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The Abduction of a Psychopath

The abduction of a psychopath

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[Test Subject Identification]
We have observed TS-18-A for fourteen planetary rotations, and the following data has
been confirmed:
● Name: Peter Jacob Taylor
● Age: 36 solar cycles
● Height: 6’1”
● Weight: 177 pounds
● Hair: Brown
● Eye color: Brown
● Profession: Stockbroker
● Spouse: Erin Marie Williams Taylor (TS-18-B); female, 32
● Prodigies:
○ Peter Jacob Taylor, Jr. (TS-18-C); male, 11
○ Patricia Abigail Taylor (TS-18-D); female, 7
○ Zachary Evan Taylor (TS-18-E); male, 4

[Abduction Report]

Earth Calendar,


Monday, June 19, 2023

7:28 AM CST:
Primary subject has departed, and Extraction Point A is prepped for interception.

7:38 AM CST:
A collision near the target zone has forced 18-A onto an alternative route; now
proceeding to Extraction Point B.

7:47 AM CST:
Extraction Point B failed to meet minimum interception criteria; now proceeding to
Extraction Point C.

8:54 AM CST:
18-A has been successfully intercepted and sedated. Now beginning Quarantine

7:16 PM CST:
All Secondary Subjects are now aware of the Primary’s disappearance and have been
tagged for remote study. So far, vital signs are within normal ranges; it is not uncommon
for familial units to remain in a state of denial for several days or— in extreme cases—


[Quarantine Period]
Day 7:
Subject 18-A shows no signs of declining health and has been removed from sedation.
In twelve hours, all residual effects will be gone, and preliminary testing may begin…
I have also received an unusual report regarding the Secondary Subjects which I have
entered below.

“Subjects’ reactions are wholly unique when compared to previous Type 1 familial units.
All parties have transitioned from complete denial to a state of almost euphoric relief;
there are absolutely no signs of grief or distress. We are awaiting further test results to
determine if the defect is unique to this case or if we have stumbled upon a new subcategory of Type 1’s.”

I have personally confirmed the unit’s Type 1 classification, and they have proven to be
prime examples. The family’s electronic devices show no signs of extramarital activities,
financial struggles, or medical defects.

Since direct communication with Secondaries is forbidden— and 18-A has not yet
completed the quarantine period— it seems we must await additional results to learn

Day 10:
For the first time in my career, I have broken protocol by speaking with a Subject still in
quarantine, but 18— err… Well, now that we have become so well acquainted, it feels
disrespectful to refer to him as I would any other test subject… After coming this far, I
hardly think it will cause any harm to make one more exception.

As I was saying, Mr. Taylor has proven himself to be among humanity’s finest. Upon
learning of their unexpected participation in our research, previous subjects have
reacted with decisively negative emotions such as denial, outrage, and/or defeat, but
Mr. Taylor’s was one of somber contemplation. He did not engage in foolish threats or

frivolous bargains; he simply understood the situation and made the logical decision to
proceed accordingly.


After a most civilized discussion, we reached— what I believe to be— the most likely
explanation for the familial unit’s unique response to Mr. Taylor’s disappearance. It
seems his spouse suffers from extreme bouts of “psychosis”— a mental defect causing
periods of total loss from reality which include complex visual and auditory hallucinations. Though pharmaceuticals greatly reduce the frequency and durations of episodes, severe cases of distress are likely to induce an attack; we believe Mr. Taylor’s sudden absence has done just that.

We will of course confirm this information and continue to expand our knowledge of
psychosis, but I have no doubt Mr. Taylor is every bit the expert he shows himself to be.
He understands that false statements would directly violate the Pursuit of Knowledge
Decree. The Few are obligated by high order to oblige the advancement of the Many.
Still, it pains me that such a fine specimen will ultimately be destroyed; the least I can
do is offer Mr. Taylor every courtesy in the meantime. In exchange for his insight, I have
agreed to end the quarantine period a few days early. The concept of extraterrestrials
has been one of fascination to him since early childhood, and I see no harm in allowing
him a tour of our facilities before we begin Endurance Testing. It’s my greatest hope


[Ship’s Log]
Entry 194:
I suppose this will be my final entry… Oh what a fool I have been… Even our life pods’
release mechanism was corrupted; every shuttle is gone now— left to drift aimlessly.
Thankfully we have enough emergency reserve power to transmit this final report. The
Many must learn from the mistakes of the Few, or our deaths will be void of meaning,
and our names will not be recorded in the Great Database! Every word that Subject
18-A spoke was carefully crafted with deceit designed to undermine The Many! The
information about his wife, his childhood dream of meeting extraterrestrials— lies! I
sealed our fates with my poor decision in allowing him to explore our vessel.

He brutally murdered his tour guides the moment they reached the Engine Room. They
answered his every question along the way, and then he killed them without hesitation
or remorse. Those on duty watched from their stations without comment; after all, they
faced an adversary who was twice their size with triple the strength; resistance would
have yielded the same result… Perhaps if we had made our final stand sooner— but
no, it was already too late by then…

Regardless, 18-A disposed of them as ruthlessly as his previous victims and proceeded
to kill all who crossed his path when returning to the Subject Containment Area. There,
he agreed to spare the Watchers’ lives if they released the other Subjects. Luckily
Subject 15 was deconstructed shortly before the chaos began, but Subjects 16 and 17
joined the attack. To make matters worse, they each left the containment area armed
with an electronic disciplinary rod…

We never stood a chance… They went room by room— killing and destroying all they
encountered. While this occurred, myself and the Bridge crew worked tirelessly to divert
all remaining power to the emergency reserve tanks. With our ship dead in space and
our shields down, it was only a matter of time before the first asteroid hit… In other
words, there was absolutely no chance of a rescue ship reaching us.

With the power— and therefore life support— cut off from the rest of the ship, it was
only a question of what would kill us first— an asteroid, a human, or suffocation. Since
the only goal is to transmit this final message, it was vital to stop the humans before
they reached the command center. To maximize our chances, I ordered the remaining
Enforcers to wait for the mob right outside the Bridge Bay doors along with all surviving staff. Thankfully the Medical Facilities remained untouched, and we had enough euthanizing serum to provide each staff member with a syringe. This is how Subjects 16 and 17 were ultimately dispatched, but we simply didn’t have the numbers left to secure victory…


The battle was short and gruesome, but— in the end— I watched on the monitor as
18-A crushed the head of my second in command under his boot; then it was just the
two of us. He depleted his remaining strength trying to pry open the Bridge doors—
efforts which were thankfully in vain— before collapsing in an exhausted heap. Still, he
continued to surprise me with another full shift in personality. We conversed very much
like in our original interview— only the information he shared was vastly different…

He referred to himself as a “serial killer” and considered murder to be his favorite sport.
He often visited establishments known as “night clubs” where he lured females outside
and transported them to secondary locations. Once their privacy could be assured, he
tortured the victim to death, removed a lock of hair as a keepsake, and then buried the
bodies deep in the woods. His wife and offspring meant nothing more to him than a
cover; they were simply his way of blending in with societal norms. He had understood
that his life was over from the moment he regained consciousness on our vessel, so he
resolved to end our lives as well. In that regard, he proved quite successful; I am the
last remaining survivor, and— whether it is via lack of oxygen or another asteroid
collision— I will soon join the rest of my crew in the Cycle of Rebirth.

When his time finally came, I bore no shame in the enjoyment of 18-A’s demise. As he
grew delirious from oxygen deprivation, I took a dark pleasure in explaining how I fought
to thwart him every step of the way. I am responsible for the chaos he wreaked, and,
likewise, I am responsible for ending it… Alas, there are so many questions left
unanswered, but I am honored to know my death will serve The Many… Perhaps they
will— [a harsh static distorts the speaker’s words as a new list of error messages
appear on screen]


Credit: Page Turner

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