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Creepy Places in Atlantic City Resembling Nightmare Scenarios

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Did you know that Atlantic City holds a reputation as one of the leading locales for eerie experiences?

This East Coast city is home to some seriously spine-chilling paranormal occurrences. From haunted forests steeped in age-old legends to the chilling history of long-abandoned casinos that were established nearly a century ago. Even though these old gambling halls have closed their doors, Atlantic City’s vibrant, modern casinos carry their legacy, and avid gamers can even sense the chilling remnants of these old haunts in the best online casino in Atlantic City. 

But this is just one of the creepy places you can explore in Atlantic City. So, are you willing to head into truly haunted places? If so, allow these seven haunted locations in Atlantic City to set the creepiest mood for you! 


Top 5 Creepy Places in Atlantic City

1. Resorts Casino Hotels

The Resorts Casino Hotel building was built in 1860 and served as a hotel, boarding house, and military hospital while the country was at war. Over the years, howling sounds have been reported on the building’s top floors without a clear cause. 

Many people have reported seeing odd apparitions of a man flipping his top hat, chilly patches, and unexplained noises in the lifts. Although the details of the experiences have become somewhat hazy with time, some people think that this could be the ghost of Charlie Chaplin.

The hallways are lined with photos of WWII servicemen who passed away when the structure served as a hospital.  One unsettling experience a visitor experienced involved an unseen handshaking their hotel door aggressively in the middle of the night.

2. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, originally known as the Trump Taj Mahal, is located right in the center of Atlantic City. This location has a quite turbulent background as well as some intriguing ghost legends.

One particular report concerns multiple allegations against a man who has been claimed to have jumped from the 10th level. However, this ghoul seems harmless as he almost unconsciously strolls the hallways at midnight.

3. Pine Barren

The Jersey Devil is the subject of the spookiest tale in the Atlantic City region. Although sightings of the cryptid have been reported from New Jersey to Maryland, the legend started in the dense Pine Barren forests. On a stormy night in 1735, Mother Leeds gave birth to her thirteenth child. Despite being born a human child, the child later changed after Leeds condemned the infant as the devil’s child.


The beast is accused of slaughtering animals, plundering housing, and damaging crops. The destroyed remains are left behind as a warning to the people who live on the land. The Pine Barrens forests are where the creature is most frequently reported to be sighted.

4. Asbury Avenue

There are several unusual and spooky occurrences on Asbury Avenue, which runs between 8th and 9th Streets. Two people who committed suicide by jumping to their deaths from the top of a bank building are now haunted by their ghostly apparitions. 

Another spirit is that of a man who was electrocuted while performing maintenance in a neighboring alley. The alley also served as the scene of a firefight between the police and a robber. The thief passed away, but his ghost is still present. The lane referred to as the Alley of the Dead is filled with gunshots and wailers.


Even City Hall is haunted by a ghost since a mayor who was leaving the premises on his last day in office died from a heart attack, and his spirit occasionally appears on the steps of the building.

5. Estell Manor

Estell Manor, located in the enormous Jersey Pine Barren, is the epicenter of several ghostly occurrences. The Abbotts’ adopted daughter is thought to be the spirit that inhabits the Abbott home. The previous owners of the home operated a funeral home across the street and carried the deceased ghosts with them.

The Abbott house features creepy occurrences such as shifting and moving objects in the rooms, unidentified murmuring voices, and spooky footsteps

Bottom Line

After perusing this article, it becomes apparent that while Atlantic City may appear to be vibrant and cheerful on the outside, there is an abundance of creepy places lurking beneath. So, amid all the excitement and adventure in Atlantic City, why not explore any of these reputedly haunted locations and share some of your spooky tales?

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