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It’s night time. You’re in bed, trying to get some sleep. The TV is on. You’ve got it on the lowest volume setting so as you don’t wake your parents, the flickering light emitting from it is rebounding around the room, changing the shape of the shadows all around you and playing hell with your mind. Stupid you has already switched the lights off, and the switch is on the other side of the room.

You’re scared. Images of demons and ghostly spectres wash through your mind, your heart pounds like the fall of a hammer on an anvil. Why oh why did you read all those Creepypastas? You kick yourself for being such an idiot, and roll over to try and get some sleep.

Then it happens. Almost as soon as you close your eyes. A Thump, sounding almost like it came from down the hall. You open your eyes and sit up cautiously. Probably your brother falling out of bed or something. You roll back over and shut your eyes again. Another Thump. This time closer. ‘It’s my brother. Or my cat. Or my parents. Or something.’ Thump. Right outside your room. You sit up and look at the door defiantly. The TV is still on. The door stays shut.

Then you have a great idea. You grab the TV remote and turn the volume up. You start to feel better as the sounds of human voices enter your ears. You roll back over and close your eyes again. Then you realise how stupid you were. Then, and only then, do you realise.


If the volume’s been turned up, how are you going to hear the last Thump?


Credited to Azdrazlarr.

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86 thoughts on “Thump”

  1. I am the WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?!

    Yeah, it was OK and all, and I read creepypastas all the time but not enough description in the end? Why do you NEED to hear the last *thump*

  2. I thought of an alternate ending: “You decided to turn up the volume on your tv to drown out the thumps, but you did not realize your mistake. For you did not hear the final thump and the slow creek of your door opening. Nor did you notice the dark figure slowly creeping up behind you.”

  3. People who are saying you\’d realize it came in:

    What if the bed faces away from the door and the door is opened silently?

  4. Haha I couldn’t help it, made my life.

    Mar 21st 2009

    “Seriously though, and who was thump?”

    Mar 22nd 2009

    “Jesus was thump”

  5. If it’s some nasty monster shit coming to kill you, it makes no difference whether you can hear it or not, it will do what it wants. If it’s just the heating or the pipes or whatever, then you’ve solved the problem. Not creepy in the slightest.

  6. This exact situation happened to me the other night, but it just turned out to be my brother going down the hallway to the bathroom.

  7. Azdrazlarr, that wasn’t English spelling of realize, it was American spelling of realize. In English, it’s spelt realise.

  8. Spoilers: It’s bad that he can’t hear the last thump because he knows it wont make a good creepypasta, the worst thing that can ever happen to an /x/phile.

  9. I agree, the last thump thing is horrible because it makes no sense.
    You did a great job at having us relate to it, but then the ending was just so lame that it ruined the whole thing.

  10. Lame.

    I was waiting for a brick shitter punch line, but then it just went on to state something obvious and bland, instead of revealing something unexpected and horrific.
    Oh noes, how stupid you have been, now you won’t hear the last thump. BIG DEAL. A probability of 99 out of 100 says it’s nothing dangerous anyway. How much sense does it make to expect a random sound to be a mysterious supernatural monster coming to murder you, and not just an air conditioner or who knows what?

    It might have been scary if instead it ended with the TV bringing a news report of an escaped psychotic murderer who insisted on wearing clogs 24/7, or something.

    And who the hell sleeps with the TV on, anyway?

  11. I liked it. But I dunno, that last line seemed weird to me. Suspense is scary because your mind jumps to worse and worse conclusions.

    But, I mean, the implication here is that your mind is RIGHT. So would non-suspense really be better in this case? I’d rather just /lifequit if I really thought last thump was coming.

  12. rushy rushy at the end. Too much unsaid, but the general idea hits me, as I had many evenings like that

  13. Hah, as creepypastas go, that was almost cute. Not as out-and-out jarring as some of the others, which is actually a nice change. I enjoyed it.

  14. I never hear thumping noises so i guess this doesn’t affect me, in fact i don’t do any of that stuff.

    After reading the comments it made me understand the Pasta clearer, over-all not a bad pasta :)

  15. XD This is funny ’cause that’s exactly what I do! I read creepypastas, turn on the tv, turn out the lights, I’m too afraid to move to turn them back on, and my floor makes weird creaks, cracks, and various thumps that scare the fuck outta me! I think it’s just great!

  16. Well, when I wrote the story, I imagined the thump was some unexplained entity thumping its way down the hall. The last thump was the thump that killed you, and if you didn’t hear it you couldn’t be ready. I guess it doesn’t come through as much here as it did when I originally thought of it.

  17. katie

    Mar 17th 2009
    the weird spelling of ‘realize’ at the end ruined any creepiness it may have had for me.

    Weird spelling being English spelling.

    And to everyone else, this was my first Creepypasta, not much experience in such things. Thanks for everyone else’s support, apart from Anonymous and his hardly-helpful “This story is retarded” comment. Other than that, you’ve all been very nice.

  18. Chinchillazilla

    Katie, you are dumb.

    This had a nice atmosphere, but… you’ll know when the Thumper gets into your room, so it’s moot.

  19. Weird Al Yankovic

    Thump came along and it knocked on your door,
    You heard it once but you casually ignore.
    It gets closer, fills you with dread,
    You turned the TV volume up instead.

    It’s Thump, It’s Thump
    He’s in your bed
    It’s Thump, It’s Thump, It’s Thump
    He wants you dead

  20. It could have been a lot better, but as everyone else said, it needs the horrific implication of why the thump needs to be heard.

    Also, if I was in my room and some creepy thumping was going on, I’d hide/pretend to sleep so the mysterious thump wouldn’t “get” me. Personally, in my wildest imaginings I’d only assume some murderer is killing my family and their bodies are the thumps, so I’d go under my bed. The scariest thing down there is a bug.

    But I digress. It’s okay, but needs a heart-stopping ending line.

  21. The One Hiding Under Your Bed

    @Anonymous/Tom (wtf?)

    The only horrific implication is that he won’t be ready when whatever’s doing the thumping thumps its way into his room. That being said, I’m not sure how it’ll get past the door without him noticing.

    Good pasta, though.

  22. @ Tom:

    The thump has been getting closer and closer. How will you know if it’s on top of you? How will you know if it’s all in your head?

    It’s a matter of imagination.

  23. @Tom : your post made me lol = )
    an inconvenience indeed…
    but I liked this one…
    It has a classic ghost story feel to it

  24. I’m with Tom. I don’t get this ending. What’s so bad about not hearing the “last” thump? Sounds can’t open doors. >:I

  25. Hmm… was waiting for an OH SHI- kind of ending but it never came. In fact I don’t even get the ending. Yeah, I won’t be able to hear the last thump, but so what? That’s not scary. That’s just an inconvenience. There’s almost certainly a horrific implication that I’m missing here… can anyone explain it to me?

  26. Hmm… was waiting for an OH SHI- kind of ending but it never came. In fact I don’t even get the ending. Yeah, I won’t be able to hear the last thump, but so what? That’s not scary. That’s just an inconvenience. There’s almost certainly a horrific implication that I’m missing here… can anyone explain it to me?

    1. that’s not a “weird” spelling that’s the proper spelling if only you americans weren’t so keen on fucking up the english language

  27. This is an amazing pasta.
    Especially since I’ve spent many nights in a situation like this (minus the Thumping and with my computer)

  28. My heart jumped at the last line, but then it went back to meh. Its okay. Thumps are okay. Never been a big fan, but theyre okay.

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