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The Seven Springs

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In the hills surrounding the town of Bodega Bay in California, there is a tree, sitting right in the crook of two hills. Scattered 10 paces around it are 7 different fresh-water springs. It is said that one of them cures any disease, another grants immortal life, 4 will kill you instantly and cause your body to dissolve into powder. But the last spring is special. If you bottle water from this one and take it to a small cave hidden in the hills north of the tree, you will find a single large stone at the back of the cave. If you then splash the water on the stone, it will dissolve, leaving you a baseball-sized red stone. As long as you have this stone in your possession, you will always be in the right place at the right time. If you pour water from any of the other 6 springs on the rock, the cave will seal up, and you will be lost forever under the earth.

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72 thoughts on “The Seven Springs”

  1. Yay…but I’ll take my chances. This was well-written, but place pastas don’t do it for me. Otherwise, the only error was lac of creepiness and detail. Because this is a horror site, and your pasta has “buried alive” vibes, you should consider aiming for the fear of being buried alive. Add something else, like “you’ll be buried for eternity with…” and “…” being creepy monster. No grammatical errors (kudos to you) so 9/10. I can’t judge what isn’t there, but I can judge the absence.

  2. Get the water from all the springs, mix it together, drink half of it and splash the rest to the stone, after crossing your fingers of course…

  3. Bring seven sick people, have them each drink from one, four will die, one will become healthy, shoot the last two. The one that died had the water for the cave and the one that survived had the immortality water

  4. Unfortunatly, if these springs actually did exist then there would be no diseases. Someone would have already tested out and found the spring water to cure any disease.

  5. Toss a few bugs in the springs, see which ones die immediately. There goes those four. Drink from the remaining 3, drink some DEATH SPRING to test immortality. You can skip that last step.. but eh, I’d do it just cus well… aweomenessss.

    Would pour the rest of the bottles on the stone in the cave. If I got the red stone thing and got trapped, I’d be an immortal in the right place at the right time. Someone would probably come looking for me and I’d end up standing at the entrance to the area they were digging at. Boo yeah.

  6. Obama’s theory could work, but if you do the wrong one the cave will seal up.

    At least you won’t be trapped, of course.

  7. Would the death springs still kill you if you drank from the immortality spring? Since it’s a supernatural death and all rather than a normal one.

  8. Bring 7 mice with cancer. 4 will die, one will be cured, and two will have seemingly nothing happen. Kill the two, and bottle the water from the spring that the now dead mouse drank from (since the other will still be alive)

    Seems simple enough

  9. hi, dont turn around

    bottle 1/7th of each spring and shake, feed it to a lab mouse, what happens happens
    the hamster idea is good
    also if one drank from the spring of immortality, and then from the death pool, he wouldnt feel effects.
    I would figure out the pools, bottle the waters, sell death water, keep immortality water, and covet my stones :3
    P.S. the cave has to re open, or this would only work once…
    wanna touch my red stone?
    p.p.s its the one the leaf points too :3

  10. What if you poured water from the death springs into the spring of immortality?

    What if you drank the water from the springs of death, and drank the water from the spring of life at the same time?

  11. Haha @ Vanilla, it’s true. That would very much suck.

    I like how this pasta didn’t reveal WHICH well was the good/right one like so many others do. Gives more room for imagination.

    And since as I see the majority of commenters here are so intelligent in beating the system (aka, bring 6/7 people), I recently stumbled upon these really old scrolls while hiking in mountains in Europe, and I want to share it so we can go on an adventure together. After having them in my possession for years without any translator (i know few people), i finally made the aquintance of a professor in my university who specialized in ancient languages. After consulting him and telling him what I had accidentally found years ago, he became very interested.

    I handed him the scrolls and he promised to get back to me as soon as possible. He then proceeded to work on it with his colleagues who were also educated in this area of the Arts. After having the scrolls for more than a week, he cancelled all his classes. Now this piqued my interest and I paid him a visit to see how the translations were coming along. When i found him in his office, he had papers, books and empty coffee cartons scattered everywhere. In the middle, he was very busy working on the last lines of the language.

    “Professor,” I said, “What have you found out so far?” Being entirely engrossed in his work, he shushed me away. Hanging around his office for an hour or so proved to be rewarding. The information he gave me that he found off the scrolls was remarkable. The scrolls itself were written thousands of years ago and were strangely well perserved for its age.

    The story he told me as he translated off the scrolls was both strange yet fascinating. And yes, you guessed it, it was a ritual process. I was entirely excited on embarking on this journey to obtain immortality at the end (which the scroll promised) yet my professor was more interested in how this discovery would change the date in which humans showed the first signs of language to an even earlier date.

    Needless to say, my professor and I had a disagreement on what we should do with the scroll. Being unscholarly and selfish, i wanted to participate in the ritual for the reward. He, however, wanted to donate it to a museum. Regardless how our argument went, I have the scroll now. Don’t look at me like that. The scroll belonged to me in the first place and I am very grateful to him for translating it for me.

    So, intelligent commenters, if you are interested in this as well, let us meet in the Ar-

  12. Now, I’m curious… do the springs require immersion in order to function, or will drinking, or even touching the water, suffice?

    And would it have to be direct from the source? i.e., would bottling the water cause it to lose its POWAH?

    So far, the best idea seems to involve bringing lab mice of some sort.

    And if a) bottling the water keeps it working, and b) splashing it on someone is effective, then ALL the springs have their uses, for those of less than shining morality… Splash someone with the Death Wata, and bye bye to them. And in a convenient, no-mess way!

    Perhaps I’m putting entirely too much thought into this… after all, it IS just a ‘pasta. Still…


  13. This isn’t really a creepypasta. The ritual ones are really bad. Then again it has death in it, Midnightgirl ish pleased.

  14. Wait if the stone makes you be in the right place at the right time than how could you manage to get the wrong water on the stone? =D

    Also, aren’t all of the springs wicked special, seeing what they do. :3

    Nice pasta, bit bland 7/10

  15. seven diseased people in each of the pools. four will die. one will be cured. attempt to kill the remaining two. the one that dies was in the correct pool.

  16. Getting people “who are sick” is rather ambiguous though, since even something like AIDS can take decades to kill someone.

    A sure fire way would be to get seven people, and poison them. You would simply have to tell them that they will die within the hour, and have them each test one pond with the promise that it is the antidote.

    Of course, the only problem is you would end up with one immortal, and one person who was cured, and they would not be pleased with you.

  17. You should bring 7 people who are sick and try them on each bastard,the guy who dies and does not disintegrate will be the one that is rock spring.


  18. @Flea

    However if you get the right stone, then the person who holds it will always be in the right place at the right time, so using that logic, the person would be able to get out somehow with the stone.

  19. get 7 bottles, one from each spring, and secretly distribute them to terminally ill patients who have less than a week to live. 4 will die immediately, don’t use those springs. one will be healed and you’ll know that’s the disease-cure. then watch the last two until someone dies…the other one will be the immortal, and the other will be the one for the magic rock. you win.

  20. tis like a spring russian roulette.
    i’d bring six jack asses and claim treasure’s there…so i could figure out which worked and which wouldn’t.
    sounds like a plan, i didn’t mind this pasta at all =]

  21. Bring 7 AIDS victims and have them all drink the water simultaneously, use logic to figure out which is which and enjoy the good life.

  22. to all the people saying that you should take 6 people there, you should rather take 7 lab rats with you and test the different springs on them

  23. As much as I like the idea of fucking over the paranormal and coming out all right in the end (there are many stories about bargains with the Devil that interest me like that) I will point out a hole in your plan…. No one said the right water would *unseal* the cave. Just that the wrong water would *seal* it.

    1. No, only splashing the wrong water at the stone would seal the cave shut. The cave has to be open for you to get inside of it, you know?

  24. Don’t go in the cave. Bring 6 people, make one of them sickly. Then carfeully test all the water, using the sick person last. Shoot the other two, if they live you know they are immortal. Then take the last spring and go to the cave. It’s workable so long as you don’t mind the whole dead people are your fault thing.

  25. This made me think of the first Happy Potter book, when they were trying to get to the stone thingy. And Tuck Everlasting, because of the springs.

  26. I agree with Mikeal. Bring six people with you, bottle water from all of the springs, and all can go into the cave at the same time. Take turns splashing water on the stone from each bottle. If you’re sealed up, it’ll be okay, because one person will get the stone.

    And when they’re in the right place at the right time, they’ll automatically be in the right place when someone finds the way out.

    I wish I lived in California. D8

  27. shortys roc my sox

    @ mikeal

    if you bring six people and you happen to get the right water and they don’t the cave will close up and mostlikly only you will get out so when picking the people make sure you don’t like any of them

    1. I like these types of stories. The short ones that are not supposed to be creepy just thought provoking. I don’t think it deserves such low ratings.

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