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You’ll Be Okay

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On our way home from vacation, my five year old daughter and I got stuck in traffic caused by an accident up ahead. My daughter asked why we had stopped, and I told her someone had wrecked. That’s when she responded with “Remember when that happened to me?” I was confused… She’d never been in a car accident. I laughed, thinking she was playing pretend or something, and asked her what she was talking about.

“Don’t you remember? We was going to the store and then we hit something, and then the glass cut me and it hurt so bad and I was so scared at first, I thought I was dying, but daddy kept saying I would be okay and I knew he wouldn’t lie.”

I just stared at her for a minute, not sure what to say… For one thing, the whole thing was crazy, I had never been in an accident, and neither had my daughter. And the other thing was, she didn’t have a “daddy”… I mean of course she had a father, but he wasn’t part of the picture, never had been, so where was she getting this from?

Traffic cleared and we continued on our way home, and it slipped from my mind. A few weeks later, while on the phone with my mom, I remembered it and told her about it.

After a pause, my mom told me that when she was just about 3 years old, there had been a car accident, and that her older sister, who was five at the time, had been killed when a piece of glass from the windshield had somehow slit her throat. It was such a tragedy that for the most part her family tried to pretend it hadn’t happened, getting rid of everything that reminded them of her sister and and never mentioning it, which is why I never knew about it. My mom said she could barely remember the accident itself, since she was so young, but she said she’d never forget her dad crying as he held her sister in his arms and repeated over and over again “You’ll be okay, you’ll be okay, you’ll be okay.”

I felt chills run down my spine as I wondered how my daughter could have possibly known that.


Credit To – Thenightmaregirl


If you would like to read more creepy stories of children seemingly recalling past lives and/or prior deaths, you should check out the Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you? post from last month. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s very weird and very fascinating. Kids can be so creepy.


The following books were suggested over the course of the Reddit thread as well – I’ve partially read them and if you find the topic interesting enough, they’re worth a look. As always, our referral code is included in the Amazon links, so if you do order anything through the link – thank you!
Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives
Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives
Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives

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52 thoughts on “You’ll Be Okay”

  1. When I was younger my sister who is 7 years younger than me (so she would have been 2-3 and I would have been 9-10) always used to say “mommy remember when you died and I had to go live with the mean old lady grandma on the farm and I got sick and died,” all the time. I was always like “no stupid you never died, you are alive right here and we’ve never lived on a farm.”
    Well we were going on a car trip to Pennsylvania (we are from Canada) driving through some country and all of a sudden my sister becomes really alert in the back in her car seat and starts pointing at a field with the remainder of a barn and house foundation and starts going nuts shouting “that’s it! that’s it! That’s where I lived!”

    She was always really creepy to me after that. Thank god she’s out grown it now being 23

  2. The little girl has a memory of her father telling her it’s going to be okay during a car accident,in the present the litttle girls grandma is actauly the girls sister in her past life before she died,she was reincarnated 1 generation after her death.

  3. The little girl doesn’t have to be adopted just because the father is *out of the picture* ,she might also mean that the father ran off before the baby was born or he was a sperm donor who does’t even know he has a child somewhere. Cool pasta though!

  4. The girl’s mother tells the story, and HER mother was the girl aged 3 who was involved in the car accident. Her sister (the narrator’s aunt) died and reincarnated to be the narrator’s daughter, which is how she knows what happened.

  5. Makiaveli7daytheory

    I don’t get it…. He calls her his daughter, but then he says that she didn’t have a dad. Honestly, questions that I have like that make me not rate or like things… HONESTLY.

  6. So your mother’s sister was killed when your mother was 3 years old and that never came up in conversation?? Ugh where are the true stories…

  7. Had an ex who’s son used to tell stories about being a pilot and shot down during the second world war. He was three, had never heard of the second world war or the name of the individual he mentioned . What sparked the topic was when hr was bathing. To this day, he sees things that only shee believed she did .

  8. This is really creepy, apparently when I was 3 me and my family left to a province in France and while we were driving in a car I said that I have been here before and how I visited some of the places. I honestly dont recall myself saying these things, but then again strange shit happens. Maybe it was just my imagination? Guess ll never know.

  9. I enjoyed it. The story wasn’t what I was expecting and honastly it didn’t give me the chills I was looking for but it was still a great story.

  10. People, it isn’t just a story, this actually happened…. or at least its supposed to have. With the internet you can’t ever tell, but I’ve actually heard people say stuff like this about their children.

  11. Username or no username, there is no nameuser

    Very well made story, it presents a clear situation to those who understand what they are reading, but without the right understanding, you may as well be trying to read a stool. Really, its a good pasta.

  12. That’s it?! “I wonder how my daughter could have possibly known that?!” I feel like that’s a line that should come in the middle of a pasta and then the REASON is revealed. Lame ending, but I’d give it a 6/10

    1. Well it is a true story! The idea is they arent as creepy in themselves but its that they are real that makes it really creepy

      1. Deputy-_-S_E_X_Y

        “It was such a tragedy that for the most part her family tried to pretend it hadn’t happened, getting rid of everything that reminded them of her sister and and never mentioning it, which is why I never knew about it.”

        …”WHICH IS WHY I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT” Is that too hard to understand?… She clearly stated why it was never mentioned up to that point. I am assuming that her mother is in her 40’s or 50’s since she is a grandmother. So something that happened when she was 3 years old and then the family making an effort to erase all evidence of it happening, it can easily be forgotten. Yet something can also bring it all rushing back which seems to have happened when she told her mom about what her grandaughter had said.

  13. Wait…what? Maybe I’m stupid, but i just… Is he her father? Or is somebody else? Because it says she’s his daughter, but he’s not her father?

    1. She is adopted, hence the part where it basically says her real father is out of the picture of her life

      1. Annabella_Assassins

        She is a reincarnation. The girl who died was the narrator’s aunt, so with time and logic she couldn’t be her, mostly because the narrator’s mom was 3 at the time of the accident. Am I making any sense?

        1. I don’t think a reincarnations age would carry over. Plus, she (the child), could have just had the memory 2 years prior when she herself was 3.

    2. She is adopted, hence the part where it basically says her real father is out of the picture of her life.

    3. It’s obvious that the narrator of the story is the girl’s mother, not her father. It never specifies the narrator being a man.

  14. mrspatrickbateman

    Omg that reddit stuff is a must read. There are some really freaky ones but also some that just cracked me up.

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