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They Did Not Come in Peace

They did not come in peace

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I grew up in a very remote small town called Funkley in northern Minnesota. I had lived my entire life there. Despite what you might read about it now there once was a small population that did reside there.
That is up until 2004.
Nothing really ever happened in this town. Everyone knew everyone. Just a cheerful and peaceful place filled with friendly people.
I had a wife and three kids. Two daughters and a son.
At times I did feel bad that my kids didn’t have a lot of other kids they could interact with but the kids, my wife, and I enjoyed the peace. We would hike and explore the woods on almost a daily basis. Things were good there.

That was until one fall evening in 2004 when something happened that changed everything I knew. An incident that I did try coming forward to tell authorities about. When they wouldn’t listen I did try to tell anyone that would listen. Only to get called crazy or a deranged psycho.
You can only take so much of such accusations and almost getting thrown into a loony bin until you realize it’s better to just keep your mouth shut.

What happened was that on one particular night my neighbor comes to approach me to point something unusual out. I had been at my shed outside in the yard putting some equipment away. I was closing the door when he tells me about these weird lights in the sky and points out their unusual odd patterns that move at rapid speeds.
Since there was no internet and cell phones were just as good as regular phones then. Nobody had anything to get any information on hand or readily record what was happening. My neighbor hurries off to get his radio and his camera from his house.
The guy was an aspiring photographer. The camera he had required a roll of film. Even had a dark room in his house to process the film and such. Ya know to make his own pictures. Only person in the town with a camera of high quality. Of the standards of a camera back then and not like digital ones now.
He proceeds to set up his camera for night photography and tunes the radio to different frequencies. Of course, there’s nothing about strange dancing lights in the sky from any of the local stations.

It had been going on for close to an hour. Which during the time pretty much everyone in the whole town came out to witness this bizarre phenomenon. My family had heard the commotion so they came out to join me.
It was shortly after everyone came out to watch when the lights stopped moving in their sporadic patterns and proceeds to just sit in one place. It was after a few moments you could see that the lights were growing brighter. Seemingly to be coming in our direction.
You can imagine the buzz of conversations people had going on. Wondering if we should be worried or panicking or something at least.
Like what the hell was going on, right? Is it something friendly? Is it hostile? A secret government project? Russia? China? North Korea? Crazy terrorists that hijacked another plane?

The lights cover the distance to the treeline at the edge of our town at quite an astonishing speed. Giving us further detail of the rough size of this thing that produced the lights.
We had some street lights in the town but not many. Though there were brighter flood lights in an open field where we would have events such as a carnival, fair, or some town event.

So to help us all maybe catch a better glimpse of this thing someone runs over to turn on these lights at the box that turns them on. Which, by this time, had been moving slowly overhead.
What didn’t even occur to me up until this point was that there was hardly a sound. No roar of a combustion engine, turbine engine, or rocket. Not even anything you’d hear on like a helicopter.
Just a slight hum.
So when some of the light illuminated this mysterious object. There were plenty of gasps from startled onlookers.
After the realization of what was being seen. A couple of the people quickly left to the safety of their homes and probably locking the doors. I’m sure from fear and confusion.

Regardless if people stayed or had just left. We could now assume that what we were seeing is that this is something not of human origin. Or if It was then it must be some kind of top secret government project. Though I do think that pretty much all of us were thinking that it had to be a real UFO.

It proceeds to just glide in the direction of the flood lights and stops directly over the field. It’s like half the people are just fascinated by what they’re seeing while the other half is really starting to really panic.

Now that the craft was over the field and can be seen in full detail. It was quite the sight to behold. It was like a flying saucer you’d see portrayed in scifi films, comics, and stuff. No kind of combustion. No blades. Although, you can barely make out some kind of barrier. A field of some sort around the craft, I’d guess? Just barely visible to the eye.

This thing then proceeds to descend to the ground! The god damned UFO is landing in the field. So not only are we witnessing a UFO, with our own fucking eyes, but we’re also about to encounter extra terrestrial life? Like real god damn aliens?

I’ve read a few things in the scifi genre to make me a bit hesitant about getting too close. Stuff about anal probing and whatnot. So I’m not overly excited about joining the majority of people that are approaching the landing site.
Nobody really knows yet if they’re going to be friendly or hostile.
Though they hadn’t shot any laser beams or burned anything in its path. Not yet at least. It was also not a massive ship. So at least it could be assumed they weren’t planning a fullscale invasion either.

I watch with a few people and my family from the edge of my yard. The field and everything taking place well in view. We were about one hundred to two hundred yards away. Across a road from the field.
We watch as the craft approached the ground while these stilts came folding out from underneath the craft. So when the craft did land these stilts held it up about five feet or so off the ground.
A big group of people were standing together just about fifty yards or more from where it was landing. I couldn’t exactly tell the distance from where we were at. There arose some excited commotion coming from the crowd.

It’s at this point that I noticed my neighbor unmounting his camera from the tripod and doing some adjustments. I approached him to ask if he really was going to get closer for some pictures. Since he’s pretty much the only one I do feel like is a friend in the town. I was concerned for his safety.
He assures me that he’s just going to the edge of the field and not any closer. He wanted to document everything in great detail. I do advise him to be cautious as I watch him walk off towards the field. It was just as he got to the edge of the field that the whole thing turned into a living nightmare.

There was a bright flash of light followed by a pulse like sound. Everything went dark. The power to everything in town just went out in an instant. Leaving us all in darkness. I felt my heart skip a beat as I start to hear frantic shouting. Everyone was obviously starting to panic.
Then just like any kind of alien sci-fi movie the door to the craft starts to slide open to the right with a blinding light shining from within the craft. A platform extends from the door to the ground.
Without even really thinking I was walking towards the field along with the others with me; including my family. Everyone had grown silent. Restless with anticipation at what is taking place.

Two silhouettes now stand in the door of the craft. The bright white light shining out from their backs. They start to descend the ramp as the flood lights on the field flicker back on. My group is now at the edge of the field behind the rest of the people from the town.
You can now see these entities and make out their appearance. They reach the bottom of the ramp then stand there not moving anymore forward towards the crowd. They stand at about six feet in height. They wear loose fitting white garments with hoods pulled over their heads which droop over their eyes.


They reach up and pull back their hoods with white long boney fingers. They look remarkably human with some eerily slight differences. Their hair is long and bleach white. Their eyes.. their eyes haunt me as I stare at them to see they are completely black. Their ears can not be seen from underneath their thick white long hair. To their mid backs. The nose is pretty human looking along with a mouth of appropriate human size. Though their lips can barely be recognized as they are thin with a dullish grey to highlight the lips.

Moments pass as we all just stare at them and they just stare back. The unblinking eyes send a chill down my spine. Finally someone manages to gather enough courage then manages to step forward. While approaching them he then asks what it is that they want. Why are they here?
He takes another step and brings up a hand to see if they will shake his hand in a greeting. Then in an instant one of them whips out a hand from underneath its garment which reveals a device in their hand. The entity brings the device forward and points it at the man who is walking toward them.
ZAP! A flash illuminates the crowd briefly and the man is sent flying off of his feet backwards by five feet then sprawling onto the ground. Fear and anger erupts from the crowd. Some men appear to start working towards the entities. A few others and the women start to flee.
A loud shrill high-pitched noise emits from every direction it seems. My head starts to feel as if it’s about to rip apart. All I can see is a blinding light as I put my hands over my eyes and fall to my knees. The pain is unbearable as I begin to scream. Was I screaming? The noise is deafening and it’s all I can hear.

I become aware that after a moment there is now a deafening silence. I take my hands from my eyes as the reality of what is happening begins to hits me like a ton of bricks. There is madness that has consumed all the men around me. Yet somehow it hadn’t effected me.

I see a man grab another by the hair as he begins to pull with all of his might. A few hairs are pulled from the scalp but the rest hold on as the skin rips. The hair, scalp, and flesh pull apart to expose the skull. Blood pouring over the man’s face. In shock I begin to reel backwards onto my hands and feet backpedaling from the the grotesque scene.
I get up twisting onto my feet trying to get away from the crowd of people gone mad. I see another man stop another from biting him by grabbing a hold of the man’s mouth with both hands. With strength fueled by pure adrenaline and otherworldly force he then begins to force the mouth to open wider and wider as the jaw unhinges allowing the mouth to be ripped open wide. The lips ripping at the edge of the mouth to the jaws.
All the men except for me are mutilating each other beyond recognition. I manage to get away from the crowd of insanity. It occurs to me that for some reason I was spared from the ongoing madness. Somehow I was unharmed from the infliction. It seemed as if those mad could not sense my presence. Only attacking all the others gone mad.

My mind is reeling in terror as a frightening thought crosses my mind. I begin to desperately shout to find my wife and children. I quickly realized that there are no women in the chaos. From the realization I quickly look towards the direction of the ship. That’s when I made the connection. I see all the women and they wear an emotionless expression as if stuck in some sort of trance. All in a line as they walk up the ramp to their apparent waiting prison.

I shout my wife’s name as I break out into a full sprint toward the ship. I am screaming at these devils to stop. To let these women go. I can see the last of the women is about to walk onto the ramp. I briefly make a note that it is a man walking last. I see a young lady in front of the man and see that it’s my youngest daughter. Rage has fueled me as if it’s everything I know.
I am quickly closing in on one of the entities. I am just about to attack this wicked thing just as a pulse envelopes me which blasts me backwards and then land hard on my back slamming my head onto the ground. Blackness shrouds my vision as I lose consciousness.

I come to a while later as my head is throbbing still from the impact. I sit up as I rub my temple with my right hand. I can hear groans and sobbing from the few men still alive after the carnage. I open my eyes and see the sun is beginning to rise. The craft is now gone with no indication that it had ever existed. Other than the bloody aftermath and all the women now gone.


I get to my feet so I can find my boy and neighbor. I do eventually find my son in the fetal position rocking back and forth whispering to himself. I kneel beside him so I can see if he has any injuries. He flinches at my touch when I put my hand on his shoulder.
I ask him if he is hurt but he just continues to stare ahead with wide eyes. Giving no recognition of my presence.
He would never recover from that night. He tried to kill me several times after that night. A year had passed before I sent him to an institution. I haven’t seen him in three years now.

I did leave my son there to try to find my neighbor. Some men were barely alive as they gurgled on their blood trying to get air. Those that survived, of which there was just three, had bad injuries. All of them in shock and never did fully recover.
I did not find my neighbor amongst any of the dead. I found he also was not home when I went and checked in his house. I always wondered if he did go on the ship or what happened to him.

That happened sixteen years ago. I barely kept my sanity intact after all these years. I lost everything that I knew and loved that night. My wife and daughters who were taken as prisoners. My son who lost his mind to the point that he tried to kill me. My best friend, my neighbor, who was either taken or either went mad then vanished.

I left that town after I sent my son away. It was not the same anymore. That town. The few still there just pretended as if nothing ever happened. They would always stare at me murmuring and looking at me sideways.

But I’m here today talking to you because something happened just two days ago. It was the middle of the night as I tried to sleep. Which is hard as nightmares always come creeping in.
I heard an extremely loud knocking at my door. So of course out of curiosity I know I have to open it. I think it may even be my son as he was before that night! Finally recovered and was healed with the help of therapy! Although deep down I know that most likely was not the case.
I had ran to the door then quickly turned the handle to swing it open. I was in absolute disbelief as to who it was standing before me.
My neighbor, my old best friend, stood there in an all white garment. Right before my eyes was the man who I thought I lost. He looked as if he had not aged a day after sixteen years! He even had his camera in hand. But his eyes… His eyes were all black.

Credit: Wigginitus


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