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πŸ“… Published on July 1, 2012


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I am the shadows you see at night; the objects in your sleeping room that you see as monsters, unfamiliar faces, or hands reaching out to grab you.

I see you as you try to fix your vision, as you try to perceive me as what you think I am. A toy or a pile of clothes, an object of yours. You do not own me. You think you do, but I am not what you want me to be.

I am not what you see before the lights go out.

You squint or rub your eyes, and focus, or you turn away. I know why you turn away. I know why you try to understand me. This is because I understand you. I know all your secrets, and I am all your fears. And I can become what you fear the most. I am your fear.

I am the unidentified figures you see in the corner of your eye. I am the one flash of skin you see hurrying through a crowd. I stand out, and that is why you notice me. But you are too scared to encourage my existance or see me as I am. You fixate on me every time. You can’t help but focus on me with your mind or with your eyes, your ears. You think I am what you saw me to be. I am everything. I am everywhere, once the lights go out, and you cannot escape me. Now that you know of me I will kill you.

But there are ways to avoid me, keep in mind.

Do not fixate on me. Once you notice me, forget me. But do not think I am what I was before the lights came off, or before your eyes faced my way. Forget my existence as who or what you saw me as. Forget me as who or what you see now or what you’ve seen.

Do not give me the enjoyment of taunting you, now that you know of me.

Block me out. Forget me.
But do not forget that I know of you.
Do not remember that I will kill you if you do. Do not be scared.
Do not feel fear.
Discard it or I will know, and I will kill.
I will know. No matter what you do, I will always know. I’m always there, only in your sights in the dark.
And I will kill you as you see me. I will kill you and I will seem to you as what you saw.
A hand reaching out to grab you.
An unfamiliar face.
A monster.
But believe my existence when I am out of sight.
Remember me and believe that I am real when you cannot see me.
Or I will find you when you do.
You will see me as a monster who once was something else in the light. You will remember my abilities.
Part of you will doubt me, but still, you are scared. Go on as if I am not.
When you see something in the corner of your eye, do not turn. When you hear a strange noise that makes your heart race, do not investigate.
But remember me when you cannot see me.
Remember me when the lights are on,
But forget me when you see me.
Or surely the next time you turn away,
I will kill you.
I am near you. I am always near you.
Only inches away from you.
I can hear you breathe.
I am breathing in your ear, but somehow now, you’ll have to forget me.
Forget or I will kill you as I have many others. I’ve been in front of you the entire time.

Credit To: Mrs. Fappings

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