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Wait Up For Me, Won’t You?

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Suddenly, you hear the front door creak open. Phew – you can finally get some sleep! You call out to your mom, hoping she’d locked the door so you don’t have to go downstairs. She doesn’t respond, but it’s nothing too unusual; her hearing been a bit dodgy recently, probably due to her new bitch of a boss. She shuffles into the kitchen and you return your gaze back to the screen of your laptop. True, you need to sleep as soon as possible, but there were a few things to do first….

As you refresh your news feed for the tenth time, you spot something on the screen. No, not on the screen; reflected onto it. Something in the window behind you. You whip round, but there isn’t anything out there in the darkness. Hmm. It’s probably nothing, just a bug or whatever. You turn back to Facebook and pick up the latest on some giant argument between some popular kids.

You refresh to keep up with the stream of new comments (everyone’s always up until like three in the holidays), when all of a sudden, you lose connection. Dumb fucking router. It always cuts you off at random moments – you make a mental note to remind your mum, who’s fiddling around in the kitchen, to buy a new one. You get up, walk out your room and thump down the stairs, disgruntled. You walk into the living room and crouch down next to the main computer to restart the router. Strange, the lights on it are all off, as if it’s been unplugged. Whatever. As you go to turn it on, the phone on the desk begins to ring. You stand up, narrowly missing the edge of the table and pick it up.

“Hey sweetie! I’m so so so so sorry, the train’s been late again, ugh. I’ll be home in a bit, I’m sorry I’m making you wait up for me, it’s just that-”


The line goes dead.


Credit To: Jade S.

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26 thoughts on “Wait Up For Me, Won’t You?”

  1. A bit disappointing if I should be honest. It’s a good and short pasta, but the ending could’ve been less predictable.

  2. Slightly creepy, could have done with a little more buildup and definitely more atmosphere, this is just my opinion. Maybe add in that he saw a knife missing in the kitchen

  3. I gave it a four. And that was being generous. I really feel like it had potential, and then you were just like “fuck it”.

  4. Endoplasmic Reticulum

    ^ I hate it when people say something like "I don’t care what all of you think because I think…" The fact is, this pasta is predictable and cliche. I have seen many like this. Using that phrase in a sentence is the perfect example of ignorance.

  5. I dont care the s**t what you others think. This Pasta was YummY! I love short stories like this one. It may have ben predictable but still a beautiful jewel!

  6. If the thing was inside the house, why would it be in the window, outside the house? Actually, seeing a reflected figure is wayyyyyyy too exact of a thing to just dismiss it lol, I would not be able to shrug off something I can pinpoint the location of. For maximum creepiness, I would either take this paragraph out or make it more vague. Just my two cents:)

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