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The Unbirth

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I had always questioned whether or not I truly believed in the paranormal, and sometimes I wished that I would have stayed strictly to my stubborn attitude. However, that was not the case a month ago. The event that I want to inform people about has shook my grounded reality like an earthquake, and has also ruptured my former co-workers’ reality as well. This was not the first time I had experienced something odd and otherworldly, but it certainly did provide a new reality for myself, and others who have experienced the same kind of paranormal occurrences. Various occurrences had occurred in my city, as well as in the suburban areas, but now it has elevated to the point where I have to tell people about it. I have to make sure I am not alone, and that I am not going crazy. I hope that someone from my city will recognize the report. If so, then you will know where to find me. I had been at my job for about a month when the first incident had happened.

The Report
Date: 4/15/13
I had just finished doing some work as staff support at a psychiatric institute in my city, and was on a dinner break making light out of some of the day’s struggles. I knew that I had a long night ahead of me, so I had packed some supplies for the night including a small book to read, a snack or two, and whatever games I had on my phone; I worked a double shift that day, and quite honestly I never got used to them. I got back to my desk and took up reading my book for a while, as most of the patients were asleep and did not need to be taken care of at the late hours.
It got to be around midnight when one of the little girls, who had suffered from an anxiety disorder (specifically post traumatic stress disorder) was dancing around in the hall laughing. I was on the fifth floor and she was supposed to be down on third; the third floor was for children with anxiety issues. I heard her laugh echo down the hall almost hauntingly, and so I got up from my desk and went over to where the laughter was coming from so she would not wake up the other patients. I walked down the long and dimly lit hallway; the silence of my footsteps clapped softly as I quickened my pace.
Seeing the girl dancing around as carelessly as she was, I would never assume that she had suffered from an anxiety disorder. She danced in front of the closed stairwell and suddenly stopped and looked around her aimlessly as if she had misplaced something. For confidentiality, her name will be the pseudonym “Claire.” My conversation with Claire went somewhat like this:
Me: “Hey there. What are you doing up here this late?”
Claire: “Have you seen my friends?”
Me: “What were you doing with your friends?”
Claire: “We was playing, but I lost them.” She continues to look around the hallway.
Me: “Can you tell me what they looked like?”
Claire: “White!” she exclaims while searching in the most remote places.
Me: “Is that all? How about their face?”
Claire: “Uhm…. Two big eyes and a small mouth. They all look the same. They got scared because they thought you were going to yell at them.”
By this time I had about enough, and walked her down back to where her room was on the third floor. I said goodnight to her and she slept fairly well, but myself I sat anxious because I had seen too many movies with little girls being an evil spirit. I spoke with the worker at the desk on the third floor who had no idea Claire had snuck out. I thought I heard laughing from the stairwell again, but I thought it was just the other children that were awake. Someone else could handle it. That was around 1:30 AM and everything from there remained normal except for the tiny white footprints marking up the floor where the girl had been dancing. The footprints were tiny, chalky white, and disappeared at the slightest gust of wind like powder. I cleaned those prints up quickly and thought someone must have been using too much foot powder. Although, no had feet that tiny in my workplace. I often wondered why I never heard Claire and the other children playing before I walked over. I should have heard them scatter.

Date: 4/17/12
On this day I was called into another night shift due to one of the other interns not wanting to work the night shift anymore. She had worked it the same night as myself, and the night after that when I was off. Tonight, I would take her place on the third floor.
I sat quietly at my desk and talked on and off with some of my other co-workers who would bring up the events of the previous nights. I was too afraid to think about paranormal occurrences because it had always freaked me out, but this time it seemed to fit the mood and be more of a joke to my co-workers. So I participated for once and talked with them about the occurrences. I asked my fellow co-worker, Nate (a pseudonym), what made the girl from last night not want a night shift again. Our conversation was very odd:
Nate: “Well it seemed to me that she didn’t want to talk. She just sat there doing nothing. I’m glad she isn’t here. She never helps us control the kids.”
Me: “Ok so what? She just sat there not doing anything?”
Nate: “Pretty much. I mean, until she began to pace up and down the halls. Then I got a bit annoyed.”
Me: “What did she say was bothering her?”
Nate: “She wouldn’t tell me. I made a slight noise once and she jumped out of her seat. She kept giving me angry looks after that. Then later, she stood absolutely still and refused to move until day break. She refused to interact with the kids then.”
Nate looked up from his seat, and saw Claire and another boy move from their rooms into the hallway. He got up from his seat quickly to talk to them, and then he kindly moved them back into their rooms. It was at that moment when I heard the sound from the night before.
Around 11:00 PM a large crash was heard down the hall, and then some children’s laughter followed it. I told Nate that I would handle it, and jogged down the hall to go see what trouble the children were causing, or if someone was hurt. I had walked around the entire hall until I reached the stairwell, but I could not find the source of the crash or the children. I peered inside each room on my floor and found nothing suspicious. Then I went over toward one of the storage rooms and tried to open the door. It would not budge; someone must have pushed the filing cabinet over, blocking the door.
Nate came over and helped me slowly shove the door open, and found the place to be a complete mess. Nate wanted to look for the children who did this, but the fact of the matter was that they would have had to done the act from the inside trapping them. The filing cabinet was so close to the door so that no one, especially a child, could slip out without injuring themselves in the process, or having themselves stuck in the room. As we had finished cleaning the room we began to hear the children laugh again from down the hall. He walked out and saw the double door to the Eastern stairwell close. I never remembered hearing footsteps outside the storage room.
I ran down the hall to the stairwell on the opposite side of the hallway and hurried down the steps. Nate went down the stairwell closest to where he was to try and catch them mid-escape. I swear I saw a figure moving down the steps, and so I went all the way down until I could not go down any further. I was now at the bottom floor and was left with only my own heart beat to listen to. There was a single door at the bottom with a small, square, and black window placed in the center of it. The door down here was locked tight, but I peered into the small glass window to try and see anything I could. It was just a black void in that room. Then a small white faced creature flew up like lightning in front of the window and I jumped back. I gasped took several deep breathes to try and hold myself together. That creature left in image of it in my head which glowed an eerie white glow and smiled at me. I could not tell what gender it was, but I still heard the muffled laughter of the children coming from that bottom room. The laughter was neither male nor female, but I mixture between the two that sounded distorted.
I made my way back upstairs and had to get some water before seeing Nate again. He asked me if I had found anything, but I told him I found nothing and lost the trail. The rest of the night I spent thinking about what I had seen. I was too scared to talk to it about anyone, and I was also too scared to speak in general. I could only remember that image in my head, and some of the odd files that had spilt over in the storage room. Some of the files were missing when I went back in the get them despite the room still a mess. I never asked Nate about the missing files.


Date: 4/19/12
Thank god I had a day-time shift this day, or else I may have had extreme anxiety about working at night again. I needed a break; I needed someone to talk to. The day before, I had heard about some of the nurses complaining about the children who were fooling around late at night, or possibly one of the adult patients. They had vandalized some furniture as well drew on some of the walls writing unreadable words and profanities.
I came into work and saw Claire again as well as a few other times on my rotation. She drew me a picture of her friends that I had asked her about earlier in the week. I thought the worry that was swelling inside of me would stop by working in the day time, but I was wrong. The picture Claire drew me was of her holding hands with a bunch of other humanoid creatures. The creatures looked similar to the being I had seen in the window of the basement floor door two days ago. A rounded face with a semi pointed head, and a tiny body; two round dark eye holes and a tiny smile on their mouth; two arms and legs that had tiny fingers and toes; the creatures were devoid of any other human features that can distinguish it from another being. She drew some in a wave-like motion that made it seem like they were drifting in the air like a feather. I took this to show some of the other workers, but they said the girl (Claire) had suffered from slight hallucinations as of lately. One worker, and middle-aged woman, said she will deal with the situation thoroughly. I thought the woman was a very nice, but apparently (from what I learned later) she treated the younger children rather poorly. She treated Claire very poorly, but never physically abused her.
I did not sleep well knowing that just a few others have seen the ghostly creatures about the building, and also that Claire was being treated poorly. I did not toss or turn in the night, but laid still, twitching at the slightest noise. I tried doing research on these creatures to ease my mind, but found nothing that would calm me. That was the first “all-nighter” I had pulled since college.


Date: 4/22/12
I came back on Monday to do my weekly night shift again. I had just eaten my dinner as usual and was just about comfortable knowing that no accounts of the creatures have been seen over the weekend. However, that comfort was ruined when Nate had told me one of the other workers (the middle aged woman) had tripped and fallen down the the eastern stairwell of the institute.
The East side was the same stairwell was where I had first seen the creature. It was believed that she had tripped down the stairwell and somehow had fallen to the basement floor. My mouth hung open while I listened to this story in disbelief. They had found her all bruised up and nearly dead at the bottom. Someone made up a rumor that she was dragged to the bottom because there were finger nail markings on the rubber flooring of the staircase as on the walls which showed signs of struggle. An investigation had already been done and no traces of foul play were seen despite her body being mangled and twisted from the fall.
It was a little bit after 8:00 PM when I heard that an older person on the fifth floor had passed away due to heart failure. I was not responsible for those incidents, but I did have to clean up the room after they had checked out the body and tried to resuscitate it. I walked up to the room after they cleared me to go in and clean and take out personal items and put them in a bag. A couple others were in the patient’s room while I was cleaning it up. That was when we saw the terrifying awe of what was in front of us.
A bright glow had appeared from behind me while I was clearing out the bottom cabinets on the other side of the room from the body. I turned around thinking that another nurse had turned a lamp on me. I never could have been more wrong. The dead man’s soul was hovering above their dead lifeless body trying to push on its chest. The scene looked like there were two of the same people in the room, and the one hovering horizontally trying to re-connect with the other. The soul did something odd to try (as I believe) and restart the body’s physiological functions. We all saw the dead body sit up straight, head toward the floating soul, and scream at the top of its lungs an ear piecing scream. Its eyes were black and its body was stiff as a board while it jerked at its torso in a way that brought tears to my eyes. The soul screamed the same ear splitting scream as the body did, and a large bang was heard while a flash of light illuminated the room, blinding everyone. When we all could see again, there stood a small creature on the bed where the soul and the dead body used to be. It was the creature from Claire’s pictures.
The creature floated there looking very solemn and lonely. It did not smile like the others. It floated like a cloud in the air from the bed onto the floor, near to where I was on the ground. I half covered my eyes with my forearm because I did not want to look at it. It floated out of the room and down the hallway. We all followed after it. It went down into the Eastern stairwell and down the steps.
I went downstairs to the very bottom and opened up the door that led to the dark room; it was now unlocked. Inside, the creatures stood floating amongst many others of their own kind. Some laughed, some moaned a small tone, others just sighed a ghostly sigh. They hovered up and down slowly and lazily. The room was entirely black and only the creatures could be seen. I closed the door and stood there holding the door shut with tears filling my eyes. A few other workers came down with one of the doctors, pushed me aside, and moved into the dark room. They just stared into the darkness for a while, and then turned the lights on. I saw very little to what was actually in the room, but I felt a rush of wind come from the room as the lights went on. That was the last time I had seen those creatures.
The doctor turned and looked at me, but I never dared to speak to him. In his arm were the same files that had been lying on the floor from the previous week. I began to walk up the stairwell, after the doctor had rushed back up them, and found a small photograph of the creature taken in an infrared light. The doctor knew something that I did not. I wish I could have seen his entire face, but I was too scared to concentrate on him.

I want to conclude by saying the “Unbirths,” the creatures in the report, are dangerous only when provoked like a child who has been scolded. I do feel better knowing that I am not completely alone, but I also do feel more slightly on edge. I watch my back every now and then when I am in the city. The doctor knew something more than I had known. The photograph went missing after that night, and I had not been able to trace it whereabouts. What the Unbirths truly are is not my main priority. My main priority at this time is to find out what the doctor is really up to. Some of the workers seem to be in on it as well. I have since moved on to another job that I will not disclose to the public due to my investigation. I have also found out that the doctor had moved on from his work at the institute, and transferred to one of the main hospitals in the city. Some of my old co-workers say that he is a traveling doctor.


Credit To – J.A.L

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21 thoughts on “The Unbirth”

  1. Hmm… I hope there’s a sequel, the doctor seems interesting and I want to know more about him. Also, cool idea. Kind of creepy for me since this is kind of my fear whenever I’m in an office building at night; disembodied laughter or voices, or dying mysteriously on a stairwell. It was pretty good, 8/10

  2. I love how a lot of creepy pasta stories talk about undisclosed locations and not giving whereabouts and such. With the details in the story, anyone present at that time happens to read this, they will know who it is. Regardless of whether or not the stories are true, you can’t hide. Google will find you lol

  3. The story is interesting, although the narration really needs proofreading and refining. The creatures aren’t creepy, actually they seem cute, and the disappearance of the body is pushing things a little too far (it sort of implies that each of those creature comes from a body that disappeared… and no one ever mentioned or cared about lots of disappearing corpses?)
    The conclusion puts me completely off the story, it comes out of the blue and hints at things that should be a beginning, not an ending.

  4. i think that that is bitter-sweet, and sad. i would be scared but i would mabey try to make contact with them. i sometimes see people walking out of the corner of my eye, but i turn and no one is there. and i know who they are too. they are my family members. but my point is i can relate to paranormal activity such as this.

  5. The story itself was alright, but the way it was written didn’t flow well and the plot seemed to jump around. Additional details seemed to be thrown out at the reader and the narrator’s “reports” lacked the emotion and details to really be scary or disturbing. I found myself questioning plot holes often.

  6. My sister had experienced this, once. When she scolded me and then the next day she found red bumps on her stomach and it was swelling .
    Idk if its one of that unbirth things.

  7. Couldn’t finish this story and not in a good way. “It would not budge; someone must have pushed the filing cabinet over, blocking the door” was just one of the many things that that didn’t need to be written and were insulting to the reader; show don’t tell. It really distracts from the idea.

  8. enjoyed it was a little lost, but I am no writer.. I think you have potential would like to read more of your stories.

  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I wrote this months ago (May), and I have to say that I agree with the comments. Since then, I have been researching on how to create better horror stories as well as how to improve my writing. Next time I’ll try harder to make the reader connect with the story as well as make the theme creepier.

  10. the story was creepy but the appearance of those things was not only un-scary, they sound adorable. 6 stars anyway, it was an ok story.

  11. Ehhh. There’s nothing wrong with writing about a topic that’s been done many times before, but you really need to do it in a way that makes it your own. To be honest, I don’t feel like that was accomplished. The whole soul/body/unbirth thing was too little, too late. And it wasn’t a bad idea (though I’m not sure why soul + dead body = these creatures), but by that point I was a bored with the story. It should have focused more on that aspect.

  12. This could really use some editing and proof reading. Grammar was terrible, punctuation was poor, and some sentences were not needed. It really took me out of the story.

  13. I enjoyed this, I think you could bring out the emotions and feelings of the main character more, description of how terrified he must have been would make the reader connect to their own terror if they were in that situation.

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