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Watch Out For The… Wait, What?

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Driving home at night, you notice that all the lights in your house/apartment are on. As you park the car, they all turn off at the same time. The house is empty and the doors are locked from the inside.

You check your watch. The big hand is on the 4, the little hand is on the 1. You’ll be late for work.

At work, you find an email in your inbox. The sender is yourself. Puzzled, you open the e-mail you apparently sent to yourself. Inside is the message “the out for watch watch.”


You look at your watch. The little hand is on the 4, the big hand is on the 1. You look back at the screen. The fourth and first words have swapped places. “watch out for the watch.” You look at your watch again.


Your watch is digital.

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135 thoughts on “Watch Out For The… Wait, What?”

  1. The estimated reading time says 33 seconds but I’ve been reading this for about a year now and I still don’t know what’s going on.

  2. What o_O I understand the watch and e-mail’s changing, but… Why? This doesn’t seem like an average Creepypasta. Still pretty good though. 6/10.

  3. ….Watch? I mean, what?

    This was… confusing. So if it was digital, were you hallucinating? This is just… confusing.

    Like, seriously. It’s a good confusing, though, so I’m going with a 6/10.

  4. Arancaytar:
    I have a watch with a digital display as well as hands, so this wouldn’t work.

    But it sounds like a dream more than a scary story.

    (Also, inscribed on the watch were the words: “A watch from, your old friends in the Watch.” This is what is called a Pun or Play on Words.)

    or a Terry Pratchet joke…

  5. The Moose of Truth

    Look at your watch.
    Now look at your e-mail.
    Now back to your watch.
    Now back to your e-mail.
    Now back to your watch.
    Your watch is digital.

  6. not so crepy pasta n spegetios

    no no no you look at your watch and you dont have a watch and you look at cp again andtheres a trolface

  7. Look at your watch. Now look at mine, Now back to your watch. Now back to mine. Sadly, your watch isn’t like mine, but if your watch wasn’t analog it could be like mine. Look down. Now look back up. Where are you? You’re at work, with the watch your watch could be like. What’s in your hand? Now back to me. I have it. Its the email you sent to yourself, but it makes no sense. Look again. The email is now readable! Anything can happen when your watch isn’t an analog watch. Your watch is now digital.

  8. I’m getting a real time travel feel here the numbers switched maybe he sent himself an email a little from the past or something just to rationalize.

  9. Look at me. Now look at your watch. Now back at me. Then back at your watch.

    Your watch is now diamonds!

  10. Yeah…not so creepy to me. So,the watch was digital all along,so it\\\’s not supposed to have hands–easy to understand. What\\\’s so creepy abuot it,though? \\&quot;OH NO! IT\\\’S NOT A ROLEX!\\&quot; *screams*

  11. Look at your watch, now read your email, now back at your watch, you’ll find that the little hand is on the 1, now look back up, now look down at your watch again, Your watch is now digital.

  12. OH SHI- the lights all went out for no reason and OH GOD my watch is DIGITAL!! MY WORLD IS FALLING APART!!

    Better take another hit crack and hope for the best…

  13. Wow. Learn to Analog clock…BIG HAND is hour LITTLE HAND is minutes. 4:05. That’s when he’d be late…the second time the watch is just messed up.

  14. I have a watch with a digital display as well as hands, so this wouldn’t work.

    But it sounds like a dream more than a scary story.

    (Also, inscribed on the watch were the words: “A watch from, your old friends in the Watch.” This is what is called a Pun or Play on Words.)

  15. Talk about insanity. You think you’re gonna be late for work at 1.20am, just after you presumably got home from work. You read your e-mail, and suddenly it’s 4.05am, almost 3 hours later (blackout or what?), then the e-mail somehow rearranges itself, then you think ‘duh, I have a digital watch’.
    Bet ya wish you’d stayed off the dope, huh.
    On a more serious note, how is this creepy?

  16. It turns out your wearing 2 watches. lol this story made me laugh and the comments made me laugh harder. You were in your house last night you saw you out the window so you turned off your lights so you got distracted so you could jump out the window before you saw you. make sense?

  17. sNaZzY cHeEsE actually has a couple good points (despite me barely being able to read that)
    But I do think this is more of a parody than a real creepypasta. I mean, read the title.

  18. Kira Jesus Yamato

    Well, it’s possible that the lights are on a timer or something, which would explain how they all turned off at the same time…

  19. I don’t get it either.
    You’re driving home, okay.
    Thean that scary light thing happens and whoops you have to go to work again.

    Also, next time you look at that watch, it will have turned into a GRANDFATHER CLOCK *dun dun duuuun*

  20. i dnt get it!!!!!
    i mean wt is spooky about it
    hu sent the email
    y did lites go off
    y did guy go 2 work at 1-20?????
    y did guy go on email during work???

    he shud b fired.




    1. Dùuu̴u͝dè, y̷oư ma̕d̷e̕ ̨me l͜ol͞ har͡d a̧t ̀m̕idni͡g̷h́t,̡ ͜ḿy̡ ̵famil͞y ̵àr҉ȩ g̸oin̴g͏ ҉t͟o b̨e ͝an̢no̵y͟ed̕.̡.̛.̕

  22. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    This one always gives me the creeps.

    Its one out of a sort of mini series of ‘You do this, and you notice that weird thing over there’ series. I have no idea how many there are though.

  23. Thats what I do. I be all digital all up in yo face. Its how I do. You best watch out or I might be gettin all digital up in YO FACE.

  24. The comment posted by Bob made me think of tiny skeletal watch hands punching you in the face a la “Army of Darkness.”

  25. This is less of a “OMG! My watch is out to get me!” situation, and more of a “WTF!? Am I high!?” situation.

  26. your watch is digital…
    it doesnt HAVE hands.

    when the little hand and the big hand move from 1 to 4 and 4 to 1
    the emails words switch too.

    Sure its really weird but uh
    still very interesting.

  27. so your watch makes you not know what time it is, or what the fuck? why do all your lights go out? what is going on

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