To New Friends

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๐Ÿ“… Published on November 28, 2014

"To New Friends"

Written by Michael Whitehouse

Estimated reading time โ€” 2 minutes

I once found a small child’s toy sitting in the middle of a road. It was a doll, that of an infant only a few months old. The eyes were open, the lashes pronounced, and the pink paint which vaguely resembled human skin peeled from the plastic features of its face. I can’t say what drew me to it, but I found it odd that such a thing should be sitting upright, its dress dishevelled and dirtied, left behind only to be crushed by passing cars. A toy which at one time would have meant a great deal to a child.

Picking it up, its limbs dangled like a puppet without a master, held together loosely by thread sewn into a cotton body. It was then that I heard a rattle, something inside the doll. Quickly I realised that the noise was coming from the head, from behind the eyes, as something moved around tapping against the plastic which surrounded it.

I saw no one on the street, and so without thinking I tore the doll open, breaking the head off, ripping it from its cotton shoulders. Peering into the now decapitated head, I could see what had been making the noise. A tooth, human or otherwise, slipped into my hand from the open neck.

โ€˜She used to be my friendโ€™, a voice said.

Looking up, a young girl stood before me, pointing to the broken doll in my hand.

โ€˜She won’t be happy with you nowโ€™, she said nervously.

โ€˜And why is that?โ€™, I asked.

โ€˜Would you be happy if someone tore off your head?โ€™

โ€˜She’s just a dollโ€™, I said, pushing the head and body together. โ€˜I can fix her for you if you’d like?โ€™

โ€˜No, I donโ€™t like playing with herโ€™.

The girl then walked past me, continuing down the street. Looking at the broken doll in my hands, the eyes vacant, I began to feel strangely nervous.

โ€˜Why donโ€™t you like her?โ€™, I shouted.

In response, the child stopped and turned round to look at me from afar, before replying: โ€˜She steals thingsโ€™. It was then that she smiled, revealing a toothless grin. โ€˜Sheโ€™s your friend nowโ€™. And with that the little girl disappeared into a garden nearby.

Credit: Michael Whitehouse (Official Website โ€ข Amazon โ€ข Facebook โ€ข Twitter โ€ข YouTube โ€ข Patreon โ€ข WattPad โ€ข SmashWords)

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