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Please read this sentence aloud: Hello, Molly.

If you read it out loud as I instructed, you should be safe.


If you read it in your head… Molly is now safe, too.


Inside your head.

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239 thoughts on “Attention”

  1. Between my bipolar meds and my clonopine, Molly might actually benefit from being in my head. We will have so much fun!

  2. Dammit! Every time, I fall for this one. So far, Molly hasn’t contacted me ;) Then again, she’d have a hard time drowning out my voice.

  3. Molly’s thoughts, within my head: Ugh, I’m bored. Get off creepypasta. Ugh. Oh, you’re leaving. Eww, porn. What a boring fetish. I think I’ll leave. Nevermind, that was really quick. Now what are we doing? Ooh, a movie. Ooh, pick Frozen! Come on! No it’s not! You’re stupid! No you’re stupid! Your movie’s stupid! I am not! Boogedy Boo! I’m scarying you! Boogedy Boo! Don’t get on Youtube! It’ll distract you from me scaring you! Don’t! Ugh. (Three hours of Jake and Amir later) I’m leaving.

  4. The poor thing is probably trying to burn the walls down to get away from my DIRTY DIRTY MIND!!!

    I doubt anyone would like to know what I think about 8D


  5. Oh dear God. This was moronic. Who’s Molly? Why should I be afraid of her? Sure there’s that mysterious feeling you get after reading this but come on… this ‘creepypasta’ wasn’t all so creepy.
    Nice try, though.

    What’s that? You don’t want to?
    Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  7. molly is the short way of reffering to the perverted version of the MLP:FIM charter celestia called “molestia”

  8. So Molly versus Smile dog battle going in my head right now? SWEET! I’mma get myself some brain-popcorn! :D

  9. Molly is safe TOO. Which means that she’s safe in addition to me. Awesome. I just saved myself and Molly from the terrible monster that was after both of us.

  10. Well, you’ll fit right in with C.C., Thomas, Lucy, Kenny, Bob and Sarah. Though you might want to be careful around Lucy, she likes biting things and don’t freak out when C.C. starts trying to claw your eyes out and rip off your face. Good luck darling.

  11. Psh, Molly isn’t the first voice/person in my head. I read it in my mind and I for one welcome our new Molly overlords.

    No seriously. The more the merrier. ^^ Just don’t be too mean, Molly and I will let you play with some pretty ponies. :D

  12. Umm….. you can do both…. but I’d rather be safe cuz the only Molly I knew was this dog we used to have. And she was crazy…

  13. Me:Welcome to the inside of my mind
    Molly:Hello? WTF is that?
    Me:Oh,that’s tentacled porn
    Molly:and what is that music I hear
    Me:That’s MSI(a band)
    Molly:everyone here is speaking some weird language
    Me:Everyone in my mind speak backwards Latin
    Molly:What was that sound?
    Me:oops,I just thought about a nuke

  14. So… Molly\’s safe, TOO? Does that mean that I\’m safe? Oh, good.

    Are there infinite Mollys, enough to fit into the minds of everyone who read this? Or is there only one omnipotent Molly? Is she the \"She\" in all of the ritual Creepypastas? Well, damn.

    Also… if there really is an evil entity/spirit/demon in my head, as my pounding headache would suggest, then thank God I now have \"Friday\" stuck in my head. She\’ll have killed herself before too long. :D

  15. So… Molly’s safe, TOO? Does that mean that I’m safe? Oh, good.

    Are there infinite Mollys, enough to fit into the minds of everyone who read this? Or is there only one omnipotent Molly? Is she the “She” in all of the ritual Creepypastas? Well, damn.

    Also… if there really is an evil entity/spirit/demon in my head, as my pounding headache would suggest, then thank God I now have “Friday” stuck in my head. She’ll have killed herself before too long. :D

  16. Hey Molly. Nice to meet you. It’s been lonely lately. We can be friends if you want. Want to play mental hopscotch? Sounds great! Molly? Where’d you go? Molly…

  17. I sure hope Molly likes rape, mind fucks and creatures from the underworld among other fucked up things because that’s all I have. Oh and the occasional cheesy girly flick not even girls would watch.

  18. Safe in my head eh? To! Let’s chase her out! p.s. to thos of you that dont know what it is, look at it :)

  19. Hi Molly! We\’re gonna be beeeeeesssssst friiieeeeennnnndssss… :D

    Also, you\’re gonna love the nightly nightmares. Hope you like rape.

  20. When I read this, (I read it aloud in my mind) I felt my ears prickle in unsettling uneasiness, but as I thought about it my fear dissapitated. Ok pasta was ok.

  21. My head feels weird now

    And it feels like something is trying to leave my head via the neck

    Well, I am a furry voraphile who wants to hump a Pikachu, so really, I can’t blame her for wanting out

  22. Try emailing the admin, the address is all over the site. But if you’re not the OP or the submitter, I doubt you’ll be successful.

  23. I think she switchs minds it’s though.
    You’re safe from worrying about her if you say it. You probably saved her from PedoBear in someone elses mind when you think it.
    Anyone know PedoBear’s email?
    On an unrelated note, anyone know how to get stuff taken down from CreepyPasta?

  24. holy shit!!! if molly is staying in my head… well, hope she can handle all them thoughts i have in there… good luck to her… if she’s smart.. she’ll leave within a few hours maybe be in my mind for only a day or two but she’ll get tooooooo creeep with imaginations soon enough

  25. MOLLY WOULD BE SAFE in my head and she would never get lonely because I think of my friendds alot hopeing their ok. Although i do get depressed sometimes.

  26. See, this is what we need more of. Short, simple pastas that fill you up without dragging it out for unnecessarily long.

  27. It amuses me to think of one having to share my mind. I was diagnosed clinically insane thirty years ago, and there’s still some residue madness in there. I wait for you, Molly. I wait for you.

    Fear the Darkness


  28. … This freaked me out, but only because several years ago, I had a nightmare about a creepy girl named Molly, so she’s been safe in my head for years….

  29. I’ve been going through various creepypasta archives for the past couple of weeks. A lot of them are intriguing, some are really scary, and one or two of them have actually made me glance nervously behind me.

    But only now do I know how it feels to truly shit a brick.

    My highest compliments to the author.

  30. I bet she’s gonna have a great time in my head because I play games like silent hill, resident evil, and fatal frame.

  31. Molly: Hi there. My name is molly.
    TJ: >:|
    Molly: Uhh… Hello? You alright kid?
    TJ: >:(
    Molly: Umm…I can go if you want…So uh, where’s the exit?

    So yeah…Turns out noones safe in my head.

  32. I hope she likes it in there, because she’s going to have some very disturbing company. And alot of it too. And for a very long time.
    To be honest, I myself don’t like to wander around there for very long periods of time.
    I tends to get scary when I have nightmares, but nothing to be all that scared of.

    Molly, welcome.

  33. I think the pedos commenting about the “loli in their head” is more creepy than the actual pasta. Good job, freaks.

  34. Get the FUCK OUT MOLLY

    pLease dOnt hUrt mE hlep hEPL HEELP
    aw;’jf OrDe R p[fal al Hlep HeLp dme Me, LosS mInd CANdofw stophEr gEt OUT m[pofmy HED

  35. Shhh…

    I’m performing brain-surgery on myself with a rusty pair of scissors.

    Please let me concentrate.

  36. no molly please NO!! pleasE ahhhh! helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpme helpmehelpmeYOU.ARE.NEXT.

  37. Woah, after I read it I got dizzy a bit.
    Though prolly not safe if she’s in my head.
    Perverted + Violent + Gore-ish thoughts can be really mess up.

  38. Uh oh..
    She’s not very safe if she’s inside my head.
    Oh well! Molly you should really come out now, you might die inside my head…
    Actually.. I don’t she’s safe if she’s inside the head of people reading creepypasta, haha.

  39. The other people in your head

    Yay, you’ve brought a new friend for us to play with!


  40. i read this a couple weeks b4 and i just remembered to comment now! haha lolzz

    nwayzz, molly should be more described to make it more creepy. i read it in my head… Poor Molly. Since she’s in my head-
    She will now be disturbed by wriggling zombies, silent hill monsters, insane people and a never-ending wave of lily allen and katy perry songs. mwahaha poor gurlaloo… At least i pray, so she will have some light in her day. She should probably move out. haha

  41. you came to join us thanks have fun trying to understand it we barley understand it hard enough for us to decide what to do
    well now maybe we will be able to break the ties

  42. Wait…if Molly is in my head and all those other people then does that mean…that we all have the same brain ?? D:

    p.s poor little molly oh hey dont go into my folder in my mind called “Fan Fics” you wont like that one bit HAHAHA WHOS YOUR DADDY NOW BITCH!! THATS RIGHT YOU GORGE YOUR EYES OUT WITH THAT SPOON RAWR its already dirty anyway….

  43. DarkZenon: Hi Molly!! Welcome To My War Land.
    Molly: What is This place?!?
    DarkZenon: This My Domain! Anyone Or Anything That Comes Here Gets Tormented Day And Night! Sorry..
    Molly: Get Me Out Of This Place!!!
    DarkZenon: Bwahahaha!!

    Don’t Go Into My Brothers Mind Cause His Mind Is A War Land… Only He Survives There.. Sorry Molly. ^^

  44. I was under the impression that it meant I was going to start hearing voices and crap. Schizophrenia and whatnot. Oh well….What’s that? Kill them? Kill everyone? Okay.

  45. I read it in my head, then I whispered it ((my boyfriend is sleeping next to me…))

    then I heard a thud coming from our bedroom. What the hell? DD:<

    it’s like fucking noon, there’s not supposed to be thuds DD:<

  46. Clever. The reader is either too busy reading the text in his/her own mind or being too paranoid to read it out loud…Which they end up regretting.

  47. Awesome. Now I’m in touch with a feminine figure in my mind, I shouldn’t be as awkward in conversation with the opposite sex.

  48. Lol @ Molly being the names of one of my audio-visual hallucinations, thus she’s ‘in my head’ already.

    Must be quite scary in there for her. And crowded.

  49. Poor Molly, stretched thin amongst all those pastanistas until she shattered into a million sticky shrapnel nuggets…

    That’ll teach her!

  50. Huh… When I read this, I thought it meant that I only thought that Molly was safe? But if she’s in my head, I pity her; no one deserves to be anywhere near my imagination…
    Oh well, this was WAY too short for my liking. I’ll sleep tonight and I’m NOT happy about it Ò__Ó.


    A little elaboration (and menace, “Molly is safe” just doesn’t leave a lasting impact that costs sleep) would’ve been good, but that still creeped me out.

  52. Dude! I read it in my head and then I got up to go to the bathroom and I immediately started my period after I read it. D8
    Molly had cursed me! lulz, I’m fucked now!

  53. It had potential, but “Molly” isn’t described, so it’s not scary at all. Oh no, my dead dog lives in my head now!

  54. … Yeah… Molly’s going to be wishing I had said it out loud. She isn’t going to have fun in my mind.

    Oi, Molly, if you can read this, if you see anything squirming in there, run. You DON’T want to know what they are.

  55. It still raises some questions. Such as why should I be happy to be safe, and why should I worry that Molly is in there…

    …besides, of course, if she finds my dear secret cabinet of memories… in retrospect, I should have read it aloud. >_<

  56. Is…is that a bear? Oh God, why is he coming after me? AGHHHH, HE’S TOUCHING ME IN MY BAD PLACE! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST SAY IT OUT LOUD?!

  57. the Person Formerly known as 'Noneya'

    Meh. I have so much random crap going on in my head, I doubt Molly is safe. She’s probably squashed between the Sims2 Obsession, teh love of mice, and the Terry Pratchett obsession.

  58. I hope Molly enjoys activities of the risque type involving tentacles and copious amounts of reproductive bodily fluids.

    I know I do.

  59. I’m glad that Molly is safe, and I’m happy to lend some of my brain to her for a while, until she can get back on her feet, but what does she need to be “safe” from?

    What if she’s being chased by ghostmolesters or something? I don’t know how to fight ghostmolesters.

  60. Delicious brain loli.
    Being as I have all kinds of fucked up turnons means Molly will be busy for quite some time. >:)

    Also, the fact that it says she is safe TOO makes it a lot less creepy, as it’s saying the reader AND Molly will be okay.

  61. Temporary Wounds

    Are you safe if you whispered it after reading in your mind?
    And who the hell is this kid anyway?
    I’m assuming she’s already dead if she’s been in my head for more than 2 hours.
    *confirms it by going to a mental hospital*

    poor little molly.

  62. I’m not saying it, that Molly is probably a brimstone-blooded bitch anyway. Most people who aren’t the protagonist in creepypasta are horrible, so it seems.

  63. I said it in my mind. Does this mean I have a new headmate? Sweet, we can play video games and watch movies and talk about boys.

  64. LOL, this coulda been creepy had it been more developed… I said “Hello, Molly.” out loud. Does that mean she’s in this room with me? O_O

  65. If she’s a loli, she’s pretty fucked inside my head, both literally and figuratively.

    Eh, this could be good with some elaboration on why this girl being inside your head is a bad thing. I wouldn’t mind sharing a mind with a chick anyway, perhaps I will get tips on not being PAINFULLY AWKWARD.

  66. Well if Molly is in my head, she’s prolly dead now, I have too many……”things” running in my head for anyone to be safe in it O_O

  67. I said it out loud, only because I hoped it was some sort of summoning spell for one badass demon that was going to do horrible things if we said her name.

    I was disappointed.

  68. @”first”: Just because there are no posts, it doesn’t mean you’re first.

    Also: Needs a better ending. “Molly is safe” just doesn’t cut it out. There’s no threat.

  69. Given the things I think, I highly doubt Molly is safe inside my head. Poor little dear is probably trying to claw her own eyes out right now… Eh. Her own fault… lol

    1. Poor molly… my thoughts are so bad she’ll end up ripping her eyes out and sticking them through her throat so she can’t see my thoughs. She’ll not make it out, though.

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