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The Stalker

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Leslie sat on the barstool, sipping a margarita. She’d hit a run of bad luck in the past few months. First her boyfriend Ricky left her, then she lost her job. She got a new job, but not as well paying, of course. So she had to move out of her house and into a cramped apartment. Her cat, Muffin, died. Her mother was ill, and needed her support, even though she couldn’t support herself. With all that bad luck, its little wonder that she let that guy sit next to her, buy her a drink, the same old routine. The fella’s name was Geoffry. He seemed nice enough, even if he was kind of a dweeb. He wore horn-rimmed glasses with a blue button-down shirt, he wasn’t nerd-skinny, exactly, but he was kind of on the thin side.

They talked for a while, and then she left the bar. The next day, as she was walking home from work, Leslie saw Geoffry again, standing at the bus stop a block away from her office building. “Hi, Leslie! Hey, I was thinking maybe we could head down to the bar tonight. I really had fun last night.” She politely declined, and he said, “Okay, well, I’ll see you again.”

She left for work the next day, and guess who she saw? Geoffry was standing right there about a block from her house. “Hi, Leslie! You wanna hook up tonight? I was thinking, maybe a movie?” She politely declined and went about her work. When she got home, she had a new message on the answering machine. [Hi, Leslie! It’s me, Geoffry. I just thought you might’ve changed your mind about the movies. Don’t make me keep asking, just call me, bye!]


The next morning, Leslie left for work. Geoffry was standing outside her door. “Hi, Leslie! Why’d you stand me up last night, huh? I just want a chance, Leslie, we can try, right?” After 3 days of annoyance, Leslie caved. “Fine, Geoffry, we can try. Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night? We’ll see how it goes, okay?”


Leslie sure was having a bad run of luck. Ricky was in hysterics when he left her, her cat was dead, and now Geoffry too. What was left of his corpse was found a week later…



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46 thoughts on “The Stalker”

  1. ……..

    I think I get it but I don’t understand why Ricky would be in hysterics of Leslie killed Geoffry.

    Or is Leslie the stalker and killed Geoffry as a warning to Ricky?

    I don’t knooooooooooow

  2. Ohhhh just figured it out, the way the story is written you’re supposed to assume the stalker is Geoffry and the narrator is just a basic third-person writing style. However, in the end, it turns out that the stalker is actually the narrator, who is a character– he killed the cat, forced Ricky out of her life, and finally killed Geoffry. At least, I’m pretty sure. I didn’t really like it though, since my feelings on pastas is that they should be yummy while reading them, not icky until you think about them for a while and read the comments. I would maybe consider adding in a final line saying something like, “Someday she will have to come to me” or “But I could make her bad luck end” or something like that. Or would that just make it cheesy?

  3. i think i understand, she got too attatched to the people, ricky was in hysterics when he left her, becuse she was stalking him, she was too clingy and he got freaked out, her cat, well, he died, but geoffry, either she scared him away too, creeping him out to the point where he killed himself maybe ? or she killed him possibly ?

  4. And this is a prime example of what happens when people who lack basic English skills try to write a coherent story. 0.5/10.

    Fear the Darkness


  5. Ohhhkaaayy…I think maybe it’s told from some bizarro 2nd person POV. Maybe her ex-bf or maybe some one else.

    Not real clear. Lack of clarity leading to murder does not equal scary. I’m not re-reading the story because I’m trying to figure out clues to the “twist ending”, I’m re-reading the story to try to relate it to the ending.

    Meh. Lame.

    1. Nicola Marie Jackson

      I don’t get it either but I thought I’d say Hi as no one else replied in five years. I think it’s got potential but at the moment it’s just too mindfucky xxx

  6. I think Leslie did kill Geoffry….because they said that she was still having bad luck, and they found his corpse a week later…it could mean that since they found his body, they’ll probably find her too? o3o Eh, I’m probably wrong. XD

    -/stupid moment

  7. Good idea. Could have been executed (ha ha) better.

    I would have been scared if it was paced well. The ending startled me; I was expecting a few more sentences!

  8. wat

    Sorry, I tried to delve deep on that response, but came up dry. Good story, unique concept, and, for once, unpredictable, but the conclusion failed to seal the deal. I can’t seem to tear myself away from that very last sentence; it really did just ruin the entire story for me with its completely unnecessary detail and the simple fact that it trailed off. Seriously, amateur scary story writers out there, your unwillingness to conclude the final sentence with a good, old-fashioned period does not make your ending more spooky, it simply makes it more ambivalent and “noodly” in its lack of resolution…ironically fitting for creepypasta, admittedly, but that’s not at all the point.

    …Now that I’ve gotten that little rant out of my system, it was still pretty clever.


  9. Interesting if she is insane. Possibly she killed off her boyfriend and rationalized about it by saying he left the poor girl? Then again… Ricky, in his fury, may have murdered our nerdy friend who may also have just killed himself. So many possibilities and none of them make this story good.
    Sorry, but I cannot figure out why you would post this publicly.

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