The Stalker

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๐Ÿ“… Published on February 12, 2009

"The Stalker"

Written by SugarD

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Leslie sat on the barstool, sipping a margarita. Sheโ€™d hit a run of bad luck in the past few months. First her boyfriend Ricky left her, then she lost her job. She got a new job, but not as well paying, of course. So she had to move out of her house and into a cramped apartment. Her cat, Muffin, died. Her mother was ill, and needed her support, even though she couldnโ€™t support herself. With all that bad luck, its little wonder that she let that guy sit next to her, buy her a drink, the same old routine. The fellaโ€™s name was Geoffry. He seemed nice enough, even if he was kind of a dweeb. He wore horn-rimmed glasses with a blue button-down shirt, he wasnโ€™t nerd-skinny, exactly, but he was kind of on the thin side.

They talked for a while, and then she left the bar. The next day, as she was walking home from work, Leslie saw Geoffry again, standing at the bus stop a block away from her office building. โ€œHi, Leslie! Hey, I was thinking maybe we could head down to the bar tonight. I really had fun last night.โ€ She politely declined, and he said, โ€œOkay, well, Iโ€™ll see you again.โ€

She left for work the next day, and guess who she saw? Geoffry was standing right there about a block from her house. โ€œHi, Leslie! You wanna hook up tonight? I was thinking, maybe a movie?โ€ She politely declined and went about her work. When she got home, she had a new message on the answering machine. [Hi, Leslie! Itโ€™s me, Geoffry. I just thought you mightโ€™ve changed your mind about the movies. Donโ€™t make me keep asking, just call me, bye!]

The next morning, Leslie left for work. Geoffry was standing outside her door. โ€œHi, Leslie! Whyโ€™d you stand me up last night, huh? I just want a chance, Leslie, we can try, right?โ€ After 3 days of annoyance, Leslie caved. โ€œFine, Geoffry, we can try. Why donโ€™t you come over for dinner tomorrow night? Weโ€™ll see how it goes, okay?โ€

Leslie sure was having a bad run of luck. Ricky was in hysterics when he left her, her cat was dead, and now Geoffry too. What was left of his corpse was found a week laterโ€ฆ


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