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The Tattoo

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You wake after a wild night of partying to find that while you were wasted, for some reason
you had a crude smiley face tattooed on your foot. You write it off as a lesson to never drink that much again. The next time you wake, however, you discover the face is now on your ankle, and it’s not as crudely drawn. The day after that, it’s on your lower leg, and it’s starting to look more like a drawing of a real face. As it continues to move up and become more realistic looking, you wonder what happens when it reaches your own face.

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58 thoughts on “The Tattoo”

    Now that I have the knowledge this, if that ever happened to me I think I would chop off the foot, and my journey as a pirate would begin XD.

  2. That was more like the topics I start with when I talk about fantasies with my sister. So you should write more

  3. …I think if it had a bit more drawn-out-ness it would be a good pasta… like maybe it’s a note found in his diary, and every day he documents how it keeps creeping up on his body and looking more and more like a face… maybe the face starts glaring at him or making a scary expression? Maybe the face starts growing arms, and maybe one night he notices it’s raised up slightly, like this thing is trying to popple off of him and eat him in his sleep or something?

  4. Would it get closer and more realistic and be a tattoo of your own face over the top of your own face? It would definitely be a Creepy Pasta if the more it travelled and became more human it started looking like Gary Busey.
    Also I actually have a little face tattooed on my foot (Mr Jones Velvet Glove reference)… Better keep an eye on it.

  5. Murderous Dolls R' Us

    The way that part was worded-about the tat being on his ankle and moving up his leg-made me think the smiley face was trying to seduce him and would wind up on his penis

  6. Yo bro…. This was fucking retarded…. I mean I’ve been reading all these great slenderman stories and shit and then…. I read this…. Really I liked the comments on dicks and vaginas more and the actual story

  7. Dude, if it were a Guy Fawkes mask I’d finally have an excuse to break out the cape, red spray-paint and throwing knives again.

    But srsly, I’d give this pasta a 5/10. Semi-original, kinda creepy, seems like it could happen to you, but really sucked for the total freak-me-the-fuck-out factor I like so much.

  8. o cool this happened with a candle on our arm one of those Jewish ones the candles would light one by one nothing ever happened to us but the other are gone now

  9. Oh Lord. Sean, the PIMP MY MEME is my biggest weakness, how did you know?

    Anyhow, might as well just continue the nonsensical-ness of it with “…so you can face with your face”…

  10. Yo dawg, we heard you like faces so we put a face on yo face so you can…
    Can’t think of anything your face actually does. XD

    1. …. so you can face while you face???
      ….so you can smile while you smile!!!
      *(We put a smiley face on your face so you can smile while your face…. no…. I’m sorry.)

  11. Martin van Buren

    When it reaches your face, it becomes crude again – a rendition of a Guy Fawkes mask. And your body turns into that of a stick figure.

    1. Well um …. This seems weird .. But there is no story to it .. Thermis no what happened after it looked like a real face … So umm if you would have made it more interesting .. And more creepy and weird . I woul like it a LOT* better

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