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Alone at work late one night, you are putting in a CD to install a program on your computer. The CD is unlabeled though you remember it being labeled like any other mass produced CD.
You put it into the drive, and find it to have no data on it either. Instead of the normal CD spinning sound, it almost sounded like screaming. It’s obviously the wrong CD and you find the real one soon, and continue your work.

Alone again on another night you need to back-up your hard drive on a blank CD, so you put one in. You hear the vaguely familiar screaming noise, but this time your computer screen goes blank for a few seconds, before the entire floor goes dark.

Now the screaming you hear is not coming from a computer drive, it’s coming from down the hall… and it’s getting closer.

ETA: If anyone feels like rewriting this one, give it a shot – I really like the concept, but the execution was really sloppy. If you can do it better, I’ll replace this version with yours.

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Rate This Pasta
Rating: 4.1/10 (177 votes cast)
The Wrong CD, 4.1 out of 10 based on 177 ratings
  • BonerFruit


    It’s okay, but not really creepy.

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    • Elizabeth

      well the person did say that you can change it if you wanted to at the end

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  • Anonymous


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    • youwannaknowmyname

      an incredibly popular film charectar who killed people

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    • Heather

      But who was scream? learn some grammar.

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      Rating: -11 (from 15 votes)
      • Amber

        you…. don’t get the reference to ‘but who was phone’, a rather popular parody meme?

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          i dont think he does :P like any other grammar nazi

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    I think it has potential, but the writing is rather sloppy. But I like the idea, especially when I imagine just how terrified anyone would be if this actually did happen to them.

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  • Anon


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  • Foolish

    Poorly written. It could have been better, but this pasta lacks substantially in creepiness.

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  • Comment Leaver

    Ugh my computer basically stinks hxc. I’m submitting here feel free to delete this if you don’t like it.

    A blank disk, nothing more, nothing special about it as you pop it into the computer one night at work. A late shift you realize stealing a glance at the clock. No one left in the cramped office but you. You need to install just one more program for the presentation tomorrow and everything will run smoothly, and you can go home relaxed and well prepared.
    Your instincts tell you something’s wrong as your computer begins to whirl the CD around. Something you can’t quite put your finger on, until you realize suddenly.
    There’s a low screaming coming from the computer. The scream that nearly makes you crawl out of your skin. Something inside you tells you it’s not really human.
    You quickly remove the CD, playing the noise over and over in your head. You casually throw it into a desk drawer and give it no more time than that. You put the correct CD in and think it over. You never were one for scary stories. You play it up on your frazzled nerves and the long night. Just then the window popping up on the computer tells you the program is ready. With a sigh you turn off the computer and move towards home.

    For a while things go well. You’ve received a promotion due to your stunning hard work and the extra hours you pulled. You manage to forget the disk had even existed in the first place. And then you begin cleaning out your desk in preparation for your new and spacer office.
    Your hand stumbles across a blank disk, unlabeled and undemanding. You stare at it for a moment before absentmindedly shoving it in with the other blank disks to be moved to your new office. You don’t even register the screaming your mind is replaying over and over as you move.
    The following evening you come to the office. Feeling overwhelmed with the party the office managed to throw for you. Everyone had been so kind. You’d forgotten your camera and one of the women had let you borrow hers on the condition that she get it back as soon as the party ended.
    You’d run into your office, eager to document the occasion forever, and plugged the computer to the camera, emptying the memory card. You reach into one of the boxes littered around the floor for a blank disk to store your new memories on and hurriedly put it in the computer.
    The whir of the computer waking up in the middle of the night seems strained to your tired and slightly drunken ears but nothing out of place happens. Then the lights flicker once, twice, and go out. Giving a sigh you pull yourself up and move to the light switch.
    Nothing happens when you attempt at recreating the pleasant atmosphere you’d just had by turning on the lights. Something besides the lights has changed. You look up and finally notice. The screaming has begun. Louder this time, more urgent and compelling. You move without thinking towards the window.
    You reflection is hazy as the screams invade your ears, your mind forcing you closer and closer to the monster staring back at you. Is he staring at you so intently for a reason?
    You reach your hand out to touch him as the lights suddenly flicker on.

    Your female coworker, in a drunken fit, bursts into your office demanding her camera back. She calls your name, and hearing no response moves towards the computer. She grabs the camera and looking at the computer screen nods once. The ‘memory erased’ screen is all the permission she needs to take her camera back. She doesn’t even hear the screaming.

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    • Name

      Now this is some good pasta.

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  • Skwirral

    I rewrote it! Hopefully it’ll get posted instead of this, and if so I expect better comments. >.<

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    Rating: -5 (from 7 votes)
  • life

    I like the concept of the story;it’s the first in a while that includes modern tech. but I do say that it needs a lot of work.

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  • denmark

    i like it a lot. i think it would be creepier if when the dude puts the cd in for the first time, that it screams, the power goes out, and the screaming is in the hallway. it might be fast-paced, but like, i think it would be better simplified.

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  • Reptilian Liar

    Could be better. Should be like a snuff kind of thing, but maybe that’d be too much like feardotcom, exc.

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  • Skwirral

    You look at the clock again. 7:05. You’ve been working
    late, trying to finish a major company project before it’s due
    the next morning. You’re almost done, but it feels like it’s
    been hours since everyone else went home. You step in the hall
    for a quick drink of water, then return to your desk.

    You need to transfer some files from the disc your boss handed
    you. Now where did you put it? You shuffle through your desk
    before noticing a CD sitting on a pile of papers that you’re sure
    wasn’t there before. Maybe someone else is working late, but
    you’re sure you haven’t heard anyone since quitting time. Oh well.
    You insert the disc into your PC and bring up its content folder only
    to find it empty. Maybe the disc is scratched, you think, because
    it’s making an awful screech in the drive. You slide it out of the
    computer and look it over, but it seems okay. You set it aside and
    look around again and find the right CD, finish the project, and
    head home.

    A few days go by with work as usual, but for some reason you
    haven’t thrown away the blank CD from that night. You almost feel…
    attached to it. You keep it on your desk, but you haven’t used it
    since that night you worked late. Sometimes, when you look at it,
    you feel like you can still hear the screeching sound the CD made in
    your computer, only it’s slightly distorted. To be honest, it’s
    beginning to sound less like a screech and more like…human screams.
    Like several voices all belting out with all the power their lungs
    can muster. You’ve been working too much, so maybe it’s just the
    late hours getting to you.

    You’ve gotten another project to do, and you’ve wasted too much
    time with it. You’re working late again. You are almost done,
    but you need to copy some files onto another computer. You check
    the clock again. 7:04. Something catches your eye, and you notice
    the blank CD again, sitting on your desk where it’s been for almost
    a week. Well, it’s blank, right? You need to copy the files, so
    you slide the disc into your CD drive. Almost immediately, the
    sound starts again, that screaming sound. It’s louder now, you’re
    positive it sounds human. It sounds close. Never mind that, you
    can find another CD. You open the drive and pull the CD out. But
    screaming won’t stop. You quickly turn off your speakers, and when
    that doesn’t help, you shut down your monitor and PC. The last
    thing you see before your monitor shuts off is the clock in the
    bottom right. 7:05. The screaming still won’t stop. You can hear
    it, reverberating in your office. It’s getting louder. You glance
    around, thinking one of your co-workers must be pulling a prank on

    For some reason your eyes settle on the clock on your desk. The
    red glow from the numbers almost fill your entire cone of vision.
    You watch as the time changes. From 7:05 to 6:66. All of a sudden,
    the lights go out. As you panick and look about, you realize it’s
    much darker than the building should be without power.

    You look around, and the CD catches your eye again. And it won’t
    let go. You feel drawn towards it. The screams are louder than ever,
    more persistent, almost beckoning. You feel compelled to approach the
    CD, and as you do, it seems to take on a glow of its own, a dark, smoky
    red that brightens as you approach it. You can’t stop moving towards
    it, and you can feel yourself being lifted up from the floor, and the
    disc gets bigger, until the whole of it looks like some twisted gateway.
    You realize that that’s exactly what it is, and you can only guess what
    lies beyond. The hole in the CD offers glimpses of horrors you can’t
    comprehend, flashes of grotesque creatures you’ve never heard of;
    dead, glaring eyes; gruesome burial rituals; and much more that you
    can’t describe. You are overwhelmed by the images, and you begin to
    scream, and the more you see, the more you scream. Your sanity breaks
    as you pass through the hole in the CD, and you are surrounded by those
    horrors. The only thing you are capable of doing is screaming, as much
    as you can.

    * * *

    The next morning, your boss comes into your office early to check
    on your project. He doesn’t see you, but he sees a CD sitting on some
    papers on your desk. He picks it up, and takes it to his own computer to
    check your work, but the CD doesn’t contain any files at all. He’s
    going to have a stern talk with you when you come in for the day.

    He also mumbles to himself to get his disc drive looked at, it’s
    making an awful screeching noise. He removes the disc and leans over
    to his trash bin, but something keeps him from throwing the CD away.
    He sets it by his clock, noting the time as he does. 7:05.

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  • Skwirral

    that’s the version i came up with…

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  • Derp

    Skwirral, I thought that was the best version out of each I read. Thank you for fixing this once mediocre entry and turning it into an instant classic creepypasta

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    Rating: +2 (from 4 votes)
  • Comment Leaver

    I deff. like the time aspect in yours. I kept the one I wrote as close to the original as possible. I like the whole angry boss thing too lol.

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  • Bryan

    Great job Skwirral! I really felt drawn into your version. Excelent.

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    Rating: -2 (from 2 votes)
  • Russel Crowe

    I’d slap that screaming bitch the fuck up.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  • Derp

    @ Russel Crowe…..Thats cause youre the fucking gladiator! lol I agree

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  • Skwirral

    well i wanted it to continue past the pasta, make it seem like it could happen to anyone, like the CD seeks out new victims, and the screaming is combined voices from previous victims…the boss would be the next, but by now the CD could be anywhere…

    and the time aspect i threw in because 6:66 o’clock is fun to think about

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    • http://------ No service

      Hey where did this disk come from? Oh crap I forgot to save my science project. Oh well throw safety to the wind and save it on the disk, see you guys in insanity…

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  • SKX

    I believe troubles like this are the reason why we enjoy having a service pistol nearby :)

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • Disc

    Spinning at anything past 50 RPM hurts like hell. You try it sometime, assholes.

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    Rating: +5 (from 5 votes)
  • Fund

    Skwirral’s version is good, however could you make the monsterly visions and horrors more ambiguous considering the “terrible images” scene is in most stories already and usually done badly. Also the time is wrong as 7:05 at night isn’t 7:05 in the morning when the boss finds it.

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  • Skwirral

    so what, you don’t have two 7:05s a day? we get two a day around here. like clockwork.

    how’s the CD going to get more victims if it has an inflexible schedule. the whole thing with the time isn’t about 6:66pm, it’s about 6:66 in general, which like i said, happens twice a day.

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  • MooMoon

    i scared :c

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  • Sonario

    lol @ #20…

    Skwirral, your version was good.

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  • Scream

    I did it for the LOLZ

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)

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