Monday, March 25, 2019
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  1. Oppression ★ 9.42 Rating (19 votes)
  2. Psychosis ★ 9.16 Rating (19279 votes)
  3. Red Lights ★ 9.16 Rating (32 votes)
  4. He Who Wanders ★ 9.15 Rating (418 votes)
  5. Bedtime ★ 9.14 Rating (11077 votes)
  6. The Seer of Possibilities ★ 9.14 Rating (7470 votes)
  7. Mr. Widemouth ★ 9.13 Rating (8737 votes)
  8. On a Hill – Part II ★ 9.13 Rating (1475 votes)
  9. In the Walls ★ 9.13 Rating (1743 votes)
  10. Bound ★ 9.13 Rating (868 votes)

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    There was once a young artist named Lisa. She was haunted all her life by disturbing dreams. One dream in particular made her dread sleep. It was always the same, a dark hallway and an evil clown pursuing her.

    Lisa was exhausted from her broken sleep. She was afraid to fall asleep. When she finally drifted off to sleep she awoke screaming. Her friends and family begged her to get help. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and got a appointment with a therapist.

    Her therapist suggested she paint her dreams. She told Lisa when you face your fears you take away their powers. Lisa was doubtful but willing to do anything to stop the awful dreams.

    She went home and started painting. She wasn’t happy with her first attempt. Something wasn’t right. She kept working until very late at night, then decided to go to sleep.
    She got into bed expecting to toss and turn as always. the next thing she knew it was morning. Lisa was shocked; she hadn’t slept so easily since she was a kid. She was glad but not over exited. She thought it was just a fluke.
    She got up and brushed her teeth and made some coffee. While she waited for the coffee to brew she started to work on the painting she had been working on.

    Something just wasn’t working.
    When she got home from work that day she started to work on the painting again. Then she knew what was wrong. The eyes, she haddent gotten the eyes right. But the part of the dream that was always the most vivid was the eyes. So why was she having such a hard time getting them on canvas?
    For months Lisa would stay up late working on the clown’s eyes until they were just right. The more she worked the better she slept.

    Finally, after months of trying, Lisa made here clowns eyes look as hateful and disturbing as the one in here dreams eyes. After her final brush stroke, something began to happen. The clown from her painting actually began to come out of the painting.
    Lisa screamed and ran. But tripped over some paint buckets.

    The last thing Lisa saw was the clown above her wielding a knife. Just like the one in her nightmares. When the police found her body they noticed the piece of art she had been working on.

    According to the police chief the painting showed a dark empty hallway.

    Credit To: Dylan Kamae Esbensen

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