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10 ScThings Hidden In Pictures

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Top 10 SCARY Things Hidden In Pictures

Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 SCARY Things Hidden In Pictures! Here are the most creepy images in the world! Most photos are interesting or beautiful but these are the scariest images of all time ever that went viral! The backstories to these creepy photos will leave you with chills going down your spine!

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hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to looking at ten
scary things hidden in pictures some
photos look innocent but if you have a
sharp eye sometimes creepy things can be
found hidden in pictures so turn off the
lights get comfortable and make sure to
check under your bed
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waiting for coming in at number 10 we
have cult wedding one of the places
where many photos are taken is at
weddings you’re probably used to seeing
one of those perfectly lit photos of
smiling brides and grooms but this one
is a little different one wedding
photographer decided to take an aerial
shot of a wedding in Italy however he
caught something else in that shot in
the courtyard behind the one the wedding
is being held and you can clearly see
some odd shapes in the balcony well if
you zoom in and brighten the image you
can see there’s actually a cult meeting
taking place they all appear to be
looking down as what’s happening in
their courtyard I don’t know what it is
but I don’t want to know the people are
all dressed very scary in the wedding
attendees have no idea that something
creepy is happening right in front of
them next up is free ride now this one
really is terrifying one girl was making
her way home in a taxi off for a night
out from town with her friends she
decided to take a quick selfie for
Instagram in the cab and posted it right
away however when she got home all of
her friends had commented the same thing
on her selfie that was who is that in
the back the girl then took a second
look at her photo and saw a creepy man
on back window of her taxi the guy looks
very pale in sinister and the girl had
no idea who he was as she’d never
noticed him in the photo or in real life
is this simply a guy pulling a prank or
is it some kind of scary demon creature
next up is babyface
who doesn’t love baby pictures babies
are usually cute but if you’ve ever seen
any horror movie ever then you know they
can also be creepy one mom in the 1990s
captured her son and daughter playing
ball in front of the TV the TV was
switched off the time however when the
mom got her photos developed the face of
her baby boy could be seen in the TV
some say this is simply a reflection but
the boys facing sideways in the photo
but straight on on the TV so that’s
others say it could be the ghost of a
different baby boy who lived there
before this family what do you think the
explanation for this baby face on the TV
next up is the real Slenderman we all
know the Slenderman creepypasta it’s
about a tall thin mountain with no face
who hides out in the woods to prey on
children now that’s a myth but did a mom
in the 1960s capture the real Slenderman
on camera by accident in 1964 a mom took
her two sons to the park to play she
decided to take a quick photo with him
playing on the climbing frame and a
however in the background of the photo
is a group of trees that leads into a
forest and by those trees is something
that looks a lot like the Slenderman
watching her kids some say this is
simply a camera glitch or a tree which
just looks like Slenderman do you think
this is the real-life Slenderman or is
there a much less paranormal explanation
here next up is a selfie reflection
selfies are pretty simple photos that
everyone takes now and there but this
image proves that even the simplest of
selfies can be creepy in 2014 one man in
Malaysia had just got a new iPhone 4 he
wanted to test out its camera so he took
this selfie of him and his wife it looks
normal at first but when he took a
second glance of the photo he never
looked at his wife the same way again as
you can see in the selfie his wife is
facing to the camera and away from the
window however if you look at the window
somehow the wife is facing it it’s this
woman a vampire or something if she
seems different to everyone else in
photos theage is unexplained which makes
it all the more creepy what on earth do
you think’s going on here next up is
tree monster now this is an old photo
which makes it all the more scary it was
taken in Canada in a forest and shows a
group of log cutters their dog and their
it all looks normal or the first glance
but you have to look right in the
background if you do you’ll see what
looks to be some kind of tree monster
the image was found in the photo archive
and has no date or explanation of what’s
going on in the background some say it’s
some kind of forest monster others have
reasoned it could be an odd tree but
I’ve never seen tree branches like that
it’s this photo a the monster from
stranger things in real life those kids
short under Cappy but that’s probably
because they have to spend their
weekends cutting down trees and not
because of a monster in the background
which I’m guessing they didn’t notice
next up is extra family member nobody
likes family photos sure the end product
is good but it’s usually a big hassle to
get everyone in the shot well these guys
got their entire family in the shot plus
more you see in 2009 this American
family wanted something for their
Christmas card so they snapped this
photo they printed it on all their cards
and sent it to
their friends and relatives however when
they got the replies back there was an
odd pattern all everyone seemed to talk
about was the man the mom was sitting on
top of the husband who set the camera up
took a look at the image and lo and
behold the man did appear to be squashed
underneath this family the image remains
unexplained and though there wasn’t a
guy living in their couch so what do you
think happened here next up is girl in
the mirror this is another old-timey
photo which will scare you more than any
modern-day Hollywood special-effects
ever could one day decades ago a mother
took a photo of her daughter next to a
mirror it all seemed normal when it went
down but pay attention to the girls
reflection in the mirror and you’ll see
this isn’t the case the girl has a
straight face in real life however in
the reflection of the mirror she appears
to be making a sinister evil laughing
face not much is known about this
mysterious image and it’s largely
unexplained some say the little girl in
this image is possessed however others
say it could be a camera malfunction as
it was a long time ago one thing’s for
sure something’s not right here next up
is dance demon this one is a screenshot
from a video but it’s so creepy I had to
include it on this list after school one
afternoon two Japanese girls are getting
ready to record a video of them dancing
dance videos are very popular in Japan
and other countries and it’s simply
where people dance to a song and posted
online it was all normal while these two
girls for making their video and they
perform their dance as normal however
after they uploaded it it went viral
thanks to one second of it they’re
dancing didn’t make it go viral but what
if there’s a mysterious dark figure that
walked past them as they were getting
some say it’s a demon that appeared in
their video others say it’s a URI which
is an evil Japanese spirits whatever it
is it sure doesn’t look friendly next up
is window marks this one is truly
terrifying for a number of reasons one
night a woman was watching TV alone and
went into a different room for a moment
when she returned she saw a creepy hand
marks on her window now that would be
scary enough as it would appear someone
or something is watching her through the
window but what’s even more terrifying
and confusing is she lives on the third
floor of this building the image went
viral and people tried to work out how
this happened but nobody could get to
the bottom of it who or what do you
think made these marks
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