Admin Update 8/29/2012

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πŸ“… Published on August 29, 2012

"Admin Update 8/29/2012"

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Okay, people keep sending me emails and comments suggesting that I just “get a group of people and email them the stories and let them decide” – I’m going to explain here why I’m rejecting that idea currently.

The problem is, as it stands, that the whole “just email the stories to people!” idea actually serves to produce even more work for me. It adds the extra step of sending out the stories, waiting for people to reply (and given that these would be strangers/volunteers, their reliability is not guaranteed – advertising profits go directly into the monthly hosting bill, so a paid staff of readers nothing more than pipe dreams right now) and having to keep track of what has been read and reviewed and who hasn’t replied, reading the comments that DO get sent back and deciding (which means I’d have to read the stories anyhow), and still having the entire burden of that extra work + what I do already.

People have been saying “but it’s what Literary Magazines / other similar sites do” – they usually have the benefit of having paid employees and more than one person to oversee that process and all the other site/magazine workings, which can make that end up running more smoothly and being a good decision.

For just one person, it’s simply not going to do anything but slow things down. It also serves to ignore some of the other functions that Predhead helped me with – he wasn’t solely a reader. I’m looking for another CO-ADMIN (please don’t use that sentence as an excuse to spam me with applications, read the entire post before you get ahead of yourself), not just readers, for that reason. However, you guys won’t know that we have a new admin until they’re settled in, had a chance to get a good feeling for their responsibilities and the… “nuances” of the comment section… and are sure that they want to stick around.

The thing you guys have to remember is that this isn’t Cracked or one of those huge submission sites that have gone viral and been bought out by a big company. Β Those sites have paid employees and more resources than just “well, let’s hope that advertising brings in enough to pay hosting this month”. I’m sure that many of you realize this already, Β but it’s been made clear from a lot of the emails I’ve been getting Β that many others don’t actuallyΒ understand that I’m not backed by some faceless corporation with a bunch of money and employees at my disposal. We are the privately-owned corner bookstore as opposed to Barnes & Nobles. That is to say, Creepypasta is simply not capable of operating on the same level that most of you have gotten used to from places like Cracked or Lamebook… and that’s not the end of the world.

So once again, I’m asking that you guys simply be patient. I never said ANYTHING about the site closing, that’s a rumour that people started themselves. I simply said that the processing time for submissions would increase and asked for your patience. That is all. To the people sending me admin requests, inquiries about pay, frenzied concern about the site closing down, etc – none of that is needed. I’m touched, but it’s unnecessary.

I WILL find someone to replace Predhead, but as I’ve stated multiple times, I AM NOT HOLDING OPEN AUDITIONS FOR ADMINS SO PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT IT. I appreciate the thought and eagerness, but please just stop. In the interest of saving time, I’m going to go ahead and say here that if you continue to send me such emails, I will no longer be replying.

The point I’ve been trying to convey is that people who are just readers will probably NOT notice any difference. The publication of stories will continue as normal. It’s ONLY submitters that will notice a slightly longer turnaround time; and even then,Β around a month for your story to be processed is NOT a sign of the impending apocalypse.Β I promise you, it isn’t. Submissions don’t die and reanimate into evil zombie submissions until, like, 6 months at least. So we’re still good!

I hope that this makes things a bit clearer.

In closing, I leave you with this message:

Ed Gruberman, you must learn patience.

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