Top 10 Scariest Things Caught on Camera

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The Top 10 scariest things ever caught on camera. The list is comprised of many eerie and scary instances of people seeing and finding things that they just were not expecting.


In the video, it covers everything from a girl stabbing herself on a road, a weird creature in a bar, in an attic, and even something lurking under a set of train tracks.

After making this video it will definitely be harder to go to places alone. Creepy places already like the woods and others are made even scarier after watching and making this video.

What is the scariest thing you have ever encountered?

Produced by: Unbelievable Clips


we all know scary movies are fake but
what happens if these movies become a
reality today on unbelievable clips we
are taking a look at the top 10 scariest
things ever caught on camera
number 10 the hotel it was just another
typical night at the hotel complex
however December 8th 2013 was a bit
different the security camera that was
set up in front of the door was rolling
however nobody expected what it was
about to catch around 1:30 in the
morning it appears like a small creature
appears to be walking slowly towards the
camera but then suddenly
it disappears if we take another look
creature is shaped like a human in some
ways but a human would be much larger
unless a toddler was venturing out at
1:30 in the morning however as the
ghost-like object walks closer to the
camera it suddenly disappears where did
it go
did it go into the window or somewhere
else let us know in the comments where
you think the creature went number 9
spaceman Blake Smith said that he had
heard weird noises and screams coming
from his basement
sometimes even the door rattle a bit one
day however he finally decided to take a
looks like there’s someone there but
they were doing to go down so here I go
at his home
which is
all right hello
I don’t like this I don’t like this at
does anyone here
Thunder door
that’s too much for me too much for me
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus after his
first encounter things began to get even
weirder however screams became more and
more regular and once again he goes down
to take a second look
all right um I live alone again and I
hear what it sounds like crying coming
from the basement I even called the
police they found wet footprints down
there when I let him down there so I I
don’t know what the let’s just you stay
over here
hello ugly enough Blake’s and counters
must have stopped as quickly as they
started because he is not posted to his
YouTube channel for over a year what do
you think was in his basement was it
haunted number II the road nobody likes
driving down a dark road at night
especially if it’s by yourself
unfortunately for this man he had no
choice and probably wished he didn’t go
out that night on August 8th 2017 the
man was driving on a back road by
himself around 11:15 p.m. while driving
begins to come around the corner when
all of the sudden
a woman who demon appears in a white
shirt who looks to be possessed in some
way the woman then turns around and
begins stabbing herself with a knife
what do you think is this staged and
possibly not real at all would you help
her or get out of the way number seven
are a nightclub in Singapore films just
another typical night at the bar people
seem to be drinking and having a great
time but what they don’t know is there
something else among them later in the
evening the camera catches something
very interesting
obviously a barstool falling is creepy
and weird enough nobody was touching the
stool and it seems to just moved and
knocked over by itself but this wasn’t
the craziest thing that happened that
behind them as they look at the stool a
small creature Sprint’s away from the
scene now I know what most of you are
thinking probably just a small child
right well if we take a look at how the
creature was moving it’s running much
faster than a child would and the fact
that the bar wouldn’t allow a small
toddler to run around at 3 o’clock in
the morning it’s just another indication
is probably not human what is this
creature is it a human is it CGI’d or is
it something that nobody’s seen before
number six the addict a couple in
Portugal was hearing very odd and weird
noises coming from their attic so they
grab the camera and go to see what it is
however the woman continuously tells the
man to be safe terrified about what’s up
there and for good reason
the creature doesn’t seem to appear
until the man gets down out of the
addict the ghost and terrifying creature
seems that they don’t really want any
visitors number five house team M
Olejnik off is a Russian coast hunter
and youtuber frequently goes into
abandoned buildings homes and more to
check out what there is however a woman
told him about her house being haunted
so he went in to investigate further
when Dima went to go check out the house
it was mostly just strange noises and
sounds he then uploaded it to YouTube
and a few weeks later he had a flood of
responses all of his regular viewers
noticed something that Dima himself had
no idea about
as he was walking down one of the
stairways the camera catches something
or someone looking at him it appears to
be something that is dressed up in some
type of uniform as just watching him as
he travels down the staircase
like we said Dima himself didn’t notice
this until his viewers who were quite
freaked out noticed it for him
number four the woods a farmer in India
went out late at night to find some
missing sheep he ventures into the woods
to see if he can find them definitely
find something just not the sheep
the video shows what appears to be an
angry creature who was ready to pounce
at any moment the farmers reaction seems
legitimate and if it is my assumption
would be and he never found those sheep
number three fart a man notices some
screeching and scratching noises that
are coming from the barn house that his
grandfather had elected
nobody was home with him over the
weekend so he decided to investigate
further he noticed that all of the
equipment had been thrown around the
room and begins to go further and
further through the bar
the man then gets to a room and decides
to pan the camera upwards and captures
what appears to be a ghostly figure is
staring directly at him and watching
everything he’s doing what do you think
it is could it be something never seen
number two the prison in a very small
town called seat aasif Essex UK there is
an abandoned jail known only as the cage
what makes his prison haunted is that
for 400 years have served as a prison to
restrain and execute women convicted of
witchcraft a paranormal research crew
with brian mack and others went in to
investigate what was claimed to be
paranormal activity around the prison
during the investigation the crew
noticed a few things the lights turned
on and off trains voices were heard
whispering around the prison when the
lights were off some of the crew were
bitten by something they couldn’t see
many of the crew decided that this was
too much for them and decided to stop
their investigation right there but for
those who decided to continue the
eeriness was just beginning
physics completely change doesn’t look
like a person right there you need to
come down here for a minute place
Brian and his crew decided to perform a
ritual as they watched in another room
the woman’s face completely changes her
nose gets longer and she begins to
twitch in a very odd and peculiar way
fish’s completely change doesn’t look
like a person right Debbie you need to
come down here for a minute place
although the woman had many layers of
clothes on she had a very weird burn
mark on her back after the occurrence
she then told her team after they had
left that she continued to have weird
and scary nightmares for months and
months later was this woman overtaken by
a witch or was it just another team
messing with a camera angle tell me your
thoughts in the comments below
number one the tracks a man decided to
investigate a tunnel that was found on a
train tracks located near his house when
the man arrived he shot just how large
this tunnel really was there were
different hallways rooms hidden beneath
the tracks it looked like they had never
been discovered it is not long before
the men begin to hear weird noises
coming from the distance so they decided
to go further and further into the
as it began to get deeper and deeper
into the tunnel to begin to think
whether or not this was a good idea
considering they have no idea what
awaits them but in the end they decided
to continue onto their journey
as they enter the final room begin to
pan the room with their flashlights and
find strange creature appears in the
doorway and is moving in a very odd way
the men are immediately frightened and
groan away I’m sure they never ventured
back into that tunnel ever again what do
you think it was was it a human body it
was something else living under the
thank you all so much for tuning in
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