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We Found Heaven, and It Was Empty

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Nearly three decades ago, work had begun on a machine that could punch a hole through the fabric of reality. A hole straight through to another reality and beyond.

The idea was that, with the right circumstances, we could find a universe with limitless energy. This would make up for the unimaginable amounts of power that the machine took up, and the irreparable damage it would likely do to Earth and the surrounding solar system. But if we found a universe at the very beginning of it’s creation, we’d have unfathomable amounts of raw undefined energy that’d last for a couple billion years. And at the same time, scientists would be able to study universes that followed entirely different laws of physics from our own.

A few years before I was born, this was accomplished. With this limitless energy expanding technology beyond anything possible before it and solving most of the world’s problems… War and struggle had been at an all time low.


Until a group of religious extremists tried to use the machine, to prove the existence of god.

This started a war, one of the largest uproars in history. Nearly every single religion turned on this small group of 30 people, protected by the United States government.

Some were scared that their god would be proven false, and some thought it wrong to try and prove their god real rather than simply having faith.

But in the end, there was no war. World leaders would not attack the U.S., which supplied their power. And the countries who did were often far too small to do any major damage.

The machine was set to search for a universe with the coordinates of various holy numbers from the christian bible. For weeks it searched, finding nothing. Different combinations inputted every time a search failed.


Until a little over four months ago, January 19th, 2234.


We found heaven. There was nothing else it could be. It was a reality of endless sky. Nothing but clouds and blue as far as the eye could see. As far any creature, machine, or natural entity, could go. The air was breathable, fresh and sweet even. And the light was dim, but not too dark to see.

And it was entirely empty. The only thing of note were red lakes.


Every cloud had them, and they were incredibly fresh. They were still rippling, upon entering the universe. Some, in fact, hadn’t even fallen to the ground yet. The first three in even claimed they looked humanoid for a second.

The damage to our world upon opening a portal is irreparable and devastating. But we now know the damage to the other world is a thousand times worse.

Credit: dogman_35

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21 thoughts on “We Found Heaven, and It Was Empty”

  1. Very interesting. Could use more elaboration, and definitely better writing.
    Banking on the hope of finding a universe with limitless energy out of literally infinite possibilities is very unscientific and didn’t make sense to me.
    Also, “This started a war, one of the largest uproars in history… But in the end, there was no war.” What?
    It was a great idea, it just needs a lot of cleaning up.

    1. Thanks. From the sounds of it, based on the comments, this was a pretty good attempt for not only being my first real story ever but also being written at six in the morning while I was incredibly sleep deprived.

  2. Blake L. Patrick

    This was a pretty decent concept! but was executed kind of poorly. It felt kind of rushed and had quite a few errors that could have been caught if it was edited properly. There were a few statements that contradicted themselves as well.(EX. “This started a war” and “In the end there was no war”). A little research into Christianity and reading about the bibles depiction of heaven could have helped out quite a bit as well with imagery and such. Again, love the concept and the effort. 7/10 from me! Lastly, don’t be afraid to use the beta reader page if you need help looking for someone to do a quick edit.

    1. There was obviously a big sign that says “Welcome to Heaven”. lol just kidding. but yeah like how do they know it’s heaven. having experience with the religious, i’d say they’d more likely dismiss this as heaven and continue to find it.

      But then again maybe in that universe there is a gate that is pearly and streets that are paved in gold?

      Here’s something else to think about: if one day we met a powerful, but not omnipotent being, do we not call him god, or do we change the definition of “god”?

  3. Lee Armstrong got the right idea.
    This is a nice story with a unique theme. I enjoyed it, but the “red lake” thing was indeed a little weird.

  4. The idea is that they just learned that, when they make their portal to another reality, it apparently kills and nearly liquefies any “living” creature there.

    Carried through, we are led to believe that we punched a hole into a reality that matches up with a certain concept of “Heaven”, and in the process killed everything that lived there.

    If one accepts that this other reality is indeed Heaven, then they have effectively obliterated every faithful deceased love one anyone has ever had from the place of their eternal reward. And maybe God and the Angels as well.

    1. They found “heaven” but killed everything in it by getting there. The machine damaged the users world but killed everything in the found world. The red lakes were basically what was left of the people in “heaven.”

      1. Aakash Rudra Sheikh Khoundkar

        Yah, the red lakes are pools of blood or whatever the people of that universe bleed out when injured. The clouds are the brutally disfigured remnants of the bodies of the inhabitants that were supposedly humanoid (as mentioned ) right before the machine caused an absolute apocalypse to that other world. Scary part is some intelligent being from a different reality could be doing that exact thing to us, right now!

    2. I was really tired when I wrote this. The basic idea is that the machine killed everyone in the other universe, but I forgot that people in heaven would most likely be ghosts or something.

      1. Humm, you could also have written an alternate ending in which the emptiness of heaven was due to the world not having ended yet. Since it is believed that it’s on Judgment day that the souls will be assigned to either Hell or Heaven. You could also have pointed out that they found that Heaven was almost ready to welcome life in it, meaning the end of world is near. I’m just writing down my ideas, this story has a lot of potential endings. Another idea is that, by finding Heaven, they could also find Hell, and by being the curious creatures that we are, they will, by opening that portal, let demonic creatures enter our world, causing chaos and destruction, resulting in the extermination of life on Earth, or in other words, the end of the world, the Apocalypse. One last thing, they could also not find anything at all, which will result in the end of all religions, and people will finally start living their lives freely. Thank you for reading this, i hope someone will pick up one of these ideas and write the other endings.

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