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Top Horror Characters Who Could Have Made It at Poker

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What’s not to love in a spooky season? The costumes? The trick-or-treating? The costume parties? The carved pumpkins? The pranks? The scary story session? Or the icing on the cake โ€“ the horror movies! No spooky season is complete without horror movies. However, due to the terrifying thrills people get whenever they watch horror movies, these movies have evolved from being seen only during the spooky season to just about any time anyone feels like adding a little terror to their evenings.

Have you ever considered how some top horror characters would have performed on a poker table? Come to think of it, most of these villains are intelligent, intimidating, and unpredictable. These features are indeed an asset on the poker table. So, which of the top horror characters would have excelled at the poker table?

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Chucky is a great horror icon with the physical appearance of a doll. Although Chucky is a doll but deep inside the doll is the soul of a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, who had no choice but to make the soul transition using a voodoo ritual to escape captivity.

When Chucky was given to a child, he started terrorizing his family. One thing about Chucky is that he’s unkillable, and he has many movies in different decades to show for that. Each time you think you’ve seen the end of Chucky, he always returns for more. This trait would have been very challenging on the poker table. In addition, his lovable character will suck other players in, making them lose their guard while he gets ready to strike them all with a clean move.


Another horror movie character that would have been an excellent player on the poker table is Pennywise, otherwise known as It. This character, the main antagonist in Stephen King’s 1986 story, is about two million years old and has a lot of different abilities that would have made him an incredible poker player.

One of his abilities that would have been useful on the poker table is his telepathic capabilities. Pennywise can read emotions. This ability alone would have made it impossible for anyone to beat him since he would know the exact moves anyone would be making. His shape-shifting and mind-controlling skills would have been undoubtedly challenging to deal with too. With all these abilities, he might coerce any player to give him an easy win.


Jason Voorhees

From the Friday the 13th series, Jason Voorhees is undoubtedly one of the most iconic horror movie villains ever. Like other villains, Jason has a mask, but something different about his mask will make him incredibly good at poker.


Jason’s mask covers his deformed face, which he had gotten from drowning at Camp Crystal Lake as a child. His mask is unmatched and quite impossible to read. That’s to say that getting a read on him will be very difficult and may require guesswork, and you know poker has no room for guesswork.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a horror movie villain that will match up with Jason Voorhees in terms of scary masks. Michael Myers is a breathtaking character from the Halloween franchise. He’s pretty interesting because he kills everyone that crosses his path, including children and family members. With him, there are no boundaries when it comes to killing.

Michael also can track down his victims. When adequately harnessed on the poker table, this ability means reading his opponents and anticipating every move. In addition, his mask has the appearance of the ultimate poker face. When you combine this feature with his ability to intimidate other people, the result will be an exceptional poker player who is simply unstoppable!


Mick Taylor

By now, you’d know that most horror movie villains would be great poker players. However, Mick Taylor is one villain who would have been exceptional. Mick, the main antagonist in the Wolf series, is a sadist and a psychopath who derives joy from kidnapping, torturing, mutilating, and sometimes sexually assaulting tourists.

One of the terrifying facts about Mick Taylor is that he can exist in real life. The fact that he could lurk around somewhere today is startling. As a sadistic villain, Mick starts by stalking his victims. Then, he’ll rig their cars, causing them to break down; he’d then offer them help, thereby earning their trust before he strikes. He typically earns people’s trust by playing dumb. Playing dumb on the poker table will make him pretty good since most opponents will fall for his antics.


Generally, most horror villains could have made it at poker โ€” however, some more than others. We’ve examined some of these numerous characters. Playing with any of these characters will be very tough and scary. Luckily, no one will encounter any of that, all thanks to the advent of online poker.

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