I Found Something Terrifying in a Lofi Hip Hop Livestream

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๐Ÿ“… Published on June 3, 2019

"I Found Something Terrifying in a Lofi Hip Hop Livestream"


Lofi hip hop radio – beats to DIE to!


Creepypastas are the campfire tales of the internet. Horror stories spread through forums and blogs, rather than word of mouth. Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination.


Narration by: CreepsMcPasta



okay so a little bit of necessary
I recently moved to the city from a
small town I know it’s pretty much the
most cliche thing I could have done I
suppose I just thought the change in
scenery would somehow help me grow as a
person but getting away from everyone
who knows who I am would somehow help me
find who I really am
it seemed like the right choice at the
time I mean it’s got to be a clichรฉ for
a reason right now I realize that it’s
just left me up the creek without a
paddle or even a leg to stand on but I
suppose there’s not much I can do about
it at this point I’m not gonna tell you
which city I’m talking about just a
heads up I don’t believe it’s
particularly important for the story
plus I’m not particularly keen on the
idea of sharing my location with
strangers on the Internet
I’ve made enough mistakes lately and I
don’t plan on adding anymore enough
about that though so as you might expect
with moving somewhere new there are
plenty of problems that cropped up
throughout the entire process I was more
or less able to plan for most of them I
had visited the city a few times to
rather move in order to meet with my
landlord and take care of other busy
work while I was too busy to do much
exploring or socialising made more or
less familiarized myself with the area
of the city I would be living in at
least with that and the assistance of
the internet of course I found myself
well equipped to handle the move
smoothly enough
there was one issue that I managed to
overlook though and that was the noise
you see while I had visited the city a
few times I had never actually stayed
overnight into my first evening in the
new apartment as such I had no sense for
how loud a city could be in the middle
of the night on top of that the area
that I moved into in particular at a
rather active nightlife I was home to
several very popular nightclubs it was
often the case that the streets were
still bustling past midnight and even
into the early morning this would have
been an issue for anyone of course but
it was even more so for me since I was
an incredibly light sleeper I maybe
could have just moved to a different
area looking back on it now I somewhat
regret the fact that I didn’t
however money was tight enough already
following the initial move and I wasn’t
eager to add on to that burden I could
have made do but I was too stubborn to
give in that easily as such I said about
finding a way to deal with the noise I
tried a few different things but
eventually settled on a pair of decent
noise cancelling headphones and some
background noise / music to help drown
out the din from outside it worked
relatively well though I didn’t need a
bit of time to get used to it I had
trouble sleeping occasionally in the
dead silence of my hometown so trying to
sleep in a literal sea of sound was a
bit difficult to adjust to
at first I cycled through a couple
different options of what to play in the
headphones searching whatever audio
would work the best for me regular music
didn’t work too well for me the song
changes every few minutes are a bit
jarring the vocals were too distracting
I tried out some background noise like
rain or wind but it didn’t quite do a
good enough job of drowning out the
outside noise white noise did a pretty
good job of drowning out the outside
noise but something about it made me
incredibly tense and I couldn’t relax
while listening to it eventually I ended
up settling on those lo-fi hip-hop live
streams slash playlists you can find on
YouTube I found the music incredibly
relaxing and since the streams run 24/7
I never had to worry about it turning
off on me
it wasn’t perfect and I still had the
occasional difficulties falling asleep
but it was manageable
everything changed though when I found
this one peculiar stream I switched the
round the streams I listened to
occasionally trying to keep things fresh
I found that a lot of them end up
looping the same music after a while so
I’d eventually get tired of them if I
use the same stream for too long it’s
become a bit of a trend lately so I
didn’t exactly have a shortage of
streams and playlists to choose from the
quality wasn’t exactly consistent
through the board so it was a rather
hidden Mis process but I’d come across a
few diamonds in the rough every now and
then some of which would often have
surprisingly low view counts this
particular stream seemed to be one of
those at any point in time there were
only three to five people watching and
none of them never seemed to talk in
chat the channel only had about ten
subscribers or so and only a couple
hundred views barely anyone seemed to
have seen the stream before and it was
only after an hour or so of idle digging
that I happen to stumble across it the
quality of the music itself though was
absolutely remarkable the songs were all
interesting unique and by artists I’ve
never heard of before once I found it I
knew I had to give trying to fall asleep
to it a try and that very night I did
just that and I fell asleep immediately
that barely ever happens for me I woke
up that morning feeling the most rested
I’ve ever been in my entire life I was
astonished was it just a fluke or was
the stream the cause needless to say I
tried it again the next night and once
again I slept great
I started listening to nothing but that
stream a night of the night I kept
having some of the best sleeps of my
life work was going great I was finally
beginning to settle in and feel
comfortable in my new home in the
everything seemed to finally be going
just how I wanted it to if it wasn’t my
stupid cat I may have just gone on like
that forever
never realizing what was it going on I
woke up that night to the sound of
breaking glass and the pitter-patter of
little feet on my hardwood floor it took
me a moment to realize what had happened
disoriented as I emerged from a very
deep sleep slowly my tired mind began to
process what had happened
I remember the glass I had foolishly
forgotten on my counter and realized
that my cat had lightly knocked it over
sighing i sat up in my bed surprised
that the sound had even woken me up it
was then that I noticed that the
headphones had slipped from over my ears
before I found the lifestream this was
an issue I regularly had to deal with
they would slip off as I slept and it
wouldn’t be long afterwards that I would
wake up even if just enough to groan and
slide them back into place I hadn’t had
that happen in the week since I started
listening to the live stream at least
not that I’d noticed I’m not sure why
this night was different I suppose I
just got lucky if you can call it that I
was moving to take the headphones the
rest of the way off of my head when I
noticed something odd there was no music
coming out of them I brought them back
over my ears to check nope
no music I thought at first I might have
pulled the cord loose from my laptop in
my sleep or something like that but then
I did hear something not music but a
strange female voice whispering in a
language I didn’t understand I had no
idea what she was saying but something
about a tone made me feel uncomfortable
it was the sort of tone one might have
if they were describing the anatomy of
an insect cold mechanical and maybe even
a bit of disgust uneasy I turned to face
my laptop which lay open on my bedside
table the screen facing me it was still
open to the live stream where the stream
itself was different it had the same
title and the same number of viewers
five including me however the calming
loops video of waves crashing
soundlessly against the cliff was gone
instead the video was now completely
black it wasn’t a still image though or
at least it didn’t feel like one it was
a shifting sort of darkness that almost
seemed to quiver if that makes any sense
looking at it was like looking into the
inky depths of the ocean at night
certain something is lurking beneath the
waves but not being able to see it I
couldn’t stand to look at it too long
quickly averting my eyes it was then
that I saw the chat where it had once
sat completely empty and unused now it
was moving quickly multiple messages
being sent every second it seemed that
each of the four other people watching
were rapidly chatting with each other at
a breakneck pace the messages were in a
language I couldn’t read but if I had to
guess I’d say there were maybe in
Russian when I leaned in closer to see
if I could decipher anything the message
has changed they started all repeating
the same message to each other over and
over again as this started the view
accounts began to drop one by one until
there are only two people watching me in
someone else it was when I realized that
my webcam was on however that the stream
when completely offline now I’m not sure
what to make of any of this but I’m
scared if I had to guess I’d say that
this has been happening every night
since I started watching I don’t know if
it was meant for me I’m pretty sure
either way that I’ve stumbled upon
something I was never meant to see I may
not know what it is that I found but I
can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t
the end of it the stream hasn’t come
back online since in the account that
was running the stream has been deleted
try as I might I can’t seem to find any
sort of information and what the stream
might have been or on anyone else
experiencing anything familiar I’ve
taped over my webcam now I feel a bit
silly for not having done it sooner
honestly it’s not like I ever use the
thing however in spite of that I can’t
seem to shake the feeling of being
I’m sure this paranoia of mine would
have worn off eventually and the whole
experience of mine would just fade into
memory that’s like other weird things
I’ve seen on the Internet however there
is one simple fact that keeps me from
simply letting go I can’t stop myself
from sleeping anymore no matter what I
try no matter where I am or who I’m with
once night falls I’ll soon be waking up
in my bed the next morning with no
memory of how I’d done there it’s not
just a simple matter of wandering home
and passing out though I think I’ve been
sleepwalking – I’ve woken up to stuff in
my apartment having been moved into
strange places like having all the
furniture pushed into a corner
for example I’m certain that I’ve left
the apartment in this state as well
though I have no idea where I’ve been
going I’ve got no idea what to do about
any of this honestly and I have nowhere
to turn everyone who knows and cares
about me is hundreds of miles away I’m
alone here so I’ve turned once more to
the internet for help please has anyone
ever experienced anything like this does
anyone know anything about what’s
happening to me does anyone know what’s
going to happen to me

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