The White Widow’s Kindness

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File Report #21

Location: Unknown (Estimated In Midwest)


Time: Unknown

Case: Closed

*The following evidence was recorded using a tape recorder. The tapes were sent to our department two weeks ago with no return address. We suspect that there was more audio recorded, but we only received three. We do not know the origins of the tapes or why they were made. The voice is unknown but seems to be male. Some of the audio is not understandable. Besides the murder suspect, names that were clearly stated in the recording do not have a record of citizenship in any state, or the national archives*

Tape (1/3)

So like I said, it’s been hard working two jobs, but I need the money. Mom suggested I do a little yard work for Mrs. Irwin. Say hi Mom.

*Audio is not clear, but we can make out a dismembered voice. We can assume it is the speaker’s mother*

My Mom, ladies and gentlemen, positive as always. So Emily Irwin is the lady I talked about a couple of tapes back. You know, the White Widow?

*Dismembered voice interrupts speaker briefly*

Mom, that’s not what I call her. It’s what everyone else in town calls her. For those of you listening, Mrs. Irwin is called White Widow because her once to be husband died on their wedding day. The “White” in White Widow comes from the wedding dress she was wearing. At least, that’s what the rumors say.

*Dismembered voice speaks*

Really? So the wedding thing really did happen. Huh. Kinda sad. Well, it looks like we’re here. Man, her house is huge. Talk to you later guys.


*The audio on this tape was estimated to be a few weeks after the events of the first tape. It is noted that in the days following the first tape, four murders have occurred*

Tape (2/3)

So, we just got back from Steven’s funeral.

*Silence for some seconds*

Mom, is the town cursed?

*Dismembered voice speaks*

Well, this is the fourth one to happen. Four, Mom. And in such a small time?
Something’s not right. First Eddie, then Mr. Henderson, then Kate, and now Steve?

*Dismembered voice speaks*

Something in the water? But we drink it, and we’re fine.

*Silence for some seconds*

Did you see Mrs. Irwin there at all?

*Dismembered voice speaks*

No, and she wasn’t at any of the other funerals either. She’s not sick either. When you sent me to get the groceries yesterday, I saw her walking by herself across the street. I waved but I don’t think she saw me. She looked awful too. Her hair was all tangled up, and her makeup was dry on her face. And she seemed angry for some reason.

*Dismembered voice speaks*

Maybe. God I hope no more deaths happen. It’s depressing the shit out of me.

*Dismembered voice speaks*

Hahaha. Alright Mom, I’ll watch my language.


*The final audio was estimated to be recorded a month after the events in tape two. We can note that ‘Mrs. Irwin’ supposedly left the town some time after the death of ‘Amy’, a female that died after the death of ‘Steve’. We do not know if more deaths happened between the two events but we can guess that Amy’s was the most recent. We can also note that police officers in the area began to investigate the deaths but were unable to find any evidence pointing towards murder, or that Mrs. Irwin was the murderer*

Tape (3/3)

Ok, I don’t know what’s going on. Mom just left the house in a hurry saying something about helping make amends and-

*Sound of something heavy falling*

Ah fuck. I need to wash the blood off.

*Footsteps are heard, followed by running water*

Shit, shit, shit, shit. I don’t know what to do so I’m just going to follow her.

*Sound of running water stops*

It’s uh, 10:14 at night, and it’s kinda raining outside. Doesn’t look too bad though.

*Sound of putting on clothing. Seems to be shoes. Then footsteps, followed by the opening of a door and the closing of one. More footsteps*

Wait, I see her.

*Speaker is yelling now*

MOM!!! MOM!!!

Shit, she can’t hear me. Where the fuck is she going?

*Fast paced footsteps are heard while speaker is talking*

I don’t know what’s gotten into her. One minute she was fine, making dinner, and then she starts to cry, yelling at me about making amends.

*Footsteps stop*


*Silence for some seconds*

She went into Mrs. Irwin’s place. I thought that it would be locked because of the cops being there 24/7

*Footsteps pick up again*

Ok…here we are.

*Sound of feet going up stairs*

The door’s open so I’m just going to go in.

*Footsteps on a wooden floor are heard*

Mom? MOM!?


Ok, this is officially creeping me out. MOM?!

*Sound of footsteps*

Where are all the police officers?

*More footsteps for some time*

I don’t know if I should be in here. The house is too big for me to look for my mom alone…

*Silence for some seconds*


*Sounds of heavy breathing by the recorder are heard*


*More rapid breathing is heard*

I don’t feel too good. The air in this place is like…heavy. I wish that I coul-

*Silence is the only thing heard from the audio but the tape is still going. After four minutes of waiting, we get audio back. There seems to be more than one person in this part of the audio so we separated the dialogue for easier reading. The unknown voice sounds like an elderly female*

*Silence for some seconds*

Speaker: What did you do to my mom?

Unknown Voice: She is safe.

*Silence for a few seconds*

UV: You are a good child.


Speaker: What happened to you? You look…old.

UV: That is because I am old.

Speaker: But you didn’t look this way before. You were in your late forties, not in your hundreds.

*Loud cold laughter is heard for a few seconds. The voice is the female’s*

UV: Oh, I am not that old.

*Silence for more seconds*

UV: You sound angry.

Speaker: Where is my mother?

UV: She is safe.

Speaker (Louder): But WHERE is she?


UV: She is home.

Speaker: Did you kill Amy? And Steve? And Mr. Henderson? The officers say you did.

UV: Yes, I killed them.


Speaker: Why.

UV: Why not?

Speaker: Are you fucking crazy?

UV: No. I killed them because they deserved it.

Speaker: What do you mean?

UV: You will not understand.

Speaker: I’m calling the cops.

UV: Dead. All dead.

Speaker: What the hell do you mean they’re all dead?

UV: I killed them.


Speaker: Why did you leave? And why did you come back now?

UV: I left because someone needed to die somewhere else in the world. I came back because someone
needed to die here.



UV: Your mother came to make amends. Such a nice woman.


UV: She said she was sorry about my husband.


Speaker: What do you want?

UV: Redemption

Speaker: From what? No one here killed your husband.

UV: Yes…But I think that everyone should experience the pain that I felt when he died.

*Strange sounds are heard from the audio. The female’s voice now sounds slightly deeper, colder, and angry*

UV: You are a good child.

Speaker: I’m getting out.


*A sound of a door slamming is heard, and some struggling is heard*


*Footsteps are heard, and the moans of the Speaker are heard from the audio*

Speaker: Please. Let me go.

UV: You are a good child.

Speaker: Please I didn’t do anything.

UV: Neither did my husband. Neither did I.

Speaker: Please, I just want my mom.

UV: I already told you, she is safe. Stop asking.

*The Sound of footsteps and the moving of items is heard. Also mumbling is heard*

Speaker: Please let me go.

UV: Death is not so bad. First pain and then nothing. Easy as th-

*Heavy breathing is heard from the speaker. Then footsteps are heard coming towards the recorder*

UV: What is this? A recorder?

*Laughing, then footsteps*

UV: You are a good child.

*More footsteps are heard, then, a man’s voice is heard from the recorder*

Man: Is he alive?

UV: Yes, I didn’t kill him.

Man: Why not?

UV: He is a good child

Man: I don’t care. Kill him.

UV: No I will not.

Man: Then I will do it. The others are out back. They just took care of the mother and are going to put her back.

UV: Good.

*Footsteps start to fade and a sigh is heard from the recorder*

*Footsteps are heard and an opening and closing of a door. Multiple voices are heard.*

UV: It is time we leave and look for somewhere else to rest.

*Unclear voices are heard mumbling and talking*

*A muffled scream is heard and then a sigh from the recorder*

UV: He is a good child.


*Officials do not know what to do with the tapes. They can used as evidence, but there were not any murders or deaths reported with such a description. There is no information about the location or even time of the event. There is no information on any of the suspects, except Mrs. Irwin. It is speculated that she was the woman talking to the Speaker at the end. There is little information about her, and what little information we have is irrelevant and could not be possibly accurate. She was born on March 16th, 1814 and died on August 3rd 1834-The day of her wedding and death of her husband John Irwin. There is no evidence that suggests the existence of the group involved in the ‘murders’. It is Concluded that the tapes are either a hoax, or an out of context story on some basis.

The report is finished. The case is closed.

Credit To: M.G. King

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