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The Tracing

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Next time when you’re lying in bed and the moon is new, when you’re at the moment where you’re almost asleep and your eyes are closed…try listening for the sounds. More specifically, sounds that shouldn’t exist in our realm. At this point, you’ll notice the world around you change, but don’t you dare open your eyes or make any movements.

If you lay right where you are, with your eyes closed, you’ll feel something trace a finger, a claw, or perhaps something even worse, across your forehead. The moment it stops tracing, you’ll wake up and it will be morning. Within that new week, you will die.

However, depending on what was traced on your head, you’ll either enter a paradise of a world, or you’ll enter an evil world of torture.


So…do you want to find out what’s on the other side?


ETA: It’s my birthday! But I’m still knocked out with a stomach virus, which is why I was late with the pastas again, sorry =(

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51 thoughts on “The Tracing”

  1. Seems like a good Pasta to try if you are going to be dying soon anyways/you REALLY want to be a dick without worrying about being in trouble for more than a week

  2. So depending on whats traced on my forehead, even if i do end up living in a paradise, i still only have one week to live??? no way to get out of it?? well that’s just friggen awesome, im going to die anyway, so it doesnt matter even if i open my eyes, im stuffed =(

  3. Anonymousity x 2

    What the hell are sounds that “shouldn’t exist in our realm”?

    Like some weird … oh, but we can’t describe them ._.,

  4. “More specifically, sounds that shouldn’t exist in our realm.”
    Yeah, that’s really fucking narrowing it down.

  5. You just described a rather complicated induction to astro projection, doubt a beginner could do it but really this is more of a lucid dream (A dream your aware your asleep in.).

  6. The question has to be, if everyone who encounters this event dies without fail, then who would there be to pass the legend on?

  7. shortys roc my sox

    this story was great but why try that if your gonna die and in my head wether i go to heaven or hell is determind by if i belive jesus christ is my savor or if i don’t

  8. this pasta was shit, the solution to save urself: don’t lay awake with ur eyes closed waiting for a claw to trace on ur head when u go to sleep. Close ur eyes firmly and don’t try to keep urself floating between the conscious and unconscious world betweem sleep ^^

  9. So either you go to a paradise world, or just be spit back out here on earth.
    Meh, I’m to lazy to try it.

  10. oh yeah. that last statement was a bit unclear. i meant to heartily thank you for keeping this site up. when i stop being so broke, i’ll ‘buy you lunch’ one of these days. :3

  11. WWP: sorry to hear you’re still sick. also, happy belated birthday.. though given the circumstances, you should celebrate a week’s worth once you’re better to commemorate your good health thus far and in hopes on many years of great constitution to come!

    i thoroughly enjoy this site. it actually helps me sleep at night while in bed.

  12. Happy birthday Phone!

    Anyway, this pasta wasn’t that believable due to the fact that I always end up in that particular state, except I never feel anything on my forehead.
    That’s right before my lucid dream starts.

  13. Happy late birthday Phone I hope you feel better. I had a flu once it was bad and I was sick for ages I only got better when I visited CandleJa

  14. AUGH. Comments are acting weird.

    I already posted this in the forums, but I’ll say it again. Have a happy, happy birthday, full of all things good n’creepy! FEEL BETTER SOON!

  15. blackneonsharpie

    at sigma: I didn’t until you mention it. Now I don’t WANT to know what it could possibly be.

    This is one of those rituals that I will NEVER try, unless, of course, I’m suicidal.

    Happy birthday, and I hope you feel better. :D

  16. happy b-day !!!

    i had somthing wrong with my tummy once ….i thought i was going to die so i wrote out a will ( i was 7 or 8)

  17. Of course, happy birthday Phone and thanks for keeping the website afloat.

    This pasta, I kinda like.
    Again with the whole, “is it worth it to prove this creepypasta?”

  18. Happy birthday Phone. Maybe your stomach virus will go away within the next few days and you can celebrate your birthday just slightly late. :D

  19. WWP: Happy birthday, and I hope your virus clears up soon. :D

    As for the pasta… I really don’t think it would be worth it. o.O I personally wouldn’t want to chance it, although I can see if others would.

  20. Happy friggin’ birthday~! I hope your natural awesomeness kicks in soon to clear our the sickness. Poor dear. Try and enjoy yourself!

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