So here’s a quaint little story I’m only now recollecting for the first time in my adult life, having faded slowly in the memory since the event actually occurred on one day during my teenage years. I was 11, and it was the summer that existed immediately before my first …

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My name is Sylvester Penn. I am a professional psychotherapist working for the judicial branch of the state of Connecticut which is why I was so surprised to have received a call from a precinct asylum in southern Rhode Island and to hear that I had been summoned by name …

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My friend Caz is the adventurous type. As a child his parents were constantly taking him on epic family vacations that made my summer trip to the zoo pathetic in comparison. Mountain climbing in Sweden, tours of the Grand Cannon, jungle hikes in South America, Caz had done it all, …

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March 2016 Discussion Post: Share Your Creepy Recurring Dreams

This month’s discussion topic was suggested by multiple people, including Thomas O. and Blake Patrick: We all dream. Whether or not you remember your dreams on a daily basis, most of us have at least occasional episodes as described in the comment above – something about the dream just chills …

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“Grandpa, you’ve never told us how you got that huge scar on your arm!” “Yeah, tell us, tell us!” “Alright, but you kids might want to take a seat for this one. That’s right, nice and comfortable, now… Where to start… Ah yes.” “Well you see, it all started way …

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