Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Her World Painted Black

Her World Painted Black

Reading Time: 13 minutesWhen Alexis Blakely arrived at the home of Phillip Kramer, the rain was falling in long diagonal slants beyond the windshield of her car and the whole street lay half lost [...]

June 18, 2018 Strange & Unknown
The Sign of Dragados

The Sign of Dragados

Reading Time: 18 minutesThe following narrative was discovered written on the pages of a sodden logbook that had been rolled up and crammed into a plastic bottle. The bottle was found on the shore [...]

June 17, 2018 Strange & Unknown
old vinyl

Old Vinyl

Reading Time: 8 minutesMy grandfather loved music. No matter what time of day, or what he was doing, something was always playing on the old phonograph in his cozy living room. I used to [...]

June 16, 2018 Strange & Unknown
Permian Killer

Permian Killer

Reading Time: 8 minutesEver wanted to meet an extinct animal? Once you’ve heard my story, you might want to think twice about that. Ever since my childhood I had a huge affinity with dinosaurs [...]

June 11, 2018 Strange & Unknown
the no door

The No Door

Reading Time: 51 minutesAfter only three months of preaching in Versailles, France at the Parish church, Bernard Reason had taken a ferry back to England and was now on a train back to his [...]

June 2, 2018 Strange & Unknown
Maximilian Schäfer

Maximilian Schäfer

Reading Time: 2 minutes  The image above is a sketch by Maximilian Schäfer, a criminally insane arsonist formerly committed to the now-defunct Gelassenheit Asylum outside the city of Linz, Austria. Weeks previous to his [...]

May 29, 2018 Beings & Entities, Strange & Unknown
Subject Eighty-One

Subject Eighty-One

Reading Time: 5 minutesLight! Searing, brutal light awakens you, pulling you from the dark oblivion you didn’t even know you were in. Screams echo around you, long and pained, and it’s only after a [...]

May 25, 2018 Beings & Entities, Strange & Unknown
The Spider in the Bed

The Spider in the Bed

Reading Time: 12 minutesThe Spider in the Bed D. Fulkerson   “I don’t want to talk. Really. I just want to go to bed,” she said, taking out her earrings. She hustled by him [...]

May 22, 2018 Strange & Unknown

The Bottom of the Ninth

Reading Time: 11 minutesThe Bottom of the Ninth By Shannon Higdon “Welcome back to the bottom of the ninth inning ladies and gentlemen and it appears that we have yet to receive an update [...]

May 14, 2018 Beings & Entities, Locations & Sites, Strange & Unknown, Uncategorized
chatroom a

Chatroom A

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt was the summer of 2019, the 16 year old Thomas Mitchell and his family went on a trip to their cabin in the Stillwater State Forest of Montana. He had [...]

May 13, 2018 Beings & Entities, Locations & Sites, Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown