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Within Him

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Whithin him lies the darkness,
within him evil looms.
Within him lies your terror,
within him lies your tomb.

Within him lies your sadness,
if ever your are caught.
To spend all time in turmoil,
within his hellish thoughts.

His name contains no meaning,
for his name contains no words.
Within his is the abstract,
within him you will blur.


Within him you are nothing,
but the sum of all your fears.
Within him you’re no longer you,
for within him, you are his.


Credit To: Cockney Pasta

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13 thoughts on “Within Him”

  1. theere should be a separate site called poem pastas. because. BECAUSE.

    ALSO, derpbutt…. i sense viruses. please remove them from your site when you have a moment of solace

    1. I think a few spinoff pasta sites could do us some good as long as I’m not running them!

      Like pokepasta, lost episodes, poems. To cater to the people who love that stuff to the exclusion of anything else.

      And I’m working on it… but I feel like I’ve been running in place, blah. I’m seriously tired.

      For now things are clean, hoping they stay that way but… knock on wood.

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