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To New Friends

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I once found a small child’s toy sitting in the middle of a road. It was a doll, that of an infant only a few months old. The eyes were open, the lashes pronounced, and the pink paint which vaguely resembled human skin peeled from the plastic features of its face. I can’t say what drew me to it, but I found it odd that such a thing should be sitting upright, its dress dishevelled and dirtied, left behind only to be crushed by passing cars. A toy which at one time would have meant a great deal to a child.

Picking it up, its limbs dangled like a puppet without a master, held together loosely by thread sewn into a cotton body. It was then that I heard a rattle, something inside the doll. Quickly I realised that the noise was coming from the head, from behind the eyes, as something moved around tapping against the plastic which surrounded it.

I saw no one on the street, and so without thinking I tore the doll open, breaking the head off, ripping it from its cotton shoulders. Peering into the now decapitated head, I could see what had been making the noise. A tooth, human or otherwise, slipped into my hand from the open neck.


‘She used to be my friend’, a voice said.

Looking up, a young girl stood before me, pointing to the broken doll in my hand.

‘She won’t be happy with you now’, she said nervously.

‘And why is that?’, I asked.

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‘Would you be happy if someone tore off your head?’


‘She’s just a doll’, I said, pushing the head and body together. ‘I can fix her for you if you’d like?’


‘No, I don’t like playing with her’.

The girl then walked past me, continuing down the street. Looking at the broken doll in my hands, the eyes vacant, I began to feel strangely nervous.

‘Why don’t you like her?’, I shouted.


In response, the child stopped and turned round to look at me from afar, before replying: ‘She steals things’. It was then that she smiled, revealing a toothless grin. ‘She’s your friend now’. And with that the little girl disappeared into a garden nearby.

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17 thoughts on “To New Friends”

  1. Abhishek Pasupuleti

    If I find such ‘s doll, burn it, freeze it, break it, throw it into a volcano and shout to the mouth of the volcano, SHE’S YOUR FRIEND NOW B*TCH

  2. Contrary to several posts here, I found this story to be a great length, to the point, and explained perfectly well. There is literally nothing else that requires explanation.

  3. As soon as I seen the paint looking like human skin, peeling no less, I would have chucked it back into the road and ran it over. Where did the little girl come from if he was sure no one else was on the road? I’d love to read about someone else having the doll with more of a story to it, since I find almost all dolls 100% creepy.

    1. Its okay man, but the story seemed to be short-lived. The plot itself was okay but you kinda left me a bit confused on how you ended it.

  4. Great premise. But it needs to be pushed more. There’s a lot of room to develop what happens after, or even delve into the doll’s origins.

      1. More would be cool, but the story is great as is.

        Like when you watch a 30 second teaser trailer and it tells you JUST enough to get you excited in your pants.

  5. The short review:

    Too little was explained for me to find it creepy.
    It gets a 4/10

    The longer one:

    I thought this was okay, but it didn’t do what I think you intended, it didn’t give me the chills that dolls usually do (creepy bastards) even though it could have. If you explained more deeply, why is this doll a creepy doll? What does it steal? Does it have a motive?
    That’s what I like about creepypastas, when you leave a bit open, but still explain enough for it to be creepy. As i said, it gets 4/10 even though it could’ve gotten 8.

    Sorry :/

    1. No problem :) I’m known for writing very long stories, occasionally I like to write something in under 1,000 words like this. Sometimes it’s effective to take a slice from a larger story and present it, allowing the reader to fill in the gaps. It’s deliberately vague, a small weird fiction piece. Sorry it didn’t work for you though, maybe I’ll get you next time :)

    2. Dude, did you not notice when either the tooth fell out of the doll head and then the girl says it steals things, revealing a “TOOTHLESS” grin? The doll stole that girls tooth.

      1. Oh… F*ck.
        Forget my abovestanding argument. That’s just perfect.
        “WAITER!!! Double My rating please!”

        Gets an 8/10

        Sorry Mr./Mrs Author. This was just perfect
        I feel like kind of a douchebag for not noticing.

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