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Top 5 Best Horror Computer Games of the Year

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No one doubts that playing PC games is one of the most enjoyable activities for horror enthusiasts. That’s because gaming developers usually include elements of horror in their popular games and sometimes even create special editions dedicated to the Halloween season. We all know classic horror games such as Resident Evil, Dead Space, or Silent Hill. But for those who’re already bored of playing the same adventures all year long, we’ve gathered some new additions to everyone’s beloved horror games for PC.

Let’s take a look at five horror computer games you can try this year. 

1. CS2 Horror Mod

Every gamer has played Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) at least once. But did you know that the CS2 community adores horror-themed games? This could be why they’ve developed specific workshop maps that feature dark elements such as blood, monsters, zombies, ghosts, and many more unknown creatures, some of which you have no idea about.

This means that having your desired thrilling experience during a horror gaming night is perfectly possible if you understand how to customize the game using the CS2 horror mod. And for this, we recommend learning how to trade CSGO skins in order to personalize your gameplay with horrific elements, such as ghostly designs or blood-splattered knives.

2. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is one of the most famous horror games. It has a medieval atmosphere, roguelike role-playing, and requires players to manage a team of heroes. Gamers say that sometimes the mental strain on your characters is so heavy that you can feel it on yourself quite vividly. Interestingly, the way your characters are treated during the game is metaphorical and you can expand the consequences of the game on yourself and the society around you.

The main task of the game for players is to manage the team of heroes. 

3. The Chant

The previous two games have been popular among gaming enthusiasts for years, but this one is less famous. The Chant is a 2022 horror-adventure game created by Brass Token. As the developers say, this game isn’t for everyone, with its challenging themes of hatred, violence, and trauma, as well as mental health issues.


The plot of the game isn’t something you find in trivial games. In fact, it’s set on a remote island retreat where something goes wrong with a spiritual ritual. As a result, the main character, Jess, who’s a yoga instructor, faces cultists who transform into frightening creatures. The ending of the game can’t be easily predicted and that’s another appeal for thrill-seeker gaming lovers.


4. Scorn

Speaking of newer games, Scorn is another, from the creators of Alien: Isolation. According to players, it’s one of the most difficult horror experiences you can have while playing games on a computer. The developer company, Ebb Software, marked this game as a horror adventure game. However, some users claim that it’s not a horror game in a traditional sense. 

Still, the atmosphere of the game is so spooky that it’ll probably lead to tension and excitement. The main character is a humanoid creature that has to explore the labyrinthine alien world. The thing that easily creates horrorific sensations in this game is indeed its environmental storytelling and dialogue. 


5. Path of Exile

And the last game we’re going to recommend for horror-seeking gamers is Path of Exile, developed by Grinding Gear Games. The game is set on a fictional continent called Wraeclast. Users adore this horror game because of its grotesque atmosphere, depth, and dynamics. As a matter of fact, the game isn’t a static experience. It provides a living, evolving world where the community is passionate and vocal. Not surprisingly, they take part in shaping the game’s direction.

Its horror-themed content and RPG mechanics usually impress gamers who enjoy playing PC games that feature dark worlds. Nevertheless, we’re warning you that it may be a bit overwhelming for newcomers on the horror stage. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, we can certainly say that horror enthusiasts still have plenty of possibilities for an adventurous and intriguing gaming year in 2024. The best part is that the most intriguing games are still in production. Some of our favorites among them include Alone in the Dark, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, and Silent Hill 2 Remake (2024). But as spring is the earliest you can expect them, enjoy the five exciting games we’ve discussed above.

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