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Once again, is having a small Halloween raffle!

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Join us for the October 2014 discussion post - this month, we're talking all about Halloween!

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January 4, 2013

As many of you are aware, I use a blogging platform called WordPress to run this site. This means that I use an externally created plugin to process certain aspects of the site. For example: the rating system and submission forms are both operated by plugins.

The author of the plugin that we use for the submission and contact forms updated it today, and after that update was applied, the forms have completely disappeared. I wasn’t warned of this, so I’m more than moderately annoyed about this development, trust me.

I’m poking around the “new and improved” control panel of this plugin, and I’m having trouble actually creating a new form or getting anything to function at all.… Read the rest

Luke stepped out of the warm comfort of his best friend’s house into the cold winter air. The sun was quickly slipping beneath the horizon and the trees of the forest cast long twisted shadows across the yard. Luke said goodbye to his friend and thanked his mother for having him over, as their goodbyes drew to a close the front door swung shut, and a silence fell over Luke. He stared out across the lawn into the twilight forest that awaited him. It was only a fifteen minute walk from his friend’s house to his own, and he had made that walk countless times before, but as he watched the night descend upon the world, something sinister began to fill the shadows.… Read the rest

Sitting at his table illuminated by a small bedside lamp, Robert Francis poured over a map jotting down notes each time his eyes fell onto some point of interest. It was 10:30PM and he reckoned that, if he set off at six in the morning, he would be able to avoid the early traffic and catch the first train to Milngavie before cycling from there, making it to Aberfoyle village in a couple of hours.

His itinerary was set and he was filled with excitement at the thought of finally being on holiday. It had been eleven months since he had so much as taken one day off from his work, so the thought of spending eight whole days cycling through the Scottish wilderness with only his backpack and tent for company, was frankly exhilarating.… Read the rest

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