15 True Scary Ex Stories Compilation

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πŸ“… Published on June 10, 2019

"15 True Scary Ex Stories Compilation"

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All music/video footage used is LICENCED footage and/or used with permission.
These videos and readings are for educational purposes and are used to educate people about the horrors of the world they could face and how realistic they are. Stay safe out there and be careful.
Narration by: Night Stalker

growing up my parents were incredibly
strict and overprotective no sleepovers
no boys no going anywhere without their
explosive approval after taking down who
I was with and their phone numbers their
parents their parents phone numbers and
exactly what time I was expected to be
back indefinitely no dates I rarely even
went out with friends going to see a
movie on Saturday was a special occasion
the only place I can get around my
parents rigid rules was online where
because they didn’t know how to use the
they never monitored me that’s why in
high school I rebelled the only way I
knew how I started a blog yep I was 17
and ran an erotic blog no not porn more
like photos of myself wearing very
little clothing in dead everything just
so covered for the purpose of anonymity
none of the photos showed my entire face
just my mouth or my jaw line
the arch of my neck never my eyes though
interpret with photos where the blogs
entries the life of my normally Blessed
alter-ego Clare Clare was completely
fictional and therefore she was a lot of
things I wasn’t primarily social and
sexually active I would fabricate
stories of dates affairs sexual
experimentation just dumb romance novel
type stuff living through this confident
beautiful made-up girl I fancied myself
an alright writer back then but looking
back it’s pretty funny now because it’s
probably mostly just drivel but I
enjoyed running it and my readers seemed
to like it a lot too you’d think it
would have been dirty old men but I had
quite a few women readers too who told
me how I was helping them become more
confident as well there was something so
exhilarating about having people be
drawn to you online when you’re so
lonely and cloistered in life
anyway fast forward three years by now I
was halfway across the country in
college out from under my parents a rule
I had a few good friends and I was doing
pretty well I still had trouble being
very social because I was so unused to
it but at least I wasn’t so lonely
I had an update the blog in over two
years and honestly most people forgotten
all about it
I also had a boyfriend his name was
David and we met in history seminar fall
my sophomore year he was tall lovely and
kind stuck past our awkward first date
when I shy and still mostly petrified of
social interaction could barely string
together ten complete sentences with him
but he seemed to like that I was so shy
he was in contrast outgoing and forward
making friends wherever he went he would
constantly tell me it was cute that I
blushed when people talk to me or say
how I should be glad that he was with me
to faciliate conversation with other
people one time he told me I was lucky
he had stuck around because no other guy
would have bothered
I was so affection start that I was
convinced that he was right one day
about three months into our relationship
over Christmas break I got a call from
him at home when I picked up the first
thing he said was who’s Claire it took a
second but I realized he must have been
referring to my entire body went cold
how was this possible how could he have
found out well what I said my heart
pounded my mind raced and I had no idea
how he had found the blog could I
possibly deny it there was nothing on
that entire website that linked back to
my real name or email address
I had made sure of that none of the
photos that showed in my face but they
showed enough that if he knew me in real
life you could probably be able to tell
it was me feeling cornered I told him I
could talk to him later and hung up I
spent that whole day on the verge of a
panic attack finally I realized I had to
just admit it so I called him back told
him while I was crying all over the
about all the reasons I had written and
maintained to this blog and eventually
he said it’s okay I think I understand
at some point I asked him how he had
found out and he told me the next
girlfriend of his has seen posts on
Facebook of us together went on Google
to search for me and somehow turned up
this blog the link to which she has sent
David sorry he told me I don’t talk to
her anymore she just still bothers me
all the time
she’s kind of psycho I was a little
upset at that but I didn’t want to annoy
him any further so I didn’t press the
issue things went mostly back to normal
then the email started up again I woke
up to the first one about a week later
it had been sent at 3 a.m. it was from
some blatantly fake address or something
like that all it said was you’re
disgusting I realized it must have been
from David’s psycho ex I was a little
unnerved but I just deleted and ignored
it but the emails didn’t stop they kept
coming at least one sometimes two a
night always from a new fake email
always time-stamped exactly 3 or 4 a.m.
the contents of the emails begin to
increase in the same level of vitriol
first it was more of the same variations
of you are so gross or your bust up then
she would send me copies of the photos
from my blog with horrible things
written across them like fat slut or die
I showed David the emails and asked if
he could make her stop but he has
shrugged and said that was out of his
control he kept escalating he started
mentioning my friends names in the
emails things like I showed Rachel and
Alex you’re sick website you’re
disgusting or I told Evan and James they
act like they’re your friends
but behind your back they all think
you’re disgusting sometimes you Reaper
tend to be one of my friends and write
things like I said hi to you on campus
yesterday and you think I like hanging
out with you but I know what you really
are you’re just a whore once she copied
pasted an entire blog entry into the
body of an email it was non-stop night
after night I would wake up in the
morning terrified of seeing another
email from her in my inbox I stopped
opening them I was constantly stressed I
knew for sure was actually sent my
photos around to everyone I knew I lost
sleep lost awake I begged David to make
her stop but he kept saying there was
nothing that he could do
things with David were deteriorating as
well he was annoyed that I kept bringing
up the emails he began to make it sound
as though it were all my fault he said
it was hard to believe that I didn’t
actually done all those sexual things I
had written about this was the kicker
his ex was from my hometown he said she
had told him stories that she’d heard
from people I went to high school with
about all the dirty things I used to do
orgies bondage
hard drugs how could I lie to him and
trick him into believing I was a shy
virgin he wanted to know the truth I
told him one of those things were true
she’s obviously making it up do you
really believe her over me I asked I
don’t know what to believe he said he
told me I had become untrustworthy as
twists as it was I started to believe
that too I apologized to him over and
over until finally who forgave me and
told me it was all right that he
believed me that I was lucky he
understood and would stay with me
because who else would I had never been
so relieved I was so lucky I was so
lucky wasn’t I we had been taking things
really slow physically because I
actually was a virgin and regardless of
making believe Clare’s make-believe
sexcapades anything sex related still
made me incredibly nervous but after
that I had sex with David for the first
time because I felt like I owed him he
had stayed with me I was so lucky I
didn’t enjoy it afterwards
he whispered I believe you you really
have never had sex before
it felt sickly like winning eventually
after about two months the ex must have
gotten bored because the email slowed
and then they just suddenly stopped
David broke up with me shortly after
cruelly and unkindly the day after my
21st birthday I was a complete wreck for
a while but hey life goes on
three months or so after that I got
another email from this Claire 69 at
hotmail.com at 3 a.m. I can’t believe
you haven’t hurt yourself you should
have for the first time I responded
we’re not even dating anymore
you’re pathetic get a fucking life that
was the last I ever heard from her to
this day I don’t know her name I don’t
know how she found my blog or how she
knew the names of my friends or why she
was so hell-bent on making me miserable
for so long even now when I get facebook
messages or emails from people I don’t
know my first reaction is a panic of
course I have since realized that I was
not at all lucky in my relationship nor
was David the sweet guy that I thought
he was at the time I understand now that
it hadn’t been my fault I owed him
nothing it’s been five years but I
haven’t been in a relationship since I
don’t know if I could I think the worst
thing is I used to enjoy writing at one
time I was proud of my blog because I
small and insignificant as it was it was
something I had created even though it
was make-believe
it was still mine they had taken
something I’d been proud of and turned
it into a source of shame I don’t like
to write anymore even now I get angry at
how they’ve taken that from me and how
easily I was full how stupid I was
how naive
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and donating I was a 20 year old female
my now ex-boyfriend used to live with me
we had very different schedules so I was
often getting home from work and being
home alone
note I had to take the bus to and from
work every night so one night I was
getting off of work and I was waiting
for my bus to take me home right off the
bat I noticed a woman staring at me
I tried to pretend that I didn’t notice
her as soon as the bus came I jumped on
and headed towards the middle of it I
took a mental note of where the creepy
lady was sitting halfway through the bus
ride I saw the lady move up so she was
only about two seats away from me red
flags immediately went off in my head I
looked around as nonchalantly as
to see if there was anyone else sitting
on that bus just my luck there was no
one else on the bus pretty soon my stop
had come up and I stood up to get off
the creepy lady also stood up crap I
thought I quickly pulled my phone out
and texted one of my friends where I was
now I know I was stupid but I didn’t
think to call or text to my boyfriend
once off the bus I put my phone away big
mistake I glanced around I saw the woman
starting to follow me now
I live about 7 to 8 minutes walk from
the bus stop to my house I picked up my
pace about five minutes from my house I
felt a tap on my shoulder the creepy
lady are you Courtney she asked me yes I
answered shakily a smile formed on her
lips and I noticed something glittering
in her hand
I picked up my pace even more it was
almost jogging when I heard her call out
Josh is mine he is mine
Joshua’s my boyfriend I honestly at the
time had no idea what she was talking
about I started to run I ran all the way
back to my house in record time that
following me all the way I got into my
house and locked the door just as a lady
pulled on the handle I grabbed my phone
it’s all three missed calls from Josh
and five text messages he was freaking
out saying how one of his exes was
threatening to come after me and that he
was coming home from work early
but luckily just as I finished reading
those messages
I saw headlights pulling in my driveway
and my boyfriend frankly yelling at the
woman telling her to get the hell out or
he would call the cops on him she ended
up running into the woods later that
night we called the police but of course
nothing came of it so creepy lady who
was my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend let’s
not meet ever again
I’d been dating this guy for about a
month I knew him from going to a local
gig I spoke to him a few times before
swapping numbers at first he seemed like
a bit of a nerdy type and dressed sort
and I used to go for those sorts because
I had the self-destructive personality
he told me his friend had committed
suicide and he who hadn’t been the same
since I felt bad for him and we started
going on dates I eventually was quite
bored of him but as I didn’t have any
friends who were into music I stayed
with him for a social aspect where we
could get involved and invited to these
really cool parties I had been sleeping
with him and I noticed when I could not
be interested in sex he would keep
giving me drinks and then asking me if I
wanted to do it at least five times
until he gave up the more I refused it
the more he seemed to get let’s say
angry at me this anger is ultimately
what I think caused him to drug me he
invited me into this party and he
supplied the alcohol to me it didn’t
seem suspicious that he wouldn’t drink
from the bottle of vodka he gave me as
he said he only wanted to drink cider in
the bottle he gave me it was only a
fifth full I drank it like I normally
would but around 30 minutes in to the
party things got really weird I was
talking to a girl and felt like I was
coming up on ecstasy except everything
started to glow gold and felt really in
love with this girl I am the most
socially awkward person even after
drinking so it was really strange to me
I started to see fractals and then I
looked behind me to see him and suddenly
I blacked out I eventually came to
consciousness while throwing up at my
friend’s house down the road from the
party I had no clue how I ended up there
my friend told me what had happened
she said she came to the party and I
could barely walk and wasn’t answering
properly and when I got to our house I
was frothing at the mouth and took off
all my clothes and started rolling
around on the grass apparently I was
shouting my hallucinations thinking the
trees was made of gold and my friends
foot was a fox she said I had gone
upstairs to drag myself back and
forwards by my ass along her bathroom
floor like a dog with fleas
I was overheated and wasn’t responding
it really upset me that she hadn’t
called upon an ambulance or anything
I took a drug test at my mom was drug
testing me at the time as I was as
frequent user and who’s still living at
home there was nothing on the test I was
confused as hell I then just dismissed
it and thought maybe I got too drunk it
always bothered me in the back of my
mind as I never drank to that extent I
asked my boyfriend and he says I drank a
whole big bottle of vodka but I had only
had a fifth now at the time I really
shouldn’t have been suspicious of him
but I have Asperger’s so I often be
quite naive on these things
flash-forward I’m going to a festival
with my friends I didn’t want to go with
him as I was spending time with my
friends however he said he was going to
the festival with his own set of friends
I told him we can meet up at the
festival as a big group for a couple of
hours and then split off in the evening
I am eating pizza at my friend’s house
and I got a phone call from my boyfriend
saying that he is on our street I am
really confused and he says his friend
can no longer come I get quite annoyed
that he came uninvited however I just
think that I can stop him from coming
around in the evening to my friend’s
apartment and get her to say that she
has no room for him we go out with my
boyfriend to the festival anybody’s
drinks I have rum which I share with my
friend anybody’s champagne
weird but anyway I see some other
friends the festival and we were hanging
out when he starts saying some weird
stuff about how he looks like a school
shooter and could hurt someone very
easily but not in a funny way he makes
it sound serious and malicious we get a
horrible feeling and try to secretly
ditch him in some way but suddenly he
says oh let’s go see my friends who are
playing over here we thought yes he has
friends here we can get rid of him there
though it was strange he said that his
friends weren’t going to the festival so
he went to see his friends and they say
to him we’ve been looking for you
everywhere dude texting and calling and
you haven’t responded to us we were
supposed to come together to which he
responds that he was with me
this whole time I was starting to feel
quite woozy and weird I had smoked two
joints but was only smoking cigarettes
that he had pre-rolled as I was too
drunk to roll him and I hadn’t been
rolling cigarettes for long so it was
pretty terrible anyways I say to him
with my friend that we were going to
leave now
and our taxi is waiting on us with a
relief me and my friend dart off to get
our taxi home however what we didn’t
know was that he was catching up to us
and he eventually got to us after two
streets of chasing us and asking if he
could come we said no to which he kept
pushing us and we just shouted No
however he waited by a whilst we were
waiting for our taxi and when the taxi
came he just got in and we were too
drunk to know what the local thing was
to do we just said I guess you can come
for an hour but you can’t stay over we
let him in the apartment and he spent
two hours talking to my friend’s house
mate about how evil I was and my friends
housemate was really freaked out and
told us in secret that she was scared
I told my boyfriend he had to leave now
and he said he wouldn’t leave unless I
came with him kept pushing me to go and
stay with him instead and I kept saying
no until he gave in I opened the door to
let him outside and they quickly slammed
the door and locked it he waited outside
for two hours until he gave up and tried
spam calling me all night I broke up
with him then I have since been known as
the most insanely high girl ever and
keep having people come up to me telling
me about how they saw me at the party
with this guy dragging me around
and my pupils were dilated and I was
going really really crazy over things
anyway I knew it was research chemicals
because he was obsessed with him looking
back on it he would keep talking nonstop
about his crazy trips on various weird
unknown drugs also his dad as a chemist
the cigarettes were hash spiked creepy
ex-boyfriend let’s not meet again over a
year ago I started talking to this guy
who used to hang out with mutual
acquaintances without asking friends
about his reputation I jumped into a
relationship with him because we got
along really well
and he seemed normal it wasn’t
incredibly into him but enjoyed his
company the first red flag was I’m
telling me he was known to be a pervert
in the past I let it slide because he
seemed normal enough and people change
right a few days into knowing him this
lesbian woman added me on Instagram her
account looked fake but she was
incredibly nice and I’d talked to her on
kik once in a while she would ask me for
I felt bad after a while because she
would tell me sob stories and I’d give
her a lingerie picture but never any
news I started to feel off about her and
stopped communication but she lurked my
Instagram and obsessively commented I
eventually blocked her my now
ex-boyfriend and I were starting to cool
off during this period because he became
very verbally abusive and
called me one night screaming I hope you
end yourself you stupid cunt you’re
lucky I don’t do it myself
I calmly told him to never talk to me
again and that if it showed up at my
house ever again
I’d have my family members beat him to
death or get him arrested immediately
the day after we break up the girl I
blocked came back with a new account and
obsessively liked all my pictures I
stalk out her page and look under her
friends list every person she followed
was my ex boyfriends ex-girlfriends or
girls from his personal Instagram my ex
had made a fake account as a lesbian to
talk to me try to get personal
information from me nudes etc I’ve tried
to distance myself as much as possible
but the huge breach in trust still
scares me
I then told my friends that he was the
guy I was dating and got a flood of
concern you dated that guy he had a few
arrests because he slept with underage
girls and attacked them and we suspected
he did more with those girls here’s the
kicker if I told them who he was from
the start this all would have been
avoided because I would have never dated
him he still makes up accounts and likes
all my pictures with sad screen names
like not yours or lonely girl ten years
I dated this guy David I don’t talk much
about David only to my current partner
and very close friends talking about him
just makes me nervous when David and I
met I was only 17 and he was a post
secondary student in his early 20s being
a near homeless gay teenager dropout
with raging hormones a complicated home
life and limited dating prospects I
jumped into a relationship with him a
relationship progress very rapidly and I
moved into his Toronto apartment after
only a few months of dating I was young
and inexperienced with relationships
David was a horrible guy of course in
the beginning it was great we were in
love very much so
but after a few months that began to
change one night after our first minor
fight over laundry I got a glimpse of
how angry he could get over a simple
matter that night I had a dream which he
held a pillow against my face smothering
me until I officiated his facial
expressions contorted and terrifying
ways morphing into a face of a demon in
hindsight this dream was trying to tell
me something I should have trusted my
instincts six months into our
relationship he no longer had these
parts of himself see David was bipolar
disorder and ignored his diagnosis and
retrospect I can confidently say he is a
sociopath as well as a teenager
not equipped to deal with this he was
incredibly and manipulative eventually
keeping me away from my friends and
family especially male co-workers he
stole my money from me and put his bills
and debts in my name without my consent
he would Gaslight me on the strangest
things trying to convince me I was a
horrible person he constantly accused me
of cheating almost daily by the end he
would fly off the handle suddenly he was
often physically violent as well I can’t
exactly remember how long I continued in
this relationship as it is a part of my
life I try to forget but it was around
two years I believe maybe a little more
on my first attempt to leave him he
followed me as I left during the night I
passed through a well at City Park on my
way to my friend’s house before I knew
it I was on the ground with David on top
of me hands around my throat thankfully
passerby came by to aid me don’t ask me
why I didn’t report him for any of this
I was very confused I really thought he
was going to end me I didn’t tell anyone
about that night for years after he
attacked me once more shortly after I
left him when we bumped into each other
at a party I found out later he had been
cheating on me the entire time we were
together with multiple people including
my best friend’s straight boyfriend go
figure right fast forward a few years
I’m dating an awesome guy and I’m
working as a charity fundraiser
collecting donations for nonprofits on
busy Toronto streets I get angry for
some strange emails and texts from David
once in a while
while changing my phone number and email
address when he finds them out I never
responded to him
I’m informed that he moved to Montreal I
spot him a few times a year stalking me
poking his head out from behind a street
corner while I’m working through my
window as he walks around my
neighborhood trying to figure out which
house I live in or around my work office
building it made me very anxious every
time he did this every so often he tries
to infiltrate whatever group of friends
he can connect with to me I see him pop
up in a social media photos with friends
I have recently hung out with despite
living in a different city I don’t know
how he was finding out these things
about my personal life however all this
slows down as time goes on until a year
or so passes with no sign of him until I
get an email last year saying that he
wants to talk briefly about things that
happened in our relationship it’s
awarded straightforwardly not like the
rants he used to send me and I wonder if
he wants to apologize to me I don’t
respond but I message a mutual friend
who am I trust to find out how he is
my friend warns me that he still is
obsessed with me and that his mental
health has declined and they are no
longer close friends because of it he
advises me never to speak to him again
for both of our sake out of morbid
curiosity I set up a fake facebook
account and creep his profile sending me
into a rabbit hole of links on his
tumblr and beyond he is an artist now I
find a post with photos of one of his
latest works the creepiest freaking zine
I’ve ever seen it depicted an extremely
bloody scenario and a poem I don’t
remember the poem exactly but it was
something about gruesomely hurting a boy
who didn’t love him back
describing the death in detail and
contending the what he deserved I am
more than a little uneasy at this point
I’m actually pretty scared six years is
more than enough time to get over your
ex this was just obsession and an
alarming level I changed my email once
more and asked our mutual friend to keep
me updated if he ever decided to take a
trip to my city I also deleted my
facebook and most of my social media
accounts and I haven’t seen any sign of
him in over a year
I’m now 27 I’ve worked for a lot of the
issues that David left inside of me now
I have a really kick-ass partner and a
squishy cat I’m a university student and
my life has been pretty rad still I’m
always expecting to get an email or to
see him down the street I sometimes
wonder if this is over or if anything
will change when he tracks me down again
maybe he’s simply biting his time so
yeah let’s not meet stalker ex-boyfriend
David ever again and if you ever read
this considering my closure on a trash
relationship and go get some help
when I was 23 I was watching my first
place when my ex-girlfriend reached out
to me we had dated for X amount of
months in high school it’s been over 10
years since high school and I can’t
remember how long it was
it just went badly because I was a
douche I started talking to another girl
anyways my ex said she was over what
happened when we were teenagers it was
willing to give it another shot
so we have a date than several dates and
things were going very well a month into
our relationship one night I’m at work
on a late shift and she calls me saying
that she had gotten into an argument
with her mother they had gotten into
some sort of domestic about something
she then got slapped I needed to cool
off at my place I get home and turns out
she was moving in I’m pretty laid back
and wanted help with the rent anyways so
I’m somewhat okay with this I mean I
knew I was going to be walking into a
snake pit but I didn’t know I was going
to be in a Viper pit so we lived
together for a whopping two months when
things take a turn she starts telling me
she’s insecure about me talking to girls
then that changes to watching porn as
well which it didn’t work I have control
issues we start fighting a lot sometimes
all night long she starts cutting
herself saying it was all my fault ends
up getting tetanus late phone calls
asking where I am at work and who I’m
with I work late hours at an ambulance
service things come to a head one night
when crazy ex tries to tell me looking
at porn is the same as beating her she
starts screaming at me bringing up all
the cutting and the doctor visits
claiming it’s my fault
I get fed up and tell her to just move
out this pushes her off the deep end
grabs my handgun that I keep for myself
defense tells me that she’s going to
hurt herself I call the police she
leaves shortly after she throws my
loaded gun outside
I think yay it’s over but it really
wasn’t so a few days go by without
incidents crazy ex text me saying she
needs to give me her house key I tell
her no to throw it away but she drives
my house anyways leaves the key and
tapes a note to my door saying I’m
mentally ill and need help and she ever
gives me blah blah blah I stopped
reading after that I need help part and
she keeps texting and texting asking if
I read it even going as far as blaming
her behavior on pregnancy saying the
baby is mine but she lost it due to
stress from me so here I am years down
the road married with a wonderful
two-year-old Hellion with no regrets of
leaving this crazy ex let’s not meet
ever again my crazy ex-girlfriend since
this happened several years ago I might
get some parts mixed up or some events I
may have forgotten so I’ll try to retell
my experience the best I can I also
apologize for not being a good writer
it’s probably gonna be all jumbled up
and confusing but please bear with me so
I bet a back story when I was a little
kid me and my mom would visit my
grandparents and we would all go to
church together when we would visit from
out of town I had a friend of the church
who I would be super excited to visit
every time I went we would talk a lot
about Pokemon and just stuff we liked in
general around the time I started
puberty he seemed to be attracted to me
he would hug me and ruffle my hair
it seemed too innocent for a while and
we sort of had a relationship for a few
months everything was good until we were
dating I was probably around 16 and here
was several years older than me he one
day confided in me that he could see
angels and he was given a sword from
Jesus to fight demons yes he really said
that to me he said that he could see
angels and that Jesus Christ Himself
gave him a sword
to fight demons with and as stupid as I
was I believed him I don’t know why I
did the several times where I wasn’t
visiting we would talk over steam where
we played tf2 most of the time he would
tell me these stories of fighting demons
and would talk to me through his angel
and it got so much weirder than this he
would tell me how I would be as princess
in heaven and that we would rule
together that’s around the time I
started getting uncomfortable and
weirded out whenever we would hang or
try to go further with me at one point
over an incident I tried to cut ties
with him and break up he would not have
it one bit he would continuously send me
emails begging for me to come back and
how I was making a bad choice of leaving
him the last time I ever came into
contact with him was also the last time
I went to that church me and my mom and
little brother all had to go to the
church for a small get-together for my
grandma’s birthday party knowing the
exes families catering church events I
knew in my gut he was going to probably
be there my mom told me not to worry
about it when I knew that something was
gonna happen when we arrived I told my
mom that I was going into a room where
the little kids were playing it where I
knew I would be safe while we waited for
cake i luckily brought my D s to
distract myself and sat down to play all
of a sudden I felt like someone was
looming over me a big presence I knew it
was him I definitely went into flight
mode and ran and hid around the church
till he stopped following and looking
for me my mom and my brother instantly
took me back to the house after I came
out of hiding and ever never went back
to that church
I hope that we never meet ever ever
again crazy ex-boyfriend I am writing
this because of a particular person that
gives me anxiety and flashbacks to one
of the most horrific nights of my life
she to this very day tries to contact me
on every type of social media and
doesn’t get the hint that I don’t want
her in my life this person is my dad’s
ex-girlfriend I’ll call her Jessica for
the rest of this story some background
of her she apparently was a friend of my
dad’s in high school and rekindled some
sort of relationship between them my
parents were divorced and at the time of
this story I wasn’t allowed to contact
my own mother for legal reasons so I was
in my father’s care my dad is a very
emotionally abused and we never talked
or so much did anything but scream and
fight at each other
he wasn’t father of the year and would
leave me at home for hours at a time he
also did this to his girlfriend Jessica
Jessica wasn’t the sweetest person
either she had this attitude about her
that screamed I’m better than you and
that she was the hottest woman in the
world even though she looked plain she
would constantly start drama to the
other housewives in the neighborhood and
gossip about them some days she was a
nice person but others she is just a
loathsome as my father she and my dad
would constantly fight over the way how
the other treated them I didn’t pay
attention to it but it all eventually
come to a boil it was the week of my
16th birthday my father was in
California to deliver some persons horse
for a horse show so he couldn’t be there
so I was left with Jessica the dogs and
my bird
on Friday the day he was supposed to be
coming back I was fiddling with one of
the presents and I was becoming late
into the night I was in my bedroom
passing the time until I heard rustling
noises coming from my dad’s room and
then weird groaning screaming noises I
was a little worried because those
noises were coming from Jessica and I
thought she had gotten hurt what I
didn’t know however was that she had
been drinking she then started screaming
like a fucking banshee and I was afraid
to go near that room so I called out hey
Jessica are you all right in there do
you need anything apparently that was an
invitation to her to come running at me
so here I was a defenseless girl facing
off against a fifty year old woman she
started hitting me and trying to scratch
at me I managed to grab her wrist and
try to get her to tell me why she was
doing this she looked at me dead in the
face and with a low cold voice she
growled I’m going to freaking kill you I
had enough I pushed her off me and raced
into the bedroom locking the doors I
didn’t realize that at the time that I
should have called the cops on her but I
just prayed for my father to get home
real soon
finally as if God answered my prayers I
heard my father coming through the door
he must have felt the atmosphere in the
air because he called out what the hell
is going on I came rushing out in tears
telling him that it was Jessica as she
came out like a madman slapping me and
threatening to hurt me I was shaking and
terrified I screamed I want her out of
this house now I was truly afraid he
just stormed past me and up the stairs
to their room I don’t remember much but
I assume she tried to blame it on me
like I was the one that attacked her all
I can remember is that the cops weren’t
called and we just went to bed that
however isn’t the end of the story
the next morning she came into my room
as I was watching TV asking for
acting as if we had a girl spat than
just her telling me she wanted to
freaking kill me I told her no but Dad
of course demands I forgive her or else
so I did which would usher in the
behavior of her doing horrible things to
me and then act like it wasn’t didn’t
nothing obviously she and my father
broke up and went on their separate ways
she tried to keep in touch with me and I
was nice to her out of politeness it
wasn’t until I was in my freshman year
in college that she would start up again
I did have a Facebook at the time but I
never did anything about it
because I absolutely hate Facebook and
it was my first few weeks of school I
was busy and barely checked it when I
did check it I received a nasty childish
message from her all because I didn’t
accept her friend requests she proceeded
to tell me that I was just a nasty and
immature as my father that he and I used
her as a slave even though I was her
bitching buddy as she complained about
my father and all the other women in the
neighborhood also what struck a note was
she said that if it wasn’t for her I
wouldn’t have been in college last time
I checked all she did it was tell me the
school’s name I myself did the rest of
the work she even called me in the
middle of my drawing class just to bitch
at me so I proceeded to email her
telling her to never contact me again
and then never contact my dad either
that I didn’t appreciate her immaturity
and that I was only nice to her because
of my father
other than that I never wanted anything
to do with her since that message for
two years she tried contacting me on
social media acting as if nothing
happened and that we were good friends
even emailing her again to leave me
and she said that I was being crazy I
had since got into contact with my
biological mother and told her this she
just flipped and told me after she
contacted me again she was right there
with a lawsuit then one day just a few
weeks ago I was on my youtube and I got
a message lo and behold it was her all
it said was hello Lindsay nice blue hair
since my icon at the time was when I had
blue hair I told her off and they called
my mother in tears she was fuming this
woman wouldn’t leave me alone and get
the hint that I don’t want to talk to
her ever again all my mother told me was
that she was going to settle this once
and for all since then I haven’t gotten
a message for weeks but I know my mother
didn’t do anything illegal probably just
scared her off so long Jessica I never
want you in my life again
I don’t remember how it came up but I
think it was to do with her grabbing
some stuff from under her bed one night
basically she wouldn’t do it and was
terrified of it I never understood why
until she had told me my girlfriend’s
cousins who she adored came home one
night to find the house unlocked they
were really confused and frightened
about why so they checked the house but
couldn’t find anything missing they just
assumed that they left the place
unlocked that night my ex’s cousin was
lying on her bed doing whatever young
girls do when her cat would just not
shut up it was lying on the floor of her
room hissing despite her Appeals the cat
kept going on being very aggressive
towards the underside of the bed she was
lying on she decided to see what the
fuss was about so she got down on her
hands and knees and looked there was
this guy lying there on his side
staring right into her eyes holding up a
mean-looking knife this girl obviously
screamed like crazy and bolted out of
her room taking in the cat with her her
parents came running she hysterically
told them where this man was with a
freaking knife under her bed her dad
grabbed the door and threw it shut
locked the guy in there while the police
were all called
as much as he tried to hold this guy
inside the room the guy ended up
overpowering him and getting the door
open and running as fast as he could out
of the house thankfully no one was hurt
but the guy was never found
thankfully my bet is very low and
couldn’t fit anyone under it
yay I was a late bloomer and got my
first boyfriend at the age of 20 I was a
senior in college I am very shy and
anxious so I was thrilled to finally
have a boyfriend
he seemed too wonderful at first he
complimented me constantly surprised me
with flowers the whole nine yards red
flags started popping up but he was so
nice otherwise I tried to ignore them he
said he loved me after only two weeks
and pressured me to say the same he’d
become depressed and angry if I declined
his invitation to hang out or had other
when we’d fight we’d become more and
more frequent at each time he convinced
me I was to blame for overreacting and
then when we made up we’d go on and on
about his love for me
and how much he did for me as a child of
a narcissistic parent I was recognized
how wrong this was only in retrospect a
full year went by things got worse and
worse if I suggested breaking up he’d
have an utter meltdown he’d sometimes
throw up he’d cry beg plead and
alternately insulting me and called me a
heartless bitch then he’d take his
insults back and say I had just upset
him finally I got the courage to really
end things he was enraged he refused to
leave my apartment he screamed at me
cried through his phone and smashed it
and ripped the covers off my bed
finally I basically pushed him out of
the door and locked it he then sent me
over 60 emails texts and phone calls I
blocked him everywhere I could now comes
the terrifying part the next day I heard
the doorbell rang and knew it was him so
I stayed very quiet in bed and didn’t
open the door
eventually he rang it so much to the
landlords who lived below me confronted
him horrified I listened to the door and
heard him tell them I was expecting him
and must be asleep and they just let him
in I rushed and locked the thin door
that separated me from the stairs up to
my living room from the main entrance he
knew I was inside though because that
door is never locked he pounded and
banged on the door for almost an hour
alternately swearing at me and pleading
with me finally I called the police they
were very skeptical and basically told
me I was overdramatic but they told him
not to come back again it sufficiently
scared him I could have pressed charges
but did not as I just wanted it all to
be over with and didn’t want to incur
his wrath anyway I have fully blocked
him on all channels and moved apartments
but he did manage to contact me begging
me to be forgiven accusing me of
abusiveness and then enraged insulting
me previously in therapy I learned he
likely had borderline personality
disorder which means he has a
pathological fear of rejection these
people are irrational and even dangerous
my husband dated a girl named Emily in
high school for a few years upon
graduation she decided to go to college
outside of state and they broke up
nothing dramatic just parted ways he and
I met a few years later and ended up
getting married
I knew of Emily through friends as we
live in a small town and everyone
thought she was wonderful but I never
met her face to face or anything at
least about six months after we were
married I got a phone call on my cell
phone in the middle of the night and
when I answered it was a woman crying
hysterically and ranting about how I
ruined her future and how she and my
husband were supposed to get married in
October and it didn’t love me
etc my sudden who is this and she
screamed Emily she hung up I woke my
husband up and we were completely
puzzled as he didn’t talk to her in
years at this point over the next couple
of months both of us would get random
phone calls at random times of this
crying woman accusing us of ruin her
we eventually stopped answering any
calls except for unknown numbers around
this time my husband ran into Emily’s
brother Jason who was married and lived
fairly close to us they struck up a
friendship and we would often go up to
the barbecues etc we were friendly
acquaintances versus close friends so we
never brought up the calls from Emily
Jason will occasionally mention things
about her graduating from college
starting a physician’s assistant program
getting married but not a lot
I think he was respecting our marriage
every time he mentioned her my skin
would crawl then Facebook became popular
and I started getting messages from
Emily her full name a profile picture of
her grinning or squinting into the Sun
the messages were basically what she was
saying on the phone my husband hated me
I ruined her life I stole her family
when I clicked on the profile it would
have no friends no post just one picture
so I blocked her she made another one
sent messages same picture same type of
profile I must have blocked at least 20
of them
it was so frequent that I wouldn’t even
mention to my husband after a while it
was just a given her harassment was by
no means a focal point in our life but
it was always there fast forward a few
years we’ve had a child and expecting
another one
and Jason mentions yay Emily is moving
back with her family as she has accepted
a PA position in our towns major
pediatric clinic our mutual friends were
excited and we’re going to switch to her
for her health care but I refused she’d
probably harm our kids I heard she was
back mutual friends mentioned seeing her
then we were at another mutual friend’s
daughter’s birthday party and they
basically mentioned that Emily would be
coming by literally everyone knew that
my husband and her had dated in high
so I felt I couldn’t get away from her
and hearing about her the success story
from our tiny town gag I was such a
bundle of anxiety awaiting for Emily to
show up my heart was pounding I was
shaking I felt like I needed the vomit
and then diarrhea
it was terrible then and walks a
completely normal everyday woman with
her husband who looks normal and her
daughter she created my husband and I
very casually said it was nice to meet
me and continue to circulate what the
hell this is the person who’s been
terrorizing us it did not add up
the message doesn’t on Facebook
continued for another six months or so
and then suddenly stopped to this day I
cannot match the person on the phone
call or on Facebook and that woman at
the birthday party as being the same
person I’m completely baffled at this
point so Emily or someone pretending to
be you let’s not meet ever again
my brother met his girlfriend a year ago
when he was 17 and she was 16 at the
time for a little while they seemed like
they had a great relationship my brother
Alan and Jamie were always happy
together and Jamie made a real effort to
get to know the rest of the family
however I noticed something was off
whenever my brother wanted to go out
with his friends without Jamie and she
would have a complete meltdown screaming
about how he didn’t love her and how
much she does for him this happened all
the time so eventually he started
spending more time with her to avoid a
conflict she even got annoyed at my
mother’s funeral because he wasn’t
paying enough attention to her like what
the hell our mom just passed chill out
things started to get worse with her
accusing him of hitting her whenever he
would try to deflect her from punching
him in the face
my brother has some mild anxiety
problems and quilt about our mother’s
death since they weren’t on the best of
terms before she went he is as annek
to try to self-medicate which she knows
and often would pick fights with him to
use his actions against him later on or
try to tell the school he was on
something to get him in trouble when he
didn’t want to have anything to do with
her eventually Allen couldn’t take it
anymore and ended the relationship a few
days ago
a quick note hourglass back sliding door
is pretty weak
if you yank on it hard enough you can
force it open despite it being a locked
unless we put a key in it the other day
she showed up at 5:00 in the morning
banging on the door and demanding to be
let in my dad got after her and she left
this morning
however she broke in through the back
door and got into bed with my brother
who slept through all of this my dad
found her and told her to leave or he’d
call the police on her this afternoon I
heard my brother and his friend get back
in from school all was well until once
again Jamie broke in through the back
door as she had taken the key this
Allen’s friend stopped her from going
into his room and I told her to leave
and not come back or I was going to call
the police after she had left my dad
came back with three new keys made for
the back door my brother showed us her
claims of cutting herself which he
reversed imaged and found it immediately
along with the fact that she didn’t have
any cuts on her arms
it’s gotten so bad that my brother
doesn’t want to go to school since she
follows him around and tries to get him
to talk to her and when that doesn’t
happen she gets him in trouble Jamie I
hope you get out of our lives and get
the help you desperately need my father
had been dating this girl for a while
and things got really my father has been
dating this girl for a while and things
were going great she’s met us a few
times and got along great with my sister
and I eventually my father asked her to
move in with us she drove seven hours to
move in and brought her two cats things
were great for the first two months
since she couldn’t find a job they had
agreed that she had to apply for jobs
and had one secured for an interview
before we moved in she moved in July 2nd
she didn’t have a job until late January
I being fresh out of college with no
experience in a job setting was able to
get a job before she did this caused my
father to have to cover her car payments
and insurance this set us back
financially but we were okay in the long
run then October came with the discovery
of a full year’s worth of text messages
between her and a friend of hers named
Jared all taking place right before my
father and her were dating and while she
was still living in her hometown these
text messages were laced with him coming
over and giving her nighttime Lovins
and inappropriate pictures my father
confronted her about it and she denied
it saying we just didn’t understand her
friendships my father let it go so they
haven’t messaged each other in weeks
small arguments pop up and she starts
sneaking money out of my dad’s wallet at
night to go spy cigarettes this may only
sound like a small amount but it was a
nightly occurrence this set us back
financially as well these arguments
mainly consisted of her lying about
something and not admitting it or her
doing something stupid and not
apologizing for it things got worse as
Christmas came by
my father expressed that he didn’t love
her anymore he didn’t have any feelings
towards her and that she needed to work
to fix the relationship if she wanted to
continue this meant really trying to get
a job and not lying about stupid stuff
she agreed that she would I advised him
against giving her the option I was
tired of her crap and wanted her out she
started lying more and more and causing
more problems with us she believed she
started taking some sort of drug as she
came back from a drive all shaky and
spazzing out spouting nonsense she came
after myself and a friend of mine during
one of her arguments to which my father
responded pack your stuff and get the
hell out how dare you go after my kids
you bitch telling her to get out and
leave was a regular occurrence in their
fights but she never took the hint she
was abusive emotionally to everyone in
the household especially my father
reducing him to tears when he found out
that she had been receiving $1,000 a
month from her mother which would have
had us staying up to date on rent
payments we have no idea what she did
with the money though no matter the
situation she would try to twist it so
she would be the victim even calling my
father asking second opinions the party
of persecuting Marta nothing has ever
her fault and it’s always a
misunderstanding then she started
smoking in the garage the door from the
garage into the house is right across
from my bedroom door which is always
open because our cats like sleeping on
my bed with me I have asthma so I woke
up coughing and smelling cigarettes
multiple times in one night because of
her she drove recklessly with my little
sister and I in the car and I told my
father what had happened when my father
confronted her on it she said that I was
over exaggerating that driving in the
dark freaks her out it’s too early for
this I’m gonna sleep and listen to my
ear buds state was stressed out about
her a minor thing but she endangered my
sister’s and my own cat
we have to strictly indoor cats and her
to her outdoor cats until they moved
here her cats have taught mine how to
sneak out of the house when the front
door isn’t latched she leaves the front
door open constantly when she comes back
in from smoking and let’s my cats
outside we live right across the street
from a huge lot of desert and we can
hear the Coyotes every night she’s let
them out at night before after she
finally got a job she didn’t want to
contribute her fair share of the bills
my father asked her for half of her
paychecks every two weeks she claimed
that it would only be 25% because there
are four people in the house my sister
and I are only there on weekends as we
go to school outside of town and stay
with other family during that time she
also apparently wasn’t paying her car
payments after she got her job as she
got a possession notice what she hid
from my father
finally after financially wrecking us
abusing my father emotionally and
financially endangering myself and my
sister doing drugs taking money stealing
things from my room endangering my cats
and many other things my father gave her
two weeks to move out she moved out
yesterday and all I have to say to her
is let’s not meet ever again because I
will not be nice like I had to be before
so I just gotten out of a pretty
significant relationship with someone
over four years nearly engaged in moving
in together when things fell apart I
took a good amount of time to be on my
own and get my shit together again
well my friends begin encourage me to
get back out there
needless to say I really wasn’t wanting
anything at that point nor looking for
I really wasn’t wanting to do anything
at that point but they insisted that I
at least just go out on a few casual
dates for practice just to kind of get
my skills back up for when I was ready I
think they were honestly just worried
because I became quite dramatic so I
match with this girl who’s home from
college for summer she’s a little out of
the way for me but was eager to meet
seemed really interested was even
willing to come to my area I really
wasn’t all that interested to be
truthful with my friends again
encouraged this you know practice a date
doesn’t mean commitment whatever I want
to be very clear though that I was
extremely honest and explicit with her
that I was not looking for anything
serious or anything really at all I was
very forthcoming that I had gotten out
of something serious and I was just kind
of encouraged to explore she persisted
and still wanted to meet so we agreed to
a casual lunch and a sports bar that
week I got there and she was already
waiting for me I was a bit put off by
how much different she looked in her
pictures not trying to sound shallow or
anything but her pictures from tinder
easily had to be at least five years old
which I verified based on tattoos she
had in person versus ones she didn’t in
pictures so I was a bit thrown off by
I wasn’t the least bit attracted to her
but I was there just to have a new
experiences anyway right no big deal
I felt so bad because the entire time
she seemed so incredibly shy and awkward
I even noticed her hands shaking when
she reached for a glass which I found
endearing honestly so I did my best to
get her talking and try to help her feel
more relaxed I asked her questions and
chatted about things I figured you chat
about on dates where she grew up music
she’s into school she goes to her major
all that other stuff all to which I
literally received one-word answers and
went on like this for about an hour and
she was just not working with me at all
but I tried to keep room in my heart
because it was clear she was feeling
anxious and I understand on a personal
level then she pulls out this book and
says I got this for you and I responded
very grateful thanking her and inquiring
what it was about
cuz hey if someone wants to share a go
to read with me I’m all for that she
looks at me funny and says in a very
sudden but odd tone you’re kidding right
I’m very confused and just kind of look
at her like what and she says this is
your favorite book you told me this was
your favorite book to which I said no I
have never even heard of this before so
we concluded that she ultimately got me
confused with someone else she must have
been chatting with which I honestly
found hilarious she was embarrassed but
I made light of it and said they sounded
funny cuz I get it that’s tender culture
I guess so as we finished a lunch and
I’m still receiving one-word answers
despite our funny moment I kind of
become a bit suggestive that we should
conclude our date by saying and I had to
get back to feed my animals and do some
laundry but she came very adamant on
spending more time and asked if we would
do something else I was genuinely trying
to be a decent person so I agreed when
we found a nearby park to walk and
that’s where shit got weird
we sat on a park bench mind you it’s
broad daylight there’s kids playing
basketball nearby folks are jogging past
us I start trying to make conversation
yet again I still get the one-word
answers then out of seemingly nowhere
without any warning whatsoever she
proceeds to just kiss me really
aggressively tongue in everything I was
honestly just so shocked I stood there
frozen not knowing what to do I had this
timid shy woman who’s really not made
much conversation at all who was just so
nervous she was visibly shaking just
turned into a freaking bear mulling my
face in like 10 seconds my head was
spinning with confusion and anxiety and
I swear it felt like it lasted forever
and I just prayed for it to stop I was
so put off and honestly a bit afraid to
do or say anything about it like what do
you even do in a situation I was just
hoping she’d pick up on my very obvious
body language that I wasn’t
reciprocating anything at all I was
completely unprepared for a situation
like this then some really nasty guy
just walks by gawking and catcalling and
literally begins propositioning us into
a three-way and I’m just like what the
hell is going on I need to get out of
here I was a thousand different types of
uncomfortable at this point I end up
managing to ward him off after telling
him very politely no more than several
times all the while she’s just laughing
and I’m thinking who even are you dr.
Jekyll mr. Hyde over here what the hell
so he leaves and I’m insisting now that
I need to leave and just go home she
seems to ignore what I’m saying and just
gets very close to my face again and
says did you like that do you think I’m
sexy do you want me when I tell you I
was so fucking nervous I was like I
really need to go home and she was like
can I come and I told her very firmly no
she literally tried to persuade me to
let her come back to my place with me
and I had to say no more than three
times so finally I’m home and frankly
just kind of shaken up I hadn’t really
done the dating thing in quite a long
time but that felt very abnormal to me
she then texted me after she gets home
and asked me out on a second date and I
was very kind despite being incredibly
uncomfortable and I told her that I
thought she was a cool chick and I had a
nice time but I did not feel anything
there I reminded her I wasn’t looking
for anything she been text-bombing me a
bunch of crazy shit saying how she
didn’t understand it was so confused
and she thought I was so into her and
that things went great I didn’t respond
to any of these because now she’s
continuing to cross my boundaries I said
what I needed to say and I thought I was
being decent at least by being honest so
the text continued and I figured they’re
going to eventually stop because it was
our first date how can someone be so
upset over someone not reciprocating on
a first date they didn’t stop it though
by the text you would have thought she
just ended a two-year relationship and
she began calling at which point I had
to block her number so nightmare tender
girl please for the love of everything
let’s not ever meet again
it was June of 2015 when I met Tyler I
had just turned 20 and my parents were
going through some nasty divorce stuff
so to be said I was having some issues
it wasn’t long before Tyler had a rap to
me around his finger well in the first
couple of months of knowing him I
started to see red flags
my mom and sister didn’t like him at all
and neither did any of my friends he was
very jealous and insecure it started off
with him telling me what I should and
shouldn’t be wearing to bringing up my
issues and using them against me anyways
around December of 2015
Tyler started to log into my social
media accounts it was pretending to be
me he would message guys I knew and
flirt with them and message my best
friend trying to start unnecessary drama
obviously I found out about it and
confronted him his excuse was that he
was bored and wanted to see what they
would say and thought it was funny who
does that
well I told Tyler to stop and if he
didn’t then I wasn’t going to keep being
in a relationship with him
shocker he didn’t stop anyways it only
took me a couple of months later to
finally break up with this nut job
because of a person I am I still was
trying to be nice to him bad bad idea on
my part
unfortunately I led him on to thinking
he had a chance to get back with me he
really didn’t I told him over the phone
that we would never get back together
which made him freak out he started
threatening me saying things like you’ll
regret this or watch your back bitch I
cut all contact with him after that well
at least until March 28th 2016 the day
I’ll never forget it was 6:45 in the
morning and I was walking out the door
of my house to leave for work
my driveway is about 1/10 of a mile long
and on each side of the driveway was
trees lining it so one way in and one
way out it’s dark outside and I’m
driving down the driveway and guess
who’s blocking me in Tyler I’m getting
agitated now he gets out of his car and
walks to mine I rolled down my window
enough to where he can hear me tell him
to get and beat it I have to get to work
for about five minutes of bickering back
and forth he finally says okay just give
me one last kiss and I’ll leave you
feeling like I’m all out of options I
cave in and say fine well as I kiss I’m
goodbye he unlocks my door since my
window was down now and opens my car
door he is standing in between the door
and me now it’s obvious he isn’t leaving
he proceeded to tell me that I was going
to text my boss and tell him that I’m
not coming into work today
then after I was to text my boss that we
were going in his car and leaving this
place for good yeah not happening since
I wasn’t going to do any of that
Tyler reaches over and tries to grab my
phone from me now we’re out of the car
wrestling for my phone I punched him in
the face and he lets go of my phone I’m
crying begging him to just go and leave
me alone this is the part where he goes
and says I really hate to do this and
pulls out a gun that was tucked in his
back part of his pants my adrenaline is
pumping and my brain is going about a
thousand miles per second I’m trying to
stay cool and walk back to my car I’m
now sitting in the driver’s seat with
Tyler standing in between the door and I
again I asked him what the hell are you
doing as he is waving the pistol all
around he tells me he doesn’t know and
that he is sorry
he slipped up and told me the gun wasn’t
loaded so I took this as an opportunity
to get the hell out while he’s standing
there I put my car in reverse and gunned
it he stumbled back enough for me to be
able to shut and lock my door since it’s
light outside now I can see that there’s
just enough room for me to drive my car
into a ditch and hope to make it out and
ever prayed so hard for my life I put my
car back and Drive and floored it I made
it onto the road and see Tyler running
to his car he is now gaining speed
behind me and goes around and speeds off
now would be the time to call 911
well I was too out of it to think about
that I get to work and immediately go to
tell my boss what happened I ended up
calling my mom and she called 9-1-1 for
me I leave work and go home and talk to
the officers I ended up taking out
warrants for his arrest he was charged
and arrested with trespassing assault on
a female and I saw it with pointing a
gun I also got a restraining order
unfortunately it doesn’t end here now
it’s around May of 2016 I started to see
him follow me while I’m driving to and
from work there was nothing I could do
since it was a public road this was
going on for about three weeks I had
enough of it one afternoon my sister was
in the car with me as I was going to
take her to her apartment well here
comes Tyler and his stupid white car
behind me so I had my sister videotape
him and I called 911
I ended up in a Walmart parking lot and
got him arrested he spent the night in
jail for breaking the restraining order
had to go to court against him and ended
up just settling for him to do community
service and taking her management
classes thankfully after the night he
spent in jail he has left me alone since
Tyler has a new girlfriend now so
thankfully I’m old news what scares me
the most is that I didn’t even know him
for a whole year and all this happens so
crazy stalker ex-boyfriend let’s not
meet again ever
hey there stalkers of the night I wanted
to thank you for 900 subs and beyond
don’t forget 1200 subs and I have a
massive face reveal ready for all of you
also I made a patreon for those who are
interested in supporting this channel
the link is in the video’s description I
will see you guys in the day

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