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Top 6 Best Horror Multiplayer Games in 2023

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When it comes to horror video games, people tend to have opposing views. Some individuals adore them and are fueled by the tension and terror that come with playing them, while others find it incomprehensible that anybody would ever subject themselves to such an ordeal. 

If you are one of the people who enjoy playing horror multiplayer games, then here is a real treat for you! We’ve revealed and listed the top 6 horror multiplayer games that you and your friends can play to host a scary horror night.

Top 6 Horror Multiplayer Games in 2023

1. Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt is one of the best horror multiplayer games available today. You can’t go wrong with Midnight Ghost Hunt if you’re searching for a horror game to play with pals that is a little more vibrant and Ghostbusters-esque. A squad of hunters battles a team of spectral spooks in this high-action, rainbow-colored hunting game created by Vaulted Sky Games.

The objective of the Ghosts is to hold up the other team until midnight, at which point the roles are switched and the local Ghouls receive a power boost. Hunters transform into prey, and with the undead team’s arsenal of ghost skills and the humans’ formidable weapons, it may become a very surreal struggle for survival.

2. Slingo Extremely Scary

Have you ever played Slingo games? If this concept sounds new, you should know that it’s an online game that combines the techniques of slots and bingo games. Keep in mind that Slingo games can be played either by yourself or with friends, as they’re both single-player and multiplayer games. Chances are that horror fans who love online games will especially enjoy playing Slingo Extremely Scary. It’s a spooky slot reel that features scary themes and bingo elements.

Wondering where you can find scary Slingo games? Well, the British Slingo Sites offer numerous choices for anyone who’s looking for games to play with their buddies. Those online multiplayer Slingo games also come with better bonuses and will let you try out multiple variations. Those gaming sites are also better in ranking, safety, and regulation. 

3. The Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown is one of the best horror multiplayer games and the scariest co-op hunting games currently available. You kill monsters in the Hunt by Crytek to earn huge prizes. The game is set in 1895 in a Louisiana bayou that is overrun with supernatural creatures.

The caveat is that if you kill one, all the other Hunter teams on the map will be aware of it, thus each battle starts with bounties for the exceptionally challenging beasts. After that, you and your companions will have to guard your reward until it can be retrieved through a ritual of exile. There are numerous terrifying creatures to slay as well as haunting historical terrain to explore using a variety of unusual antiquated weapons.


4. V Rising

V Rising is an open-world survival game with a twist that was highly anticipated when it was released into early access by Stunlock Studios. You’re a vampire trying to live in a world full of monsters by creating your own eerie fortress. 

There are a ton of magical abilities to discover, some stunningly created enemies to slay, and a surprisingly large variety of construction and crafting possibilities. V Rising has a lot to offer, and since sunlight may inflict harm, you’ll need to physically seek cover behind a wall, a tree, or a well-positioned coffin.

5. Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is a four-versus-one asymmetrical that aims to dethrone Dead By Daylight and is rife with references to both the show and the larger Evil Dead Raimi-verse.


In order to expel the Deadites and win the game, four players assume the roles of Ash and his band of demon slayers as they gather three pieces of a map, the Necronomicon, and the Kandarian Dagger. While someone else controls the forces of evil, they can plant traps, and possess players who show enough fear. You can take control of powerful boss creatures like Evil Ash or Henrietta from Evil Dead 2 to deliver significant amounts of damage.

6. In Silence

The last on our list of the best horror multiplayer games is “In Silence.” For those who are unfamiliar, In Silence is a six-versus-one hunter-style game in which one set of players takes the role of survivors who must either leave the map or kill the one player who is roaming it as the resident monster.  

The patrolling creep, known as the Rake, uses sound to seek its victim instead of sight, which is how In Silence accomplishes things differently. As a result, each round’s action involves survivors playing a frantic game of hide and seek while sneaking about the area gathering supplies to fix their automobile, leaving, or unlocking an armory. 

Bottom Line

We’ve just explored 6 of the best horror multiplayer games that you can play with your friends in 2023. Each of these games has the power to make you tremble and make your entire house ring with screaming. Even though it can be difficult to spot the gems among the sea of copy-paste clones, there are some excellent ones in this article that are worth checking out.

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