Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Waking Nightmare

Waking Nightmares

Reading Time: 9 minutesI was having a miserable day. Well…okay, I was allowing myself to have a miserable day. I sat at my desk watching the seconds tick off on the digital atomic wall [...]

February 3, 2018 Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness, Strange & Unknown


Reading Time: 7 minutesRoommates By Shannon Higdon   The second Darryl’s keys were rattling in the lock Katie was off the couch and racing to the front door. “Did you do it?  Did you [...]

January 25, 2018 Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths
the motel

The Motel

Reading Time: 20 minutesChapter 1 It was a cold and lonely night as I drove mile after mile on barren roads that seemed to drag on forever and lead to nowhere. I had been [...]

January 19, 2018 Dreams & Madness
sleep you

Sleep You

Reading Time: 7 minutesSo I’m about to tell you, awake you I presume, something that sounds truly unbelievable. You’re probably wondering why I made the distinction of saying awake you, well that’s what I [...]

January 16, 2018 Dreams & Madness
good dog

Good Dog

Reading Time: 33 minutesGood Dog By Shannon Higdon   Kevin felt the all the air leave his lungs; somehow every time it happened it caught him off-guard.  He had been going to school with [...]

January 10, 2018 Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness, Locations & Sites


Reading Time: 6 minutesI can still hear them. In the stillness of the night as I wait for the grasp of sleep to take me, the sighs start flooding in from all directions. At [...]

January 1, 2018 Dreams & Madness
only a dream

Only a Dream

Reading Time: 21 minutesI think that I was so scared and intimidated by my dreams for so long that I kept them to myself. I was scared what people would think of these dreams [...]

December 31, 2017 Dreams & Madness

Am I Crazy?

Reading Time: 7 minutesI do not know where to start. Usually, this would not be written for someone to read. However, I cannot trust my own judgement. What I write here is for you [...]

December 29, 2017 Artifacts & Objects, Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths, Rites & Rituals, Strange & Unknown


Reading Time: 10 minutesAn army of birds sat in the branches of an old oak tree. She walked quickly, carefully, quietly, cautiously, cradling the duffle bag she held in her arms like a mother [...]

December 28, 2017 Artifacts & Objects, Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness

The Poet

Reading Time: 14 minutesExcerpt from a local newspaper: MAN BRUTALLY MURDERED IN STREET On Monday morning 96-year-old Truman Kumar was attacked; murdered outside of a small restaurant near his home. He had been on [...]

November 18, 2017 Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths

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