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The Toolbox

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You wake up one morning to find a note taped to your mirror: “Don’t worry, I took care of everything.” Your clothes have been freshly laundered, the bathroom is spotless, and your garage has been organized. Even your faithful old toolbox has been replaced.

Later that week, there’s another note on your mirror: “GET OUT OF TOWN.” Paper-clipped to this message are several grainy photos of police in a taped-off section of a field. One of them is carrying your old toolbox in his latex-gloved hand.

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78 thoughts on “The Toolbox”

  1. I am so confused right now.
    But that’s what a good pasta is supposed to do. Leave the reader confused but so much that the won’t know the plot of the story. The only reason I’m confused is the fact there are police men with this guys tool box. But still it was a great story.

  2. Heh heh Sorry Fred there was this guy and he did all of your chores…then he took me so i killed his mom. Sorry again, but the next five towns over sounds like a good idea….or Canada….you could move there.

  3. *DING* I think I have a theory… what if….

    what if the first thing (I took care of it) was from the future, where his toolbox was back, and then the other was right after it happened? After all, what if said helpful person forgot to go back in time to the date he warned the writer, to remove the warning? If it was relevant at THAT point in time, but then whoever it was time-traveled and cleaned up everything, and just forgot to undo the warning that is now irrelevant… certainly explains the toolbox theory.


  4. Some Call Me Weird

    So, just to be clear –
    You killed a dude, and some guy ‘took care of everything’ i.e., cleaned your house, dumped the body, etc – but accidentally left your toolbox at the dump site?

  5. *sigh*…. lots of these theories are good, but I think i’ve figured it out. It was YOU who got murdured. I think…

  6. So a person with multiple personality disorder is going around killing people with his toolbox, and then his parent persona receives a message from his deviant self telling him that it’d be best to leave town?

    Nice, ambiguous, short and sweet. Would most definitely eat again.

  7. “How courteous of you, murderous stranger/personality/mirror person. There are so many people these days that would have used my toolbox and wouldn’t even replace it let alone do my laundry and warn me about the cops. :)”

    But this made me lol when I thought it was is roomate or something.

  8. The second note should have been entirely different than “Get out of town” to make it even creepier.

    Good pasta though. ^^

  9. At first I would have either said thank you outloud or written a note saying so.

    But the second part I would have been freaked out and confused.
    Committed a crime…maybe?

  10. Why thank you. I suppose he could have put the body parts in the toolbox, though you would want to get rid of it either way, seeing as if someone is covered in bludgeon marks from your wrench you would NOT want that wrench to be traceable back to you.

  11. 38 is right. Although I don’t think he killed someone with the toolbox, I think he killed someone and put their mutilated parts IN the toolbox. I’ve heard that happen before. Other than that, that theory sounds true.

  12. Ok, the way I see it, is that YOU left the notes. Multiple personalities, etc.

    You killed someone with the toolbox, then got rid of it, washed all your bloodstained clothes and then cleaned your bathroom (Which was also probobly bloody), and bought a new toolbox before “waking up”.

    Then, later, your other personality finds out about the police finding the toolbox and then leaves you another note.

  13. lol I saw the phrase ‘GET OUT OF TOWN’ and immediately thought of that one episode of Spongebob.

    Aside from that, it wasn’t too bad.

  14. Am I the only one that thought that the second note was from the future and “you” are dead. The toolbox was found at the scene of your death. The note is telling you to leave town, to leave your death

  15. The way I read this story, I always thought it was an oddly conscientious killer who took your toolbox to commit a crime but was kind enough to do your chores and warn you about it in return.

    @31 – they can probably find out where you bought your tools and trace you through the hardware shop location/s, credit card purchase, or forensic shit.

  16. okay okay okay…
    if dude used ur toolbox to kill someone, and the cops found ur toolbox at the crime scene, they take it as evidence, lock it up in the evidence locker, how in the hell does it get back to your house????

  17. No, we didn’t do it. We’re having enough trouble as it is getting whatshisname into the 2-D world. We don’t have time for silly toolbox tricks.

  18. So it was someone who was committing the crimes who did all this? Or maybe you black out when you did this? OR MAYBE IT WAS THE MIRROR PPL???

  19. ok…either u commited a crime, dont remember it and ur partner sent u the notes or someone used ur stuff to do it…i guess. aand sinse the notes are on the mirror (weird) i guess theres a possibility that it was lika…ghost? or smth? meh. w/e. it would suck to have to get outta town for smth u didnt do

  20. The Tainted Truth

    i want too say I got it but i just a tad lost.Like he was deisesed or like is somthign that’s not suppos too be tere there ?

  21. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'


    I dont think I’d like having an obsessive well-wisher killing people for me.


  22. oh i get it he killed someone without knowing it and this person hid the tools he used to do it and the body but they were both found and he would be caught or this person did it and framed the guy who owned the tools

  23. shortys roc my sox

    um does that mean you went and did something with ur toolbox and the tool box is evidence or something

  24. Short and to the point. The type of story that would probably be hurt by suspense rather than helped. Ambiguous, but that’s good for this story; enough is said, not too much, not too little.

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