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Tug Tug Tug

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You could kick yourself. Its the middle of the night–or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it–and freezing cold because you, like an idiot, kicked off your blanket in the night. Nearly entirely off the bed, in fact, with only one lonely corner clinging to the edge of the bed.

Sitting up you take it in your hands, feeling that familiar fear from your childhood: that if you don’t find something to cover yourself up, you are leaving yourself open to all sorts of supernatural horrors. You shrug it off with a chuckle and give the blanket a good hard tug, trying to pull it all up with one go.

No luck. It seems to be stuck.


Another sharp pull seems to free it a bit, and you work, tugging it back up and trying to ignore that silly feeling of growing dread. Tug. Tug tug tug…. There! Finally! The blanket is mostly back up on the bed and you are safely beneath it once more, teasing yourself mentally for getting all worked up over nothing. Until, just before you drift back asleep, you feel a tug from that one side still dangling down from where it had fallen before.


Tug tug tug.


Credited to Flea.

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146 thoughts on “Tug Tug Tug”

  1. The one who shall never be named

    Oh god I wud hav shat ma pants !!
    Oh lol @JB_finesse ! WTF O.o creepy pasta alright

  2. The Man To Save All


  3. Oh my gosh, I loved this one! For some reason I imagined a cute little monster at the foot of the bed who’s just there to fuck with people. Loved it!

  4. I threw one of my blankets down last night… we’re having an Indian Summer here, which means really warm weather after the first snow, before winter really sets in… the heat was on AND the window was closed… so I was like AAH TAKE IT TAKE IT!!

    Monster was probably like ‘… well THIS is awkward…. how’m’i supposed to scare you if you just GIVE me this…?’

  5. never gonna happen..I turn into a human spring roll with my a pillow fort around me :T don’t judge.

  6. Heh, I’ll tell you something I tug every night if I happen to wake up.
    Great story though, kind of scary since I’ve had to pull my blanket up really hard before.

  7. Right. well i think it might have scared me if i hadnt kept misreading it as “having a tug”. dam my adolescent mind

  8. I sleep under a quilt and a blanket, even during the summer. If the monster is cold, he can have the quilt, but he better leave me with the blanket or else I will fuck his shit up

  9. I can’t imagine if you’re on the top of the bunk bed, no one’s below you, and this happens. You would probably be like, give me back the quilt please FALLING OH SHI-

  10. omigod! i just got the shit scared out of me by my my little brother! he tuged on my blanket after I told him about this storie…I hate him…

  11. Hello.

    These ever growing influx of impostors we have is astounding.

    Although fresh naive souls have always given me an erection. I have not the time to dabble with these souls.

    But there are more interesting and relative matters that call to my attention. Cocks to suckon. As of now, my otherworldly ears listen for my humble love spouse whom calls to me. His glistening wet anus beckons me.

    Years of darkness hath left mine unholy dipstick unusable for sexual fulfillment. My five inch demon breeder was left shriveled when I became me. And yet he understands. I will answer his call. But, imposters, if you continue your mockery of my likeness I will take you from your home.

    And when that happens.

    Heh. Heh.

    I will have such sites to show you.

    Mostly gay sites.


  12. holyfuhshizzle! now it’s under your bed, dam those bed monsters. I don’t want to play tug of war when Im sleeping!

  13. I get that *all the time*.

    When my blanket drops off the bed, I have to switch on the light, get out of the bed, and shake out the blanket to make sure it is free of monsters or insects. I can’t pull it back up in the dark, because I “don’t know where it’s been”.

  14. *sleepy* mhmm? if you want a blanket Mr.Monster I’ll go get you one *walks off to get blanket* Here you go monster dude all snuggley and warm :D

  15. That would piss me off sooooo bad until I woke up fully and realized what just happened. Then, I would panic, scream and shit bricks.

  16. @basically every comment on this page: lmao.

    I heard something rattling around under the bed as well. ..Oh god, it sounds like my pots and pans. O_O

  17. Oh… WOW. This crept me out especially because when I was a kid, I remember feeling like there was something that could get me if I went outside the bounds of my bed. I had to be completely in the bed, no finger or toe or elbow or anything peeking over the side, and since I was always covered by my blanket… the blanket couldn’t be hanging over the side either. Not because I thought it would pull at the blanket or pull be out of bed or anything, but because I thought whatever it was could climb or SEEP past the invisible bundaries of safety the edges of my bed offered me.

    Seriously, 10/10 for this one, even with no real ending. I think I’m going to get back into the habit of making sure my blanet doens’t hang off of the bed for a little while.

  18. I read this a few days ago and thought: “Laaaaaame.”

    But when the night came and I lay in my bed, SOMEHOW I couldn’t quite sleep without tucking the blanket undeneath me.

  19. hahaha i always have to sleep under a blanket or else i don’t feel safe. It’s like the monster is gonna grab my feet or something xD haha good story though

  20. I had a silly childhood fear that when I woke up and saw the other side of my bed someone was looking directly at me, smiling. Maybe I should give it a blanket

  21. i figured there was someone sleeping on the underside of the bed, also freaked out at why the covers are being ripped away

  22. …Predictable.

    only…i sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed… OH SHI-

    also…people that post using other people’s names and type stupid things like ‘i sux cox’ in bad english are just pathetic and need to go back to pre-k. -_-

  23. [i]Stop imitating Mr.Welldone you effing bastards.[/i]

    Seriously, I’ve seen enough of his posts to know whether it’s him or not. (Especially when I look at the ones that are blatantly not him, such as the ones that say he sucks cocks or something else along those lines.) 17 is most definitely the real him.

    Why do you not like him, anyway? He’s cool. D:

    If the italics don’t work, disregard this comment.

  24. Well, it’s a little chilly on the floor. You’ve got like, three blankets up there, because you’re trying to “save the earth” and not use your heat too much. The least you could do is share.

  25. A nice idea but annoyingly my first thought was ‘playful pet’ and then ‘cold monster.’

    Looks like a lot of other people thought the same thing, but when you look at it from a creepy angle it works very well.

    I think maybe you need to set up that creepy element before hand, so the reader knows that something is not right in the first place.

    Perhaps imply that the covers being off the bed is not something that normally happens – I for one don’t kick my covers off in the night unless it’s baking hot so that first paragraph also broke it for me. If the cover coming off, especially on a cold night, is not normal then it already implants this seed of ‘somethings up’ in the readers head.

    Also, maybe make it from a first person view? Like I said, it broke itself in the first paragraph when I was told I kicked the covers off on a cold night. Neeeeever gonna happen :D

    A good idea though :)

    1. maybe mention that you first thought it was the dog, then realized that your door was shut?

      or that you forgot your sibling, who would prank you, moved out to college?

  26. Anonymousity x 2

    rofl. I have 2 giant pillows though.

    To Monster Under Bed:
    Maybe we can have a pillow fight! But, sorry, you will lose to me , cos I’m the king of pillow fighting.

    Don’t gain any underhand advantage and smother me with one of my seven blankets.

  27. Let me give you the easy version…

    Blankets fall off bed you pull them back on. Then Someone or Something tugs the blanket…


  28. I have a queen bed, and its against the wall. I end up curling myself into a ball with my blankets. SORRY MONSTERS. Scary none the less though.

  29. i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

  30. “It’s just your dog, geez. Maybe if you walked him more he wouldn’t have all that pent-up energy in the middle of the night.”


  31. It’s just your dog, geez. Maybe if you walked him more he wouldn’t have all that pent-up energy in the middle of the night.

  32. Great, now a previous childhood terror of mine has come back. Good thing I have been wrapping myself in my sheets for the last 10 years or so. Course, I guess that would make me more of a midnight burrito snack for whatever is under the bed….

  33. i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

  34. Oh, sure, so now some poor under the bed monster is scared and traumatized because the monster on top of the bed stole its blankie. :(

  35. Ehhh… didn’t scare me as much as the others but still it makes you think
    what could be hiding under your bed trying to get the cover from you.

  36. This one is nice, Sometimes I think about something pulling back when I pull my blankets up from the floor.

    Then nothing happens when I do. XD

  37. Anonymousity x 2

    @ Nathara

    It’s about a monster/demon/ blah supernatural creature that’s trying to get rid of your blanky and EAT YOU ALIVE. (maybe not)

    So, blankets really do repel supernatural creatures. The new urban legend of the day xD

  38. I have never been so glad that I sleep on a mattress on the floor.

    Nothing could possibly be under there to hold onto my blankets!

  39. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    Well obviously the Monster Under The Bed would like to have some blanket too.

    It really WAS cold.

  40. You’re pretty sexy too Mr. Welldone.


    From the title I thought this pasta was about…something else. Thank god I was wrong.

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