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The Tapping

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It’s about 9:35 at night. The show on your TV is silent, the volume turned down. Maybe you’re one of those people that has to have a static noise and picture, even when listening to or watching something else.

The living room light is on. Two of the five bulbs have burnt out. The one in the back seems the next to go, but you don’t think much about it as you stretch out in your chair.

Something begins gnawing at the back of your mind. It’s just a normal Monday night, the rain outside a steady drizzle that freezes as it hits the road. Something that makes you want to look out the large pannel window beside you, covered up by a Harley Davidson blanket to keep the warmth in the house.

You try and distract yourself, turning on your favorite band. Maybe it’s Collective Soul, or Rammstein, or anything. Something to take your mind off of it. It’s only 9:37 now, just a few minutes later, and you still have this urge to turn around and look out that window, shrouded by a black and orange blanket. You hear a slight tapping on the glass, like a fingertip trying to get your attention. You turn the music up louder, trying to drown it out. It becomes louder and more insistent now, faster and faster, still trying to draw your attention.


“It’s in my head, I’m just worked up, too little sleep. Last night was crazy.” You tell yourself. The rapping on the window ceases, and you begin to settle back in. It’s 9:41. You turn your attention back to the TV, commercials flooding your brain.

The tapping returns. A simple, sharp tap. Curiosity overwrites fear, and you lift up the blanket with your left hand, expecting to see a stray limb from a tree smacking the window from the wind outside, or maybe nothing at all.


A long, pale white tongue drags across the window, smacking back with another tap. Your heart stops as you look up, seeing two great, white staring eyes bulging from an elongated face, lacerated with boiling cuts and keloid scars, coated with burns, it’s face nearly as long as your window itself. It’s upside down, hanging from your ceiling. It’s mouth is lined with razor-sharp teeth, there may be thousands or millions of them. Several are rotten and pulsating, and it keeps staring at you. It’s cavernous mouth seems to be smiling. Like it knows something you don’t…

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104 thoughts on “The Tapping”

  1. Well, that was interesting. I’d say it’s a good introduction to a story, not necessarily a story on its own. But, positive note, I was definitely creeped out by the creature you described! I could practically see it out of my own window!

  2. So is the monster inside or outside I don’t understand this but I think it was a great job sand you could of done a little more writing and should do some sort of part 2 and so on until part 3,4 or 5, PLEASE

  3. Anonymous:
    So there’s a horrific creature just outside your window, and you’re worried because you think it KNOWS something?

    That means its gonna eat you.

  4. The man who comments

    I slept over my friends house something knocked at the window. I saw a quick face and said Fuck off and shut the blinds.

  5. Stephan D. Harris

    It’s known as a wrong thing, as in, a thing that is just plain wrong. They are attracted to the alpha brain waves emitted from your amygdala, the part of your brain that triggers fear responses. It’s diet consists mainly of human faces and the wiring that lights your house. If you were to photograph a wrong thing, the image would bear a striking resemblance to a Rorschach test.

  6. A good ending would have been: you stare at the creature as it taps the window again, and then you remember that the window broke last week.

  7. It was hanging from the roof overhang outside, not the ceiling. Still scared me though. I’m always afraid to look out the curtains at night because I keep expecting a monster or something to be grinning in. My bedroom’s on the second floor with no access to the window, and that just makes it worse.

  8. This is a great story that had me on the edge of my seat.

    There are just a few things that make this story lack what it needs to be a great pasta. For one, you could make the description less like the pasta “Jack the killer”
    And you could make the Pasta a bit more suspenseful

  9. Oh no! Spare the razor-sharp teeth and it hanging down upside down! It knowing something you don’t is something you should worry about too!

  10. There has been tapping outside my window, but it’s just moths…

    And it knows that once the lights go out…

  11. cliche ._. I was half expecting you to go “In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore”

  12. I don’t know what I’m more amused by the story or the comments. It seems to me it could have very easily broke through the window and made me a snack but maybe it was licking the window because it enjoyed my music.

    Which I can’t blamed it Msi is awesome.

    Me: Aaarrrggghhh!!!!
    Me: Wut.
    Me: Woah, sweet.
    Monster: FROM YOUR MOTHER!
    Me: AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!1!!!one!!!eleven!!!!!!!

    *Head explodes*

  14. its just the window cleaner, he likes hanging from my ceiling outside and uses his tongue to clean my windows

  15. Way to fail. Everyone hates an open-ended story. That’s stupid. If you’d finished it, it might be good. But no. Not like this. F. I give it an F.

  16. He said cieling probably meaning ROOF! since a lot of people inadvertantly say ceiling instead of roof. Unless the creature is laughably 2-dimensional so it can sit between the window and curtains AND has a tongue long enough to slap the window behind his head, then the only plausible explanation is that the writer meant that it was hanging from the ruuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffUUUUUUUUUU

  17. the tounge part creeped me out a bit, but it got lame after that.
    I agree with all the “IT KNEW WHO WAS PHONE” people. XD

  18. The part that stood out most for me is that the monster is licking the window. What’s with that?
    Whatever the reason, I like that part!

  19. aaaaaaah crapcrapcrap DAMMIT LMLYUT! I have long curtains that go down to the floor and they’re far enough away from my window and…UGH -cry-

  20. ok
    how did he no???
    i didnt tel anyone about it!
    how wud fluffy the moster find out about us????
    i mean- me and alvin the chipmunk were SO DAMN SNEAKY!

  21. shortys roc my sox

    maybe the person has a porch out side with a roof over it so it could still b hanging from a celling and still not b inside

  22. This reminded me very much of a story I read where a woman buys a puzzle, takes it home and begins putting it together. As she is doing so, she realizes the picture is her own kitchen, and the last two pieces are her window. She closes the blinds, puts the pieces in, and sees this disgusting face staring at her.
    Guess what she sees when she looks to the kitchen window.
    Scare the HELL out of me. I couldn’t sleep at night, just thinking about my damned bedroom window! Anyway, I read it in a book, but it would make a great pasta story.

  23. Perhaps it’s just the heroin speaking, but this is one of my favorites.(however, I’m still making my way through all the pastas on this website)
    A tad anti-climactic but the way you described it was terrifying. Especially since my house is very much like you described…
    Aww WHO WAS PHONE, if you were going to stalk me, you didn’t have to hide!

  24. If it is outside your window how is it hanging from the ceiling? How do people find this shit creepy when it is just stupid?

  25. 1. russell crowe has 2 Ls in his name no?

    2. the thing is INSIDE!!! hello people, ceiling…and since it’s inside how is it licking ur window AND staring at you?


    4. i didn’t thing the description of the creature was all that good

    5. my fave band is interpol

    that is all

  26. Wow the part when it said its hanging upside down scared the shit out of me!
    How do people make up things like this?

  27. Dammit! Usually the author doesn’t describe the monster, so I can just think to myself, “Hey! Maybe it’s just a puppy,” and then I can have a good night’s sleep. Now I have to lay awake all night long imagining this thing hanging from my ceiling!

  28. Oh wow. The description of the creature was damn scary. It literally gave me the chills.

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight, that’s for sure.

  29. Any other day, I’d have said something along the lines of “It knoez tihz pasta iz bad hurrrrr.”

    Due to the fact that I have to change my pants, I’m going to hold off on that.

    LMLYUT, you didn’t really make it clear that the creature was inside. Now that I know that, I’m a bit less afraid as I can just pull out a shotgun surprise and shoot it.

  30. Great story, but the part where it seems like it’s on the inside of the house…that really doesn’t make too much sense (if it was on the inside, then how was it tapping the whole time?), and it’s been done half to death by everyone else.

    Just fix the end, and this could be one of the most awesome stories on here.

  31. The revelation that the monster is INSIDE the house makes it much creepier, but I agree that it could have done with a better ending. Another paragraph or so.


  32. Q.well… if its on the inside…Then Where am i? on the inside.i have a room connected to the rest of the house with a glass window and door separating me from the monster…wait…for once in my life did i make sense?

  33. Who the hell is this “phone” person? Is it that guy from the DS game? Oh I forget the title…something about the world ending? Oh bugger, forget I even asked.

  34. Miss Betterdone

    You know what it knows? It knows that it’s on your CEILING, which means it’s on the INSIDE of your house, not the outside.


  35. I should not have read that.

    I just got over that whole zombie-on-the-outside-of-my-window thing from when I was a kid.

    just when I finally can leave my window open at night THIS is what you do to me. D:<

  36. How can it be inside if it’s tapping the window from outside?

    Is this what Lachesis is talking about?

  37. The description of the pictures reminds me strongly of those surreal illustrations Stephen Gammell did for the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series…you can see a few of them floating around the net if you know where to look, by the way. Evocative wordplay indeed…though it could’ve done with another closing paragraph.

  38. The description of the monster is VERY good, but the story itself has been used a lot already. :\ I very much enjoyed the creature, however.

  39. I am liking the strange description of the creature from outside the window. Although, would be interesting to see what happens when the lights go out…

  40. This one made me flip out lol. Verrrry nice.

    It should probably tell us who was phone if it does know.

  41. Remember that creepypasta with the murderer in the reflection? I think that ending would have worked better here in my opinion.

  42. This is good. The story itself I didn’t like, but the description of the monster was very good. It’s hard to write a scary description of a monster, so usually the author leaves it up to our imagination. This one actually spelled out what the monster looked like, and did it well.

    The description was the only part I liked though.

    1. It knows that your don’t know what it knows and this thing is a troll that knows you need to know that it knows you don’t know that it knows you don’t know that it knows.

  43. So there’s a horrific creature just outside your window, and you’re worried because you think it KNOWS something?

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