Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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the boy

The Boy

Reading Time: 8 minutesI love my son, I truly do. There’s nothing in the world I would wish for than my parents, my wife, and most importantly, my son. His name is Oscar, and [...]

June 4, 2018 Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths

If I Only Had A Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutes“Alright, can you count backwards from 50 for me please?” The nurse asked sweetly. I nodded and opened my mouth. “50, 49, 48, 47…” I could barely remember finishing the numbers, [...]

June 1, 2018 Dreams & Madness
the shattering

The Shattering

Reading Time: 9 minutesMiranda’s toes curled slightly as her bare feet slid out of bed to go check on her children. It was about 11:40 at night and they had been in bed for [...]

May 26, 2018 Artifacts & Objects, Dreams & Madness
Pretty Lies

Pretty Lies

Reading Time: 6 minutesGetting ourselves grown up into sophisticated individuals, we’ve forgotten what glorious mess we were back in the old days, when the world seemed so tall from our heads, when teasing and [...]

April 26, 2018 Dreams & Madness
The Rose of Dread Mother

The Rose of Dread Mother

Reading Time: 4 minutesI was 12 years old when I met my mother. We just moved into a new neighborhood. Autumn leaves began to dribble as my dad started to unpack our things. My [...]

April 19, 2018 Dreams & Madness

The Chair

Reading Time: 7 minutes  I was never at all superstitious. from what I can remember I always looked at life from a practical sense. I was always in the present, I liked my practicality [...]

April 16, 2018 Dreams & Madness
late night metal

Late Night Metal

Reading Time: 7 minutesIron. Pure metal. Warm. Wet. Blood. A sharp, intense pain surged through my face as my brain slammed against the unforgiving strength of my skull. As the metallic taste of my [...]

April 4, 2018 Dreams & Madness
Run Across the Desert

Run Across the Desert

Reading Time: 5 minutesA man stands in the desert. His skin is big bright white. Brighter than normal, a sharp sort of glowing white like lit up cellophane. This is the past to his [...]

March 28, 2018 Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness, Locations & Sites, Strange & Unknown
terms conditions

Terms and Conditions

Reading Time: 11 minutesIt was early January when Jack walked through the large ornate doors of Lucky Sevens Casino and Hotel. It was a cold morning (or what passes for cold in Las Vegas [...]

March 27, 2018 Dreams & Madness, Locations & Sites, Strange & Unknown
the crooked room

The Crooked Room

Reading Time: 16 minutes  Call me Bramwell Alden. I can’t give you my real name because my prick of a family is too well known. My ancestor William Alden came over on the Mayflower, [...]

March 25, 2018 Dreams & Madness