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5 Weird Things to Do in Budapest for Your Extraordinary Experience

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Are you aware of the spooky side of Budapest?

While it’s unquestionably one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, few people know that beyond its beautiful sights, the city hides some strange and eerie secrets. 

Budapest is a city rich in cultural and historical significance, however, that’s simply the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because in addition to the conventional tourist attractions, there are a wealth of extraordinary experiences that can enhance your Hungarian getaway.

So, let’s delve into layers and discover 5 of the weirdest things to do in Budapest.

5 Weird Things to Do in Budapest

1. Visit Pinball Museum

One of the most extraordinary things to do in Budapest is to visit the Pinball Museum, which is the largest interactive exhibition in Europe. Exploring the Pinball Museum will delight the curiosity of any gamer since it is a fascinating place for those looking for arcade games.

This Pinball Museum features a collection of 100 old pinball machines and 30 vintage arcade games, some of which date back as far as the 19th century. Therefore, the museum is a nostalgic dive into the evolution of gaming.

But what’s an adventure without a gamble? If you’re ready for a gamble and enjoy the thrill of the unexpected, you’ll be fascinated by the city’s mysterious labyrinth at Buda Castle. It’s a little like playing at 5 Gringo, where every turn could lead to a thrilling surprise or a chilling shock. Either way, a tour of Buda Castle’s Labyrinth is a bet that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

2. Visit the House of Terror

Step inside the House of Terror, one of Budapest’s most peculiar cultural attractions, to learn about the dark aspects of more recent Hungarian history. Its exhibits recall horrifying moments of detention, torture, and murder committed under Nazi and communist regimes.

Each of the Terror House’s four floors features both temporary and permanent displays of pictures and historical artifacts. Additionally, some movies shed some light on the cruelties and torture that these dark times carried for those unfortunate enough to experience them firsthand.

3. Explore the Buda Castle Labyrinth

The Buda Castle Labyrinth is a hidden historical gem in Budapest that dates back to the Palaeolithic and Medieval eras and was also used as a wine cellar. This maze-like network of tunnels beneath Buda Castle was later used as a harem, a prison, and a torture chamber.


Navigating this maze known as the “Panoptikum” is undoubtedly the strangest experience you may have in Budapest. Visitors will have to find their way through the network of underground passageways since there is hardly any lighting to guide them. 

You will pass some unsettling mannequins with Phantom of the Opera-inspired designs on your way to observe where Dracula was imprisoned and tormented for 14 years

4. Unravel the Mystery behind Budapest’s Mysterious Museum

Explore the House of Houdini in Budapest’s Castle District if you came to the city specifically to discover something exceptional. The museum provides tourists with a walk down memory lane by preserving a large amount of Budapest’s artistic legacy. The genuine tools that once made up the works of the Hungarian illusionist Harry Houdini are also kept there.

Along with old advertisements for Houdini’s breathtaking performances, this stuff also includes handcuffs and lock keys. At this museum, you can also observe a collection of pinned-up butterflies from Kenya and Cuba. Alongside the airborne creatures of all sizes, shapes, and forms exhibited next to each other, you will also observe African tribal masks.


5. Hang Out in Crumbling Buildings

In the majority of Budapest’s ruin bars, visitors may experience dreamlike moments amidst a combination of vintage furniture, old toys, or converted cars that are displayed throughout the crumbling buildings. 

Any day of the week, Guidebook-superstar on Kazinczy Street draws an extensive audience, and visitors to this crumbling residence structure can partake in a wide range of music performances beneath trippy installations like a gigantic white owl and plenty of bunnies. 

Those seeking a slightly more refined ruin-bar experience can cross the river to Buda’s, a vibrant community space filled with all kinds of mysterious objects, ranging from a race car to grandma’s antiquated adornments, or they may head into a café nearby that is surreally embellished with broken toys and creative graffiti throughout the walls. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve given you a complete guide to Budapest’s off-the-beaten-path activities, we hope that you’re ready and willing to take part in these strange activities. Hopefully, you’ll be excited to check them out and make sure you don’t miss anything from our suggestions. These encounters are extraordinary and will evoke in you a wide range of emotions, including freight, festivity, delight, and antiquity. 

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