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The Shadow Being

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When I was fourteen, my mother and father were divorced, and I went to live with my mother and a man she supposedly fell in love with several years ago. We searched for a house for all three of us to live in, and eventually found the perfect house. A few months later, after finding out that my dad had cancer, my mom went, even while engaged to this man living with us, to the very hospital and stayed with my father for about a week, leaving me to fend for myself as I remained in the basement, wasting my time on the computer.

It was late, around midnight if I recall correctly, and the man living with us went off to bed, turning off every light in the house, except for the computer room in the basement. During this time we had one dog and one cat. I can’t remember exactly where the dog was, but the cat was downstairs with me, doing what cats do, I guess. While typing away on the computer, it occurred to me, after several minutes had passed, my cat had been staring at the door, which was left wide open, for a long time. Her ears appeared to be pinned against the back of her head and I finally noticed her faint growling.

Thinking that it was the dog, I turned around and called for her, only then to notice something that took me completely by surprise. The door that leads up to the second floor was left wide open. In front of it, taking the size of a three or four year old, was this ominous being, made of shadow.

As chills ran down my spine and fear completely took over my body, I watched this unearthly ‘thing’ with what little time I had, I absorbed any features possible, noting that it had small, beady eyes that were yellow, and this ‘thing’ had black tendrils on top of it’s head, and on the sides of it’s body, which didn’t exactly have a ‘shape’.

Whatever this thing was, it reacted quickly and hid by leaping over to the stairs, making it partially visible to my view. Then, I noticed that it leaned over and peeked through the wall that hid it, quickly pulling away as it knew I was still watching.

To this very day I don’t know how, but I managed to muster up enough courage and quickly ran to the computer room’s door, slamming and locking it. An hour later, I ran through the whole house, turning on every light possible, except for my mom’s bedroom, and I went to bed with the light on. I didn’t bother looking for the dog, and I never told the man about this strange occurrence. I just went into my room and crawled into bed.


I don’t know how I fell asleep. But I did. Whatever the Hell that thing was, it was watching me. I didn’t think that I’d ever get over it. But I guess I calmed down after a while.

A week later, after staying the night at my brothers house, I was bored and decided to look this thing up. Oddly enough, what I saw that night matched the description of what most people call a ‘Shadow Being’. That scared the living Hell out of me, and I knew, without a doubt, that it was not my imagination that created this thing.


Ever since, I hated that house. That perfect house was no longer my home. I’m honestly surprised that I still stayed in that house, unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a choice. But I never saw the Shadow Being again. Never. Still, I was afraid.


Thankfully three months after, mom and I moved back in with my dad and the man living with us eventually moved away, and our so called dream home was up for sale. Probably still is.

I still have nightmares of the Shadow Being from time to time. Sometimes, it feels like it’s watching me whenever I’m alone. I was never really afraid of the dark until then. Now, I hate looking into the darkness.

The darkness could be looking back at me.

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63 thoughts on “The Shadow Being”

  1. Good story! But seeing something abnormal once wouldn’t be enough to scare me for life. As I’ve been seeing things much more horrifying sense I was born. And I’m still not scared of the dark.

  2. Liz Wilbanks.

    This freaks me out- I sleep in the basement, and I keep seeing things flit out of the corner of my eyes. I also caught a EVP recording and now I’m scared

  3. Can’t help but imagine Dr.Evil every time the “thing” is mentioned…

    Other than that, it’s a good premise but seems a little rushed towards the end. Would have liked some more tension when he noticed the “thing”…

  4. I liked it as a personal story. As for creepy pasta criteria, should have amped it up and embellished it a bit. But still, like I said, good story :)

  5. Hey! I saw one of those shadow beings once! There was one in my room when I was playing video games!

    But then…I remembered I was playing KINGDOM HEARTS.

  6. so, i interpret this as ptsd she(im assuming) was touched in a bad way by the “man who lived with us” and her brain made something up to resist the stress

  7. i think you sound like a huge bitch when you refer to your stepfather as “the man who lives with us.”

  8. OMG

  9. I’ve seen shadow beings, and so has my mother. They are completely benign, just leftovers of parts of people and memories. They don’t do anything, they aren’t dangerous =3

  10. Hm. I saw a shadow person once. It wasn’t that scary. The only reason I was scared at the time was because I thought it was a burglar who was going to kill me if he knew I was awake. Never had nightmares about him, though. I blame hypnagogia.

  11. Two things:
    1. I think this is just a case of judging a book by it’s cover! I mean, the way it acts, all shy and cute and stuff. Plus, I just got a mental image of a cute little…shadow puppy. People fear the unknown, but what if they got to know the unknown? Would they still fear it?

    2. I agree, I think Mr. Welldone sounds kind of arrogant and smug as well. Not to offend Mr. Welldone, sir, but it’s just how you come off to me. Whenever you post I get the weird mental image of a nerdy thirteen year old…:-/ sorry. Anyhow, go on as you where. I’ll get over myself eventually…lol.

  12. No one importaint

    @ sam: thats a darren shan reference, your thinking of Desmond Tiny

    And you couldent look for your dog, but after that you didnt say anything happened to it.
    Seems pointless since you drew attention to it a couple of times.

  13. I saw one of those once, it was sitting on me when I woke up at like 1:03. I jumped a bit and it kinda floated backwards, we sat there in a lock for a second, then it just dissapeared.

    I talk into the shadows at night, I want it to come back. It seemed to want to learn about me…

  14. maybe he could have been friends with it cause it seems like hes a lonely bastard
    also i agree he is a hearless

  15. i agree with doggy dude…it sounds just like a heartless.
    its a good thing i make keyblades! no shadow being will ever stray into my house!!!

  16. I think it was over all, really good. However, the thing wasn’t very scary… it acted kind of like a mix between and under socialized kitten and a little boy. o_O

    And the last line should be shortened to, “The darkness could be looking back.” Or at least that’s what I think. :3

    Really c

  17. shortys roc my sox

    theres a shadow being in my room but he doesn’t act like a shy puppy he really is preety creepy and you can make the shape of his whole body he wears a zoro hat and has no eyes :[)

  18. Dude. has anyone else heard of the japanese legend of oninbo the hellbug eater???he eats demons that live in you soul and corrupt your thoughts,this soudns a lot like him,i mean,the tendrils coming from hsi head and sides,etc.

  19. So one time I went into my house and there was this… shape, made out of flesh or something. And it was staring at me. I totally ran and hid, but it found me. Scariest shit ever.

  20. @ Random Reader, I completely agree, he’s always so casual about all this stuff that’s scaring and creeping out most normal people

    But this pasta wasn’t the best, I think there should’ve been a little bit more

  21. Mr.Welldone, glad to see you back. We missed you. <3
    As for it being afraid of the cat, it’s been said in other texts that cats are often guardians of other realms.Maybe the shadow being knew this–or maybe they see cats in a different light. To them, they’re normal and WE’RE the different beings. It might be scared of us.

  22. I think I’ve read this one before.
    It would be a lot scarier if the ‘shadow creature’ hadn’t been scared of a growling house cat.
    If it’s scared of a cat, why wouldn’t it be scared of a person?

  23. Good to see you again, Welldone.

    This experience probably would have terrified me, personally. I’m not all that brave. I hope I don’t have any experiences like that, as I’m afraid enough of the dark as it is.

  24. well, he did lock the door it was behind, that’s similar to attacking it with a key…”you must shut the door to darkness or else it will seep out and consume the light” and stuff.

  25. “Seriously, it sounds like a ‘Shadow’ from the Kingdom Hearts series”

    O RLY ? i was thinking the same thing she\he should have stabbed it with a key

  26. My cousin’s seen this thing. Two of my cousins saw it at the same time. Some say this is the thing that sits on your chest. aka sleep paralyaia. but what is sleep paralysis? you may acutally be seeing something instead of dreaming it.

  27. This would be far less scary if something like this didn’t happen to me when I was a kid. There were more of them, and it wasn’t in the dark. More like an unnatural light behind them. Oh and they appeared to be clothed.

  28. Hello.

    I ask that those curious few among you note that not all that is horrifying is as dramatic in the retelling as it was in the moment of experience.

    The finest of fears lies hidden in the realm of the subtle.

  29. Good concept. Very realistic but the thing coulda been scarier. IT seemed like the story was first hand, which is good for credibilty but bad for creepieness. Loved the concept though and fab end.

  30. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    I sort of liked it. I want it to be a story, like that was just a beggining ‘Ten years ago’ prewlude, and the story is that thing coming back with various plot twists and more shadow things and stuff.

    Hmmm. . .

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