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You Are My Sunshine

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The memories I have with my Grandmother are very fond. She used to live with my parents and me when I was about six and stayed with us until I went to college.

She raised me on many wonderful things such as spontaneous trips to the Natural History Museum, how to pick out flowers for ever occasion and even her own mother’s secret recipe for the perfectly fluffy blueberry pancakes.

Every Sunday she would let me sleep in, but I would always wake up when I smelled those pancakes and heard her singing “You are my Sunshine”. She would always come into my room with a short stack and we’d share them before heading off to late-morning service, and then we would spend the day together.

Sunday has always been our day.

So, it’s my first Sunday back home after graduation and I can smell those pancakes and I can hear her singing in her worn and raspy southern accent just faintly.


The only problem is, my Grandmother died two weeks after I left for school.

And her singing is getting closer.



Credit To: Krystina Shattles

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47 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine”

  1. I love it. It’s short and plain. The creepy part is at the end and leaves you hanging – perfect in my opinion. The unknown is what makes one pasta a creepypasta. Good job.

  2. Why do they run?

    This one wasn’t really scary. If the grandmother wasn’t aggressive or mean in any way when she was alive I don’t see any reason why she should worry about her now. Unless it’s not really her grandmother then she’s got a huge problem! Old lady spirits are the worst!

  3. just dont eat the pancakes, whatever you do undead pancakes are TERRIBLE, unfortunately im typing from experience

  4. Hey. I am an actress, and I just wanted to ask you one question, can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use this as my monologue????????

    1. All Grandma wants to do is give her the pancakes. Nothing wrong with spirit infested/possessed pancakes made by your dead grandmother. I wish my dead grandmother cared enough to give me free pancakes.

  5. This creeps me out;~;
    Its a cliffhanger, in a way.
    The grandma could be coming to take her/him and thats why her singing is getting closer
    Shes watching out for him/her because she knows something bad will happen

    1. All Grandma wants to do is give her the pancakes. Nothing wrong with spirit infested/possessed pancakes made by your dead grandmother. I wish my dead grandmother cared enough to give me free pancakes.


    and also… creepy dead people. but creepy dead people bringing you pancakes, well…

    ….still creepy dead people.


  7. This was very sweet. Not scary, but a nice relaxing feeling as well as on edge when ever you hear a dead relative.

  8. New Techno Leader

    predictable ending, not scary … unless maybe grandmother was back to take her sunshine back to the grave with her??

  9. This is the antithesis of a CreepyPasta.. It’s actually a sweet story, it tries to be ‘scary’ at the end, but if it was an ‘and I couldn’t be happier’ ending, then this would border on glurge.

  10. Hey there.
    I’m a new pasta reader (a little late to the game, I know) and I was wondering if I could use this as my first video for YouTube? I really like it, it’s kind of mild, but I think that really works.
    I promise I’ll give you total credit and I’ll link back to this story.
    Anyway, write me back at [email protected] to let me know xx

  11. Rainshine the Grammar Hyena

    I don’t see why people think ghosts are so scary… :/
    If my grandmother died and then came back for me, if I heard my dearly departed Granny’s voice singing “You Are My Sunshine” and smelled the blueberry pancakes that she always made, I would be ecstatic, and I would run to her and embrace her, even if she was a ghost, a zombie, or whatever kind of undead thing she might be. This is a very lovely story, but… it’s not a creepypasta.

  12. idk guys I kind of like it…it’s not gruesome or anything but still a nice thought….also damn I want some fucking blueberry pancakes now.

    1. The_Amazing SAF

      The truly creepy part is that if a ghost made pancakes, they’re ghost pancakes. That means the speaker can’t eat them. THAT is true evil.

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