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Childhood Superstitions

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When I was 8, I stayed up late at night watching television. My mother always told me never to turn on the television exactly at 4:44 am. If you ever did, you would hear clicks and heavy breathing in the next room; If you do check, a black shadow with red eyes will glare at you.

They also told me if I wore another person’s glasses, I will see that person’s death. It’s true. I put on my mother’s glasses, and since then I’ve always been a little fearful of my father.

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59 thoughts on “Childhood Superstitions”

  1. Hmm… The whole glasses thing messes it up. PS my two best friends both wear glasses and I do too, so often, we pile our glasses in the middle of the table and blindly grad each others glasses. Never happened to us.

  2. kinda liked the last part wasn’t scary kinda corky in a way but u had to chew on it for a moment to understand

    1. It’d have to be 7:06 since there are only 60 minutes per hour… which is not as scary as 6:66.

      And I guess it’s culture specific, but for many East Asian cultures, the number 4 represents death so 4:44 does indeed make perfect sense to us.

  3. i like this pasta.
    Though it should have been written longer and have added more details to the story so the tension from the reader slowly builds up. 7/10

  4. What happens if you wear someone’s reading glasses? I mean, you can buy those at the drug store, not custom-made. Do they have to be custom? Or do any glasses work?

  5. Sounds like two incomplete pastas all rolled into one. Both need a bit of delving into, however both ideas are good.

  6. Readman, even if the story was like you’d want it to be, it would still be stupid. In fact, it would be repetitive.

  7. 1) Have a person you hate go into the other room and wait in the darkness
    2) Turn on the TV at 4:44 AM
    3) ????
    4) Profit

  8. I respect Mr. Wellgood for his eloquence and all… but he sounds like… well umm… oh, fuck it, I’m gonna say it: He sounds like one of those fourty-year-old guys that live in their mother’s basement, and spend their lives on the computer, trying to sound important and mysterious. I apologise, Mr. Wellgood, if I’m mistaken, but that’s just the way it comes across

  9. felt like 2 incomplete pastas combined to make a whole meal, but it didnt go down too well, and now i have the runs

  10. BUT WHO WAS RED EYES? I liked this one and the concepet my mother always watches Morning Joe on Msnbc every morning around that time no monsters there maybe he dosent like politics….

  11. Quick poll: who here is gonna turn on there tv tonight at 4:44 and check the room while live webcasting? lol

  12. Haha the time made me think of the rather uncreepy DS version of the game Harvest Moon. If you press the action button by the dog kennel at 4:44am game time, a mini-game starts where you have to fight the village girls…
    Random irrelevant knowledge there.

  13. I’d warn my mommy! D:

    also, thanks WHOWASPHONE for putting all these up, I think I’ve read almost all the creepypasta on the site, and I really enjoy them. keep up the good work please =D

  14. @Everyone talking about Harvest Moon

    In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA, turning your TV on at 4:44AM makes your game freeze! No shits!

    444 = Japan’s 666

  15. @ Anonymous #21

    Is it in DS Cute, too? God, I love those games.

    Anyway, the first part was creepy, but I’m afraid I found the part about the glasses to be rather silly.


    Ha, my mom always told me not to wear other people’s glasses because it would hurt your eyes, and you would need glasses when you got older.

    I didn’t listen to her, wore my friends glasses…and now I have glasses too!

    Haha, I don’t blame my friend though. I have astigmatism, she doesn’t.

    And what kind of mom would tell their 8 year old child something scary like that!?! That’s kind of messed up! >.<


  18. i agree with Anon [17]
    the glasses are linked to the television, it’s not meant to be two creepypasta i dont think…

    4:44 AM on the dot? what if it’s a second after?…4:44 on my watch? what if my cell fone has a different time? what 4:44 shud i go byyyy? ><

  19. Haha, in the game Harvest Moon DS, turning on the television at exactly 4:44 activates a bizarre RPG-based mini game in which you fight shadow animals or random girls from the village in turn-based combat using your farm tools. Using the sickle would be kinda creepy…

    Also, the glasses thing is true. I borrowed my friend’s glasses, looked up and sawhim while wearing them, and then gave them back because my eyes were dizzy. He killed himself about a year later.

  20. I think the creepypasta implies that if you put on the glasses, and then turn on the television (at exactly 4:44 am), you will subsequently see that person’s death. Whether it’s on the television or in your mind’s eye, I’m not sure.

  21. Oh shyt a lion

    i wore my friend devin’s glasses, a i saw it all! o my gawd he can’t get on the plane. NOOOOOOO

    i likeded it

  22. did it mean if you keep it on at 4:44 or if you turn it on then. Because I pull all nighters on weekend sand summer and the TV is usually on while I play computor because I listen to it. Nothing scary ever happens (Except when watching “Supernatural” *shudder* I have to stop watching that at night)

  23. My Freeview box starts scrambling at about 2am every morning (though this can usually be remedied by switching it off, and back on again, there have been times it’s continued playing up, and I’ve freaked and had to unplug all of my electronics), if that’s helpful?

  24. I wonder if it only works if you turn the tv on at that time or if it will still work if the tv was on before hand. Because sometimes around early morning the tv will do some weird stuff. and I get to see it all thanks to my insomnia…

  25. Hello.

    My, what bickering. Our dear WHO WAS PHONE? seems to be doing a fine job to my eyes. I do ask for kindness in her direction. Indeed, she is doing you a great service. A great service indeed.

    Some of these wondrous yarns ring with authenticity, children, though with steps removed and misspellings added to aid in discrediting these tales to stop possible… complications by individuals lacking in passion.

    But if you do have the passion, you will be able to decipher the hidden meanings and find the missing steps. Oh yes, the television is an excellent instrument, especially in the hours of Darkness. I shall kindly give those passionate few among you a hint in confirming this tale. Be sure that the television uses an antenna, otherwise the effort will prove fruitless.

    Has not a one of you wondered why radio transmissions are clearer in the nocturnal hours? The Darkness beckons us, It calls to us. It wants us to wander into It, robbed of the vulgar sense of sight, but empowered by a deeper sort of seeing.

    Do you understand?

    One last note for those possessed of a passion.

    The time is not correct and the date has been omitted. Also, the bit about the glasses is trite nonsense. Only use of the person’s eye would allow for such insights.

  26. Noneya, there’s a difference between discussing a creepypasta (which doesn’t bother me) and bitching at me over and over about how stupid the pasta is, how stupid I am for posting it, etc etc (which was going on a LOT and prompted that rant – literally every time I logged into approve comments, it was just more bitching and moaning and hardly any discussion/constructive criticism like in this post).

    But thanks, I think? I can’t tell if you’re being facetious or not.

  27. I liked this one…the glasses thing was interesting even though I know that is not possable.

    I wonder if the TV thing is real…I’ll never know because Im too afraid to try it

  28. The unamed person formally know as 'Noneya'

    Dudes, Who was phone doesnt WRITE these! She wont edit them (unless theyre borked like the highway one was).

    She puts them here (in the original form, bad grammer/plot holes and all)simply because she likes them.

    Quit your complaining. Did you not read that rant?

  29. I liked both parts- mainly because they’re both very easy to attempt (yay, ritualpasta), even if the ‘glasses’ part isn’t really believable, and everyone’s too scared to try the TV part.

  30. Hmmmm… I don’t know if I agree with Readman. Perhaps it wouldn’t need so drastic of a change, beyond, “you MAY see that person’s death”. Generally, I liked it.

    I like the creepypasta overall, gave me shivers, all that jazz, but I think the thing that’s really not quite as good about it is that it feels like two creepypastas pushed into one. Still, dig the reference to Shadow Beings. Hehh.

  31. It was a good creepypasta, but…

    The whole “wear someone else”s glasses and see their death” thing was taking it to an unscary level.

    You see, the beginning was creepy because nobody ever really tries to turn on their television at 4:44 am unless they hear about the story first, making the experience scarier if they try.

    However, I (like many people who know and/or are related to someone who wears glasses) have worn people’s glasses before, and I’ve never seen my mother’s, fathers, or friend’s deaths before. The story would be much creepier if there were more precise conditions concerning the glasses themselves and/or the time the glasses are worn.

    1. I do! It’s exciting! Love this pasta! And a reference to Shadow People!! My area of expertise!! I’m a paranormal investigated:)

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