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I’m afraid to look outside windows at night. I guess some people are. It’s just paranoia, right? You don’t want to look outside your window at night and come face-to-face with an abhorrent creature. But, again, it’s just paranoia, right? Too many scary movies, spending too much time on Creepypasta. Well, let me just tell you that you have a reason to be scared.

Occasionally you’ll glance outside the window. You might want to know what the weather is like or you might have a completely different reason. Regardless of your reason, you’re not expecting anybody to be standing on thin air outside your window. You look at your computer screen. It’s getting late. It’s just you and your friend at home. You look over at him and realize that he’s fallen asleep already. You should go to sleep too but you want to spend a bit more time reading some creepypastas. You see a shadow in your peripheral vision and immediately shift your eyes to the window. Nothing. You’re relieved. You look back at your computer screen and hear a loud thud on your window. You shift your eyes to the window again; a bit more scared this time. You were right to be scared. You see your friend’s body hanging outside your window. You’re horrified. It’s then that you realize that your friend was in his bed a few minutes ago.

You look over at his bed and see someone lying there. That’s not your friend.


Credit To: Kaitou

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48 thoughts on “Windows”

  1. An Unwitting Accomplice

    I love that people in the comments are more concerned about the Weeping Angel comment than the actual pasta

  2. Honestly, i didn’t think it was gonna be good but that last sentence just brought back the classic horror twist so i gave it 6/10

  3. t’was rather well written. very well made pasta.

    about the only thing I could nit-pick about was seeing the man standing on nothing, then looking away like “eh, just another Wednesday. damn magician neighbors…”

  4. RandyButterNubs

    This is one of the more better short pastas that I’ve seen here the idea of this is disturbing but this story is very well written and also my friend is sleeping next to me now O_o

  5. MMMMMMMHHHHhhhhh soooo tasty i wonder but the lil. Cat from the bed it would be but it wouldnt… Could be the nobody or the somebody also i dont have friends only 4 friends and they dont talk to me tht much… O well if i see tht lil. Cat i just say this “get the f.uck out of this room dude its evil to enter other ppl houses with out permition dint ure mom told u tht. Also have a cokkie”.

  6. I read the last sentence, and I got so freaking scared!! A chill ran down my back and I jumps out of my seat and killed my leg. Nice one! 9.99/10

  7. This one was eh. I wasn’t all that creeped out. I can relate to being afraid of looking out windows at night, though. :)

  8. My computer is right in front of my window – it makes me easier to spot, but it also makes it easier for me to spot others.

    Oh yeah, and it helps that I have a Kel-Tec Shotgun loaded with buckshot resting next to me.

  9. This reminded me of an old spice commercial.
    Look at your friend
    Now look at your window
    Look back at your friend
    Now look back at the window
    Your friend is dead

    1. No no no. With the Angels, you aren’t found in the same time period. You get teleported back in time and live to death.

  10. Short, creepy and delicious. Oh, and by the way: you’re fucked, THEN WHO WAS MOM…. just wanted to mention that


    Omnononon. Delicous pasta, Superb. Marvelous. Creepy, well written, write more.
    The only thing out MY window is my hedge and angel statue!

        1. Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you are dead. They’re fast, faster than you can believe. So don’t close your eyes, don’t turn around and don’t blink…
          Good luck.

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