. Every good story needs a villain, you know.

    Also, it makes sense that someone would have to be there to return the items to the Holders, in the case of the death of a Seeker. The character described in this provides the way or this to happen. In a sense, the character described here could be called the Holder of the Holders.

    Damn it, this makes me want to draft the Holders pasta up as a novel. I’ll post in the forums about this later…

  19. Random Passerby

    Well, miss nemo, the Holder saga does imply that the Seeker is the Holder of Silence. Well, not imply, more like outright state…

  20. The person formerly known as "Noneya"

    Ha HA! I love this one now.

    Ive read a good number of the holder series, so this was freakin’ awesome.

  21. do you guys realize what this implies?

    all the holders.
    are really just people trying to get all the objects from the other holders and bring them together.
    THAT’S the benefit- finding out what happens when you do. whether the result is actually good or bad, you’ll have to find out for yourself…

  22. I really liked this pasta.
    If you did what was in this, you’d have your own santuary, where you’re safe.
    Possibly extending your life indefinitly, meaning your santuary will grow larger every year. Eventually, you could be “safe” in larger areas, as long as you keep the original “root” safe.

  23. Comment Leaver

    First let me say haha wouldn’t have seen that coming if you’d told me in the first place. It’s the only way this story makes sense. Without the holder’s refrence a reason to dedicate your life to something so vague is pointless. But reasonably, why would any of the holders want to be holders.

    Also, @ M, what are you talking about? I don’t know what fight club is but if I did I’d try to remember the first rule. ^^

  24. “They’ll survive for months or years, doctors will be baffled, it will be completely fucking great.”

    I loved this part, it made me think of “Fight Club” and it’s a nice departure from the generally serious, more solemn tone in most pastas.

  25. I love it. Imaginative and gruesome, with a nice twist at the end.
    I think this is the best creepypasta I’ve read in months, and I read them at the pace of this site, if not even more often.

  26. I really liked this. Especially as part of the point of all these “attaining power” need to have a measure of hubris in them. i.e “what do you do with the world when you control it”?. I’m not normally a holders fan, considering it a wee bit sub- Lovecraftian, but I wasn’t expecting the pay off, and it adds to the mythos well. Top stuff.

  27. Miss Betterdone

    Mr. Welldone, you just lost the game.

    I liked this one. It kept me reading. I like anything that connects to the Holders that can do something original.

    But you gotta think, to become a Holder there should be something really good at stake, something that would be worth going through the ritual.

    1. It’s that kind of thinking that convinces people to attempt at becoming holders. They believe that there has to be something amazing as a reward for those who put themselves through this, so they go through with the ritual. In reality, they don’t get anything of the like.

  28. I love the Holders reference.
    The detail was amazing.
    And Cyarm, try and be a bit more creative next time you want someone dead.

  29. Hello Maran Doll,

    I believe it’s very important to remember this: Do not believe everything you read. Some things have been added, changed, and/or removed to make the Game more interesting.

    As I have stated elsewhere, the Where of each Object is not general, but incredibly specific.

    Regarding this story…


    This was just art.

    The fellow who wrote this respected the Game and was so clear of vision. I had not seen his like in many, many years.


    The brightest really do fall the hardest.

  30. I like how it’s screwed up just for the sake of being screwed up — as mentioned, there’s no rational benefit from doing this. Detail is very good. I like the Holders reference too.

  31. Don’t you have to be in an asylum to be a Holder? How’s anyone supposed to find you?

    Although I guess that’s the point.

  32. Nice! I like the reference to the Holder pasta’s. But I really don’t see the benifit in doing this. I mean, if you wanted someone dead that badly, surely jumping them in an alley would save time. >_>

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