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We Lie

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Adam entered the living room and sat down with a glass of red wine, careful not to spill. He needed to have another talk with his wife. Things could get difficult. The wine helped him keep a level head.


“Yes, dear?”

“I’m glad you’re here. We have to talk.”

“Okay,” she said. “About?”

“Can you help me to understand why you did it? Why you hurt me like that?”

Clara was silent for a long while. Adam took a sip from the glass, remaining patient.

“I was hurting too. And confused. Please…forgive me.”

“It’s hard, Clara.”

“I know. But I don’t want to talk about it now.”

Adam stood up, paced around the room a few times, and sat back down. “Well, are you happy? Can you at least tell me that much?”

“Yes, so long as you’re with me. I won’t leave you, Adam. You have to know that.”

“I know. And I love you, Clara.”

“I love you too.” There was another long pause. “Do you know I sometimes watch you while you sleep?”

“Really?” Adam idly swirled the dark liquid, observing how the glass refracted the room’s light. “I’ve been having bad dreams lately, so just knowing someone’s there watching over me really helps. Thank you, honey.”

“I have to leave now.”

“Already?” he asked, surprised.

“Hey, I know. You should come with me.”

His brow furrowed. “I…I can do that?”

“Sure. You already know how.”

“How?” he asked, sensing he wouldn’t like the answer.

“Same as me, silly.”


The room seemed to dim at the corners, as if its huddled shadows were conspiring to eavesdrop. “What? How could you say that, Clara?”

Another pause. “Clara’s not here,” came the reply.

Adam felt his stomach bottom out. “What…you mean…you’re not..?”

“No. Never was. But I did speak to her once.”

The deceit stung at his eyes. “Oh yeah? And what did you say?”


He shot up from his chair, rubbing his temples. “No. No, goddammit. H-how? How is this possible? All those things she said…I was talking to Clara, dammit. I was talking to her!” At this point Adam was not so much talking with another as he was pleading with himself. But he forced himself to sit back down.

The planchette beneath his fingertips raced across the board, spelling out a simple message.

“We lie.”

Tears began to splash over random letters, blurring the ornate typeface. But Adam dared not remove his hands as the planchette continued to move.


“One more thing.” He did not respond, so it resumed without a prompt.

“Those aren’t dreams.”

Adam could recall only fragments of his nightmares – a dark alley, a dripping tunnel…the thrill of darting from shadow to shadow…a scream cut short…hands wrapped tight around something soft and yielding…and the reflection of the moon in a cold river, its black waters rushing at his bare waist.

He found his voice again, growling, “what do you mean?”

“I borrow you.”

At this, Adam withdrew his trembling hands and stared at them in disbelief. He choked out a single word: “Why?”

The planchette moved freely now, without need of human touch, and answered with a single word of its own:


Credit: Alapanamo

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45 thoughts on “We Lie”

  1. F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anything- *rages* WHY *cries*


  2. This is really confusing, I barely got the subject, but what I did get was good. You should rewrite this with more details to explain what is happening, such as what happened to Clara

  3. At first it was confusing to what was going on in this pasta then the story became clear at the end. Really good pasta but a bit confusing and not that creepy. 8/10

  4. I didn’t like it. I get the story, i just think it was cut short and it got straight to the point very fast. not scary at all, or creepy. Bad tasting pasta.

  5. Its something everyone using a oujia board should SERIOUSLY consider. Oh and I LOVED this ONE! It was short, and probably could have used more clues before the BIG secret getting revealed in the near middle of the story.

    1. Perhaps you’d consider it differently if you knew the history of the board. It’s absolute nonsense invented by a loony.

  6. I think the author should make like a prequel or something idk but its just a opinion so yeah XD


  7. His wife’s dead and this demon that’s possessing him took her form to mock him. His “dreams” are really just him being possessed and killing people. His explanations are quite vague at times. But hey, it’s suspense.

  8. Nice, I really like this one! However, I feel that it needs more explanation, there are a lot of questions left unanswered at the end. Keep trying, you have some real potential. :)

    1. It’s the marker on a oiuja board. The tool that participants hold onto in order to spell out the various messages.


    Overall good story…needs more plot development. In the future, give a little more background for the story. Like when he got hurt by “Clara”, explain what happened a little. Or that she jumped off a cliff maybe. xD

    1. He was talking to demons that were trying to get him to kill himself so he could be with his wife. a planchette is an french autotyper used to comunicate with the paranormal. NEVAH USE ONE YOULL GET POSSESSED

  10. Confusing at the beginning, but that makes it an interesting and different take for the story, I am impressed =)

    1. Its like a weegie board. it was a french auto writer turned paranormal communication system. used to talk to spirits. simple. DONT USE ONE THE THINGS WILL I SAY WILL GET YOU POSSESSED!!!!!! make sense now? he was talkuing to demons.

      1. The oiuja board started as a parlour game and is still developed by Hasbro. It never had any paranormal significance until around the second world war. The Planchette is the device used to spell out the various words etc.

  11. Sorry, I’m a little confused at that point when he realises he isn’t speaking to “Clara”. Was he always above the Planchette? Did he conjour up the image of his wife and then snapped back to reality when the “shadow/demon/etc.” spoke to him?

  12. I like it. Simple, direct, a touch of ambiguity, overall a decent pasta with a satisfying conclusion. It’s a simple thing, not filling enough for a main course, but a perfect appetizer.

  13. Really started to draw me in until the planchette was mentioned. Once I realized that the guy was using a ouija board, my interest plummeted. Ouija boards never yield anything good thus its use ruined the story for me. Don’t be discouraged though. You have potential. Please do submit some more pastas.

  14. This was an okay pasta, not the best I’ve read, but definitely good. I got kind of lost reading it and I had to read it a few times over to follow the story, and the “fun” thing at the end kind of killed the mood, but other than that, it was good. 7/10

  15. Hey!

    My first impression was that the prose was well in control. The in medias res nature of the flow added greatly to the initial mystery; coupled with the sparse yet sharp focus (first on his wineglass, before gradually ‘zooming out’), it manages tells a well-backgrounded tale while keeping the pasta economic – chilling in it’s lack of confirmed detail.

    The plot parallels the style: a series of dawning realizations are set up, snaring the reader with several twists by way of dialogue as the picture is gradually made clear.

    That said, I thought the revelation in the middle was too abrupt; it felt like the ghosts simply gave up their game for little in-story reason. As a result, the subsequent dialogue had an exposition-y tang and as the plot went on, the ghosts gradually came to resemble plot devices.

    Overall, a good twistpasta that was marred slightly by an abrupt swerve. 7.7/10

  16. This pasta had a lot of potential to be a great read. If there was more background and a clearer concept of the plot, the overall story would be improved greatly. This was a fun “glimpse” but I feel that there is a much better story here. Keep writing and good luck!

  17. WhisperedLightning

    I’m sorry but I have no idea what this was about, I was lost after the first few lines. Seems like a random jumble to me. :/

    1. this pasta was about a man who thought he was talking to his dead wife from beyond the grave. as you read farther, he find out that it isn’t his wife, but an evil spirit that watches him at night and uses him to kill people.

  18. Too short, although a great premise, I could tell where it was 1/4 of the way through. It should be longer to explain the shadow person more. The ending was weak. It would’ve been better if Shadow just didn’t answer. 7/10 for effort though, and your use of vocabulary.

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