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2012. That’s when they said the world would end. Well, they were partially right. That’s when it all started to fall apart, but it was a matter of progression.

There was no great Earth shattering destruction like in the Hollywood version. The religious community had it all wrong too. God didn’t descend from Heaven to take the righteous home and destroy the rest. There was no “Zombie Apocalypse,” well at least not the way we traditionally think of it.

The Mayans. They came the closest. They predicted the “End of an Age” and the beginning of a new one. It was supposed to be the beginning of an “Age of Enlightenment.” Mankind was supposed to experience transcendence, almost like a worldwide Renaissance. As I said, close, but not quite. As it turns out, it became a descent into madness.

It all started with the “Zombie Attacks” in the news. People just going ape shit and eating other people. I remember when i first saw the news reports I actually laughed out loud. Just seeing the word zombie in a real news report. As the reports unfolded, I became only slightly more concerned. I just thought that there wasn’t much to it besides the drug use or the insanity. God, how I wish I’d paid more attention. I was so wrong.

Within the following months were similar reports from across the U.S., and a few from other parts of the globe. Seemingly unrelated and separated enough by time and distance and no one really suspected anything. Of course there were some who felt that the “End of Days” was approaching. Some religious groups, zombie enthusiasts who were sure that their prayers were being answered, and the like. The general public, however, had not adopted the idea.

As 2012 gave way to 2013, those who were unafraid before, were scrambling to find answers, to seek comfort in rationality. They found none. In early 2013 the reports of cannibalism were accompanied by massive reports of heinous murders and rapes, robberies, shootings, all of these things, and more, from all corners of the globe. Civilization was quickly slipping away.

In the midst of it all, as people tried to seek refuge through faith, even religion fell victim to the madness. Somewhere around July or August of that awful year, several prominent religious leaders, from many different religions started coming together. They were now unified under a new god…man…the self. In the beginning their newfound religion was referred to as Satanism because of its self-centered nature. That could not have been further from the truth.

Satanism does allow for an individual to do as he or she pleases, but not at another’s expense. ESPECIALLY not if it will bring physical or emotional harm. This new religion however, had no such caveats. Their law, “Do what thou wilt.”

Their followers were beyond depraved. They called themselves “The Horde” and they knew nothing outside of their mad new practices. They would celebrate the birth of a child (the ones they didn’t eat) with a barbecue. Sounds normal enough, until you take into consideration the fact that they were barbecueing one of the sick, old, or crippled of their flock or one of the “Infidels,” as those of us nonbelievers were called. They would tie them to a long steel pole, naked, and set them up on a makeshift spit, and slowly roast them, alive. As the person cooked, the others in attendance would standby and laugh at their pain. While they also prepared for the coming feast, sniffing the air and salivating like animals, which they were only steps from becoming.


This was only the tip of the iceberg. As their numbers grew, their activites grew more and more bizarre and twisted. They also became more powerful than any regime on the planet. As their religion took hold across the world, governments fell. Their officials quickly adopting this new religion and allowing its doctrine to become law. If you were not with them, even God Himself, it seemed, could not help you.


On top of the cannibalistic rituals they held massive orgies. Hundreds of bodies all writhing in pleasure. All the while, amongst the throng, people were drinking each other’s blood from slit wrists or bite wounds in their flesh, which they were also ingesting. No act was too vile or disgusting for The Horde. If they wanted it, they would have it. Soddom and Gomorrah were NOTHING compared to what these people were doing.

Amongst all the chaos, sex, and bloodshed, small resistance groups were forming. Their numbers were nothing compared to The Horde and they didnt last long. Within weeks of these groups forming they were disbanded piece by piece and bite by bite. I cared for neither side. I wanted no parts of this disgusting “religion” and I knew that no amount of resistance could stop them.

I holed up in the basement of a nearby high school that was long abandoned and forgotten. It was damp and cold, but it was a sanctuary all the same. The only entrances were the double steel doors leading in from outside and the single door leading in from the first floor. There were no windows. The doors leading outside were chained and padlocked. No worries there and the other door was a non-issue. It could be easily watched and provided no one knew where I was, I could rest easy.

I lived there, in secret, for weeks. I was able to scavenge for food and other necessities at night, sleeping during the day. Little did I know that my secret existence was coming to a close. I was out one night, slinking from shadow to shadow and making my way to a nearby gas station. All was going quite well until I stuck my head around the corner of the post office adjacent to my destination. There, just beyond arm’s length was one of the most horrific and terrifying scenes i had ever seen outside of a movie. There was an old woman, lying dead on the pavement, three young children crouched over her naked, filthy,_ and feeding. One of them had his hand deep in her abdomen fishing for something. Another was sloppily chewing something whilst trying to gouge out her remaining eyeball with one grimy little finger. The third, she was scalping the poor woman’s corpse. She did it quickly with large jerky strokes of what could only be called a sharpened rock. She then took the scalp, slapped it on top of her filthy head and danced around, laughing like a lunatic!


I slunk back into my shadowy hiding place trying to steel myself to move. I had been hiding for so long that I hadn’t realized how far these people had regressed. Their children….I had to push past my disgust and pity. I had to get to that store. I stole one last glance at the children, they were in a frenzy. I took my chance and made a run for it.
I made it to my destination unscathed, and so far as i could tell, I hadn’t been noticed. I ran into the store and started grabbing food items as fast as humanly possible. Right in the midde of my shopping spree, I froze in terror. Outside I had heard a noise, shuffling feet perhaps. Then, just outaide the store front, I saw movement. It was fast and, I knew. In that moment, I knew I had been found.

I clamored to solidify my thoughts and formulate a plan. Just then, I noticed the back door out of the station. It was my only hope. I bolted out the back door, found my bearings, and fled for my basement sanctuary. Despite the distance, and my fatigue, I made it in record time. Once inside, I practically collapsed to the cool concrete floor panting. After a few moments I realized that I had probably been followed. Well, at this point, all I could do…is wait….

Somewhere amidst my wait, I had fallen asleep. It was fitful, filled with nightmares, and eventually interrupted. I awoke with a start, simply because I was unaware that I had fallen asleep. I could hear shuffling and breathing in the darkness. Then, I was pinned to the floor. In my own fucking sanctuary, pinned, by tiny, but strong hands. Then, I heard a voice. It spoke slowly, as if the words were slightly foreign. It croaked, “We caaan seees yooou.” Then, the teeth. At least a dozen or more sets of tiny teeth set upon all parts of my body. Chewing, ripping, slurping, feasting. Then…darkness.

Credit To: Jeremiah Brown

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24 thoughts on “2012”

  1. Actually, the Mayan Calendar didn’t predict the end of the world in 2012. they had three calendars. One of them was very long, over 2 million days, but it didn’t end in the year 2012 any more than our calendar ends on December 31. Sorry about being so picky, but stuff like that can annoy me, though overall the story is decent.

  2. Okay, it was a fair enough story
    The entire thing was in past tense. However, then you died at the end. If you DIED, how can you remember what happened in order to write the story in past tense? It doesnt work.
    Also, the law and the original characteristics you spoke of (that it was a religion of the self) of the religion created of cannibals does not suit the actions of the actual cannibals themselves. It implies they were all belonged only to themselves and did not follow a master. Would have been nicer to see something more to do with cannibalism, just saying. (I know I’m being really harsh and picky, sorry.)
    Also, with the ending. Admittedly, you probably could have held off a few children. Also, when someone could be hunting you, and you’re fighting to stay alive, you shouldn’t just FALL ASLEEP, especially when anyone could find you. Before the children attacked you, you said that you could hear the shuffling of feet, and then suddenly they were on you. Do they have supernatural powers and can move at incredible speeds, or were they already really close to you? My guess is the latter, in which case maybe you should have said something like “I could feel their hot breath on my face, and the sound of their feet almost upon me.” or SOMETHING that implies they’re closer than they seemed to be in the story.
    And there’s nothing wrong with sex, which is what the story kind of implies. It’s a natural thing that makes babies. You wouldn’t be alive without sex.
    I found that the story also had a lot of references to Christianity, like, everything seemed to be things and and ideas that would be against the Christian belief. I dont mean to say that that’s a bad thing to do, I just noticed it and was wondering if that was meant to be like that or not.

  3. Girl In The Mirror

    This was a great story line! Much better than something like this: It was 9 A.M on December 21,2012. Then the world exploded. I rly liked this one. BUT WHO WAS TINY HANDS?

  4. @Pradicus: Thank you! I was afraid that perhaps I hadn’t written this that well. It was only my second short story. I have some other stories on here as well, and a couple poems.

  5. Wow, one of the better writers I’ve found here, well done. Fiction writers are often revered for their ability to put current events together with the unknown future. I think you created a very plausible scenario in that we don’t know how we would act in the middle of such a crisis. It’s possible you hit the nail on the head, at least William Golding might believe so. The leaders of our world are already trying to negotiate unity, at least according to the recent summits. Google search it; nevertheless there will always be doubters and that’s okay, we love them too mostly because they’ll provide distance between the zombies and those of us exhibiting ever sharply our heels and elbows, Lol.
    Anyway, stories in the first person which end in death are a bit interesting in that the authors truly can’t be telling the story if they are indeed dead. Of course we don’t know how computer literate the zombie corpses are so perhaps I stand corrected.
    BRAVO, and again, well done. 9/10

  6. Thank you all for the input! I appreciate the feedback! It helps put me closer to where I want to be as a writer. @Forrest: I suppose had I known about Thelemists, I may have been a bit nicer. LOL! I was really driving toward the idea that as the most complex of creatures, we are still animals!

    @Len: I think the reason for the cannibalistic themes is because at the time I wrote these stories, I felt like I was being eaten alive. I was under immense pressure and scrutiny and I think subconsciously that was my way of letting off the steam. I do aim to expand.

  7. Jeremiah Brown, you seem to have a recurring theme of “indulgence” and “gluttony” from what I’ve seen of this and the cannabis one. A good improvement from your previous work, though a questionable setup and there was much room for more to the story.

    However I found it questionable the world religions would suddenly agree to merge and completely abandon their respective customs based on little provocation whatsoever. More baffling is the fact they’d agree to anything AT ALL.

    I digress. I look foward to your next work and how you improve upon yourself and possibly capitalize on your themes of indulgence and… cannibalism I suppose. Perhaps a “Seven Deadly Sins” themed tale?

  8. I liked the idea of a world overtaken by Hedonism, but I think you mighht’ve been a bit harsh on the Thelemists (A group that actually follows the “do what thou wilt” credo, it’s worth a look.) the ending was just silly, I could easily overpower a dozen children, come on. Even though they were both about cannibalism this was far better than your first, keep improving your craft mate :)

  9. Thanks to Tyler for noticing the weird redirect that was happening because of this pasta’s name. You guys should be able to comment now without an issue~

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