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You Know That Old Urban Legend?

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If you grew up in the country as I did, you’ve heard it. The one about some bridge or some location, usually in a valley and almost always near water, where something horrible supposedly happened to a mother and her baby, and at night if you are quiet you can hear a baby crying or a woman calling for her child? Yeah, that one. It’s a great excuse to take your girlfriend out to a dark secluded location, get her all scared and have her jump in your lap. When she feels all safe and secure, the panties come right off, right? Scary places always landed me the choice ass back in the day. Know what I mean bro?

Yeah well, I know what really happened, and I know the place where it occurred. You see, there’s this old bridge down in a valley that crosses a small river. It’s not far from here, If you want I can take you out there. Yeah, we can go tonight.

The legend usually says a mother was rushing her sick baby to the hospital and ran her car off the bridge. The story also goes that the mother got out of the car, but drowned after repeatedly trying to find her baby in the dark water. The next morning the police found the car and the two bodies after a farmer called the wreck in. Years later teenagers used to hang out in the fields on the north side of the bridge, and they told stories of hearing a woman screaming “Oh god MY BABY SOMEONE PLEASE HELP OH GOD MY BABY”. There are variations, but this is usually the gist of the tale. Well, the truth is, the valley was haunted a long time before anything like that ever happened, and it wasn’t haunted by some woman screaming for her lost baby. Not then at least.

You see, out in the country here, there’s things that never see the light of day. Things not meant for mortal eyes. They wander the countryside looking for food. They feed on humans you see. They wear the skin of their kills, look just like us. Once it’s on them you can’t tell them apart from us. What they look like under the skin, nobody alive now knows.

The woman in the story, she WAS rushing her baby to the hospital, and she did wreck, but she didn’t run off the bridge. She came close though, and she seemed to be in luck, as a truck came along just minutes after she ran off the road and smacked a tree. Her lights were still on, and the driver of the truck spotted her waving in the middle of the road. What happens next, well… it’s pretty horrible. You see the driver of the truck, well, he was one of those things, and he was wearing the previous owner’s skin. He pulls over, offers to help. The mother is on the verge of passin’ out, so he helps her get the baby out of the car. He found it impossible to resist the tender, sweet flesh of one so young. The smell of it’s innocence was too much, and its appetite overtook it. He ate the baby right there in front of the mother. Jaws split like some sort of horrible giant snake, bit it right in half, swallowed it in two bites. Right in front of that poor woman. That’s where the screams come from you see. Right before he ate her too. Of course, she didn’t die so quick, being a much bigger meal than a little baby.


The real horror of these things is, once they eat you, your soul or whatever, it doesn’t move on like it does after a normal death. It lingers, you see. How do I know all of this? Well, I grew up around here. My grandfather told me all about it. He was one of the cops that found the car, you see. He ran across one of those things here in town once. Said it looked like a person, just didn’t seem to move right. His grandmother was an old Indian wise woman, she told him stories of the skinwalkers when he was a child. Said he’d know when he met one.

So you want to see the place? It’s just a few miles from here. Yeah, hop in the truck, I’ll take you out there. She’s a beaut ain’t she? Belonged to my grandpa too, she’s a 55 Chevy. Restored it myself. Finish your drink, we’ll head out there.


Credited to CaptainYetiZombie

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152 thoughts on “You Know That Old Urban Legend?”

  1. I know this skinwalker stuff aint real ‘coz it says the bodies were found, if the skin walker did eat them then the bodys shouldn’t be there

  2. I think this only scares Me because I grew up in Chicago and one of the bridges over a river was haunted by the white lady. Now most people dont believe but I do because I meet her. I was only ten and we brought her into the car and all she did was cry about her baby. She disappeared after we left off the bridge but in the end we never ever went down that bridge again.

  3. seriously? did he expect us to be scared of monsters who will “EAT US?”
    bad pasta and really show some respect for girls you piece of s***

  4. The Narrator is a skin walker how else would know exactly how the lady and baby were eatin it’s kind of obvious also he said they talk a little funny we’ll he was talking a little funny and at the end that kind of proved he was one of them he insisted on it and they eat us so I am guessing he is a Skin Walker

  5. Overall an enjoyable and interesting story. It kiiindaaa felt like the narrator was trying to get us readers to come to the bridge with him so he could get us out of our panties though.. Opposed to suggesting that he was a skinwalker. I FELT LIKE HE WAS FLIRTING WITH ME.


    1. Daniel Belanger

      Jokes on him then, I’m not wearing panties… Because I’m a guy… A guy that doesn’t wear panties

  6. Holy crap! Run!
    JK. But yeah, there are thousands of those urban legends in every city, if you look around enough. There are probably some in my neighborhood; people have been found murdered in the park.

  7. OMG its so true about the story of the woman and her baby. Ive heard tons of those stories. I have even been to some of the places where if you do things your hear the scream. Good story 7/10

  8. Pretty tastey pasta overall. Author tried really hard to make it feel like a conversation but couldnt deliver the goods and ended up repeating phrases such as “you see?” but i felt as if he was kinda talking to me. It was a really good effort and i liked the story underneath. Definate well done.

  9. the concept was good but you need to work on your story building(i figured out the whole story 1/4 of the wat through with) overall id give you a 6/10

  10. Theres a bridge I know of with a story like tht :D except the woman was suposedly a witch who killed her baby because it never stopped crying and now shes plagued by being trapped here on earth, forever listening to her crying child.

  11. It started off good. Really liked the way it was written at first but about half way through it was a little too un-detailed for me I guess. I felt there should have been more. Not to mention, maybe I’m over analyzing but in the middle it says that the woman came close to running off the bridge, but she ran into a tree. Now I don’t know about many other people out there but I usually don’t see bridges with water capable of drowning a grown person under it if they have trees close by to run into instead. I also get the feeling that the writer was supposed to be a skin walker. As someone else pointed out though I also believe it was too subtle if that was the case. If the person wasn’t a skin walker and did just want to get in some girls pants it would have been too obvious since he did mention it’s the type of place you’d bring a girl to get her scared and in your lap. The last thing I have to say is, as other people pointed out the words you see started getting rather repetitive. However, like I stated before the beginning started off pretty good

  12. I liked the feel of the writing. It reminded me of old men telling each other hushed stories in the corner of a bar. Not terrifying but still creepy. The subtly at the end was nice, but almost too subtle, making it easy for some to miss. It has a dark vibe but it’s not a bone chiller. I dig it.

  13. First he said about under the bridge, the mom drowning trying to find her baby in the water and then it suddenly says something about a car smashing into a tree? I don’t really get it, but overall it was pretty fun to read.

  14. creepy but tasty

    for some reason i think the dude whos telling this story is one of the skin thingys

    BUT WHO WAS FINISH UR DRINK !?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. >Scary places always landed me the choice ass back in the day. Know what I mean bro?
    Sure thing, brodad.
    Later we’ll be pounding that natty ice, am I right?

  16. Old pasta. The ending type is old as well, of course, but I\’ve never seen this ending paired with this story, so it was a better read than I would have predicted.

  17. Rather than saying they walk funny, say they talk funny, and make a few minor errors on purpose through the story, much better way to hint the narrator is a skinwalker.

  18. Later on, when he was talking about his grandfather being a cop, a lightbulb came on in my head and I was thinking, how does this guy know exactly how the people were eaten?

    Then at the end I was like “aw yeah I figured it out beforehand,” you see?

    *sees all the “you see” comments*
    2nd read: …I died inside. Silly pasta is silly, you see?

    7/10, purely for the you see’s, you see?

  20. This is what constitutes as creepypasta these days? Repetition can be used to good effect usually, but not here. Not at all.

    Fear the Darkness


  21. I liked it, you see? And I think it was weird cause the ending said ”finish your drink” and i was drinking a drink.

    Good stuff, yuo see?

  22. you see the thing ate the bodies, you see? But if the thing eats the bodies you see then why did they find the bodies, you see? You see i think that they would just see the wreck, you see?

  23. But if he was a skinwalker ma-thingie:

    1. WHY WOULD HE TELL US!? He’s giving away the whole secret of his race.

    2. Too disjointed. It’s like one second he’s a human and the next he’s trying too hard to be a human. And then he’s dropping hints.

    3. Skinwalkers like sexual too!? What is this…

  24. We had a legend based on the intro in the town where I grew up…it was “The Legend of Sarah Jane.” I saw some weird shit on the road leading to the bridge, and more people died on that winding road in car wrecks than I care to rehash. Except for the sudden diversion to a bad Stephen King rip-off, I was feeling it.

  25. >“…the police found the car and the two bodies…”
    >But… the skin-thing… it ate the two bodies.


  26. “…the police found the car and the two bodies…”

    But… the skin-thing… it ate the two bodies.


    1. Maybe the police lied to keep the community calm. . .? Oh, geeze, the Government does a bunch of cover-ups, so why can’t local police do the same?

  27. Haha, you see?

    Anyway, I actually had heard of that bridge and that story. The way i’ve heard it, it was Fudge Road. L.O.L. That’s the only reason I never believed it.

  28. I honestly didn’t noticed the use of all those “you see?”.
    After reading the comments I /facepalmed and started reading it out like an old gangster film.

  29. It’s not far from here, If you want I can take you out there. Yeah, we can go tonight. Know what I mean, bro?

    Sorry, don’t swing that way.

    —I thought they found two bodies… and isn’t that skin you’re wearing a bit old?

  30. After the “You see,” thing, I started reading the whole pasta in Bill Cosby’s voice. Not to mention I facepalmed at the end.

  31. Might have been better if it said that the truck driver had a chevy, and then they hit with the “Get in my truck” bomb. Still subtle, but not as subtle so people can get it.

  32. I actually liked the conversational tone, but I saw the ending coming a mile away. Didn’t care for the story, over all, but the comments made me lol.

  33. Mediocre pasta is mediocre. Still, I enjoyed it.

    Oh, and yay for stereotypical wise Indian elder. Hooray. /end sarcasm

  34. Well, you see, the thing is, you see, the place, you see, is haunted ya see.

    You see, the thing is, the mood was ruined and I second anonymous with the “bro” and “choice” comments. Really unecessary, you see.

    I liked the terribly written lagoon girl story better. You see.

  35. I know what you mean bro, you see? You see, I liked it you see. You see it wasn’t predictible but you see you said you see too much you see? You see the ending was subtle you see, but you see you made him seem to much like a steryotyped black person you see?

    Lulz, count how many e’s are in that.

  36. Me likey. I mean, I’m officially going to ask all my friends if they are skinwalkers. But it really creeped me out!

  37. The narrator talking about “choice ass” and calling me “bro” at the beginning kind of killed the mood.

  38. I imagined like Al Capone reading this, see? I liked it though, less of a scary story, more like some tale a drunk guy at a bar would tell you. Oh, wait…

  39. The grammar was iffy you see. You see certain phrases were overused. Overall it was a good pasta.

    You see.

  40. I didn’t really care for this one. It just didn’t appeal to me and I can’t really place my finger on why. It was probably the way it was written.

  41. Ummmm….no i won’t come mister truck driver guy. soz.


    (never done that b4, it felt good.)

  42. I could not help reading this like a 1920’s gangster with all the you sees. Other then that pretty cool read. I actually didn’t see that coming in the end.

  43. Yeahhh…
    I’m not a skinwalker.
    I just kinda want to get in your pants, like it says right at the beginning, you see?

    1. Speaking of which, I thought skinwalkers were not always evil just tricksters right? Plus I thought they were born with the ability to change into a few creatures of the area, which was usually a desert. These seem more like body snatchers of something, still it was pretty good despite the weak (in my eyes) ending.

  44. Uhm….. and?

    The ending wasnt an ending… and if it was trying hint that the narrator is one of those skinwalker things…. it was just a little TOO subtle.

  45. So I’m guessing the narrator is one of those things?

    Me likey. Nice and subtle, but you still know what’s going on.

  46. This tried to be different and wanted to include a lot of elements, yet it finished with a cliche ending, and being terribly overall, terrible.

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