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The Staring Doll

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Heather was at her friend Jenny’s house one afternoon.  It was just after school and Jenny’s parents hadn’t arrived home from work yet.  It was just the two of them, and they were engrossed in a board game.

Heather was having a good time, except they were playing in a room adjacent to Jenny’s parent’s bedroom, and every now and then Heather would glance up through the open door of that bedroom to see a little girl doll sitting up on the bed.  Its eyes appeared to be staring at them.  She tried to ignore it, but over time it started to get to her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But I can’t concentrate.  That doll on the bed over there is giving me the creeps.”


“Oh, no problem,” Jenny replied.  She went to the room and closed to the door to calm Heather down.  Then the two friends resumed their game.

It hadn’t been long, however, before Heather glanced up again.  The door was open once again, and again the doll appeared to be staring at them.  Jenny couldn’t understand it.  She could swear that there was nobody else home, and that there was no way the door could have opened without the knob being turned.  Shrugging, she went up to the bedroom and closed the door, this time making sure that it clicked shut.  But again and again, they would check the door and find it wide open.

Heather was starting to get very scared.  Finally, Jenny had enough of this.  She went into the bedroom, grabbed the doll and threw it into the closet, slamming it shut.  She then slammed the bedroom door shut behind her, and they resumed their game.


For a while, things appeared to be going well. But then Heather glanced up one last time. All of a sudden she stood up and said, “Goodbye!” and ran home as fast as she could.

This time when Jenny looked up, she saw the bedroom door only slightly ajar, with a chair propped up behind it.  And sitting on the chair – peeking through the opening at them – was the doll.


Credit: Jack Stryker


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