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A Fright Before Christmas

A fright before christmas

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We had a fright before Christmas, while all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring; well, maybe a mouse.

The stuffed stockings were hung on the mantle downstairs,


I hoped they’d remain; it was in need of repairs.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of virtual warfare danced in their heads.

With my wife in my t-shirt and me in my skivvies,

We were both tuckered out from exhausting activities.

When out on the lawn, I could hear a strange sound,


It was a little unnerving, with no neighbors around.

Away to the window, I shuffled my feet,

Peeled back the curtains, afraid of what my eyes may meet.

The moon beaming down on the new-fallen snow,

Highlighted the trio who crossed the lawn below.

This was no friendly visit; that much I could see,

With each of the men, locked and loaded with glee.

The tall man in front moving silent and quick,

I could tell right away he was likely a prick.

As they moved to the back door, their weapons in hand,

He whistled, and spoke, and gave his demands:

“You take the ground floor, and I’ll take the stairs,

Then head to the basement and see what’s down there,

If you see anything move, you put it down quick,

Not one of them lives; they make me fucking sick!”

He then fidgeted softly with the lock of the door,

I gave a wink to my wife; the one I adore.

Sneaking out of the bedroom, I asked that she stay,

She smiled warmly back at me, “have fun while you play,”

There was no reason to doubt I would return in a while,

With blood soaking my fingers and smearing my smile.

As I reached the ground floor and was turning around,


Through the backdoor, they entered, barely making a sound.

They were all dressed in Kevlar, from their heads to their feet,

It was clear they were prepared; in case we should meet.

A bundle of stakes stashed away in their pack,

Caused me briefly to worry I could not push them back.

Their eyes—how they twinkled! They were all I could see!

Through the darkness, they were far less likely to see me.

The drool leaked from my mouth to the carpet below,

At the thought of their bodies dripping blood on the snow.

I would silence the one to the front of them quickly.

Gush his fluids across his friends’ faces, so slickly.

He was barely aware when I sank my teeth in,

The shock and horror in his gaze; I couldn’t help but to grin.

He was stocky and muscled, but I drained him down fast,


And I laughed when I saw his friends looking aghast.

With a wink of my eye and a twist of his neck,

I moved on to the next one; it scared him to heck!

He spoke not a word, while I took care of my work,

While the last one turned tail; what a cowardly jerk!

This attempt to flee did not go as he planned,

As I leaped right upon him, turning his kneecaps to sand,

“I cannot let you leave, but you won’t die just yet.

My family hungers as well; you best bet,”

I dragged him down to the basement, and into his cage,

He had not a chance; not given my rage.

I gave him one final glance as I cut out the light,

“Happy Christmas to you; until tomorrow night.”

Credit: William Rayne


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