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The Ringing

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You know that ringing sound that you will perceive when you are in a very quiet area? Some people say this is an auditory-illusion brought about the ear’s inability to detect frequencies below the threshold of the human senses. This is completely wrong. That ringing covers up something else altogether. If you are quick, patient, and maybe a little lucky, you will be able to hear past the ringing. What you will hear are voices whispering to each other. They will silence themselves quickly but with practice, you will become more adept at catching and interpreting what they are saying. You will hear things of the past, the present, and the future. However, you must be careful. Because there is no such thing as a voice without a body.

And when you start noticing them, they will start noticing you.

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64 thoughts on “The Ringing”

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever heard the ringing, so it’s not hitting a special scary button for me. Still, good story. When I saw reading time was 30sec, I doubted it could be any good. Thanks for proving me wrong.

  2. I think I have tinnitus?
    I don’t like quiet or bright places they scare me

    I will hear ringing in quiet places it starts of low and gets louder then my body gets really restless I’ll kick without knowing why and cover my ears all sorts of things to hear sound so the ringing will stop

    I remember once it was raining so hard the lights went out and didn’t come back on till the next day around 8pm … it was freezing and the ringing was so loud I started crying cause the kicking and covering my ears and constant movement wasent helping … I started getting so dizzy my head was hurting so bad and I tried to sleep to ignore it but the sound was too loud to sleep …my boyfriend hugged me and put netflix on his phone so I wouldn’t have to hear the sound but it didn’t stop he had to literally put the speakers to my ears and it finally stopped

  3. I have permanent tinnitus so I hear this sound a lot louder than most people and it never goes away, even in loud areas like the city center. It drives me mad and after reading this…well fuck.

  4. F:
    I want to try this, but the last line scares me. I don’t understand what is meant about there is no voice without a body. And what is meant by when you notice them they’ll notice you?

    We wont know. they might appear to like you, or notice you and end you. Mabye they dont want people to know, mabye not. I saw something once, and ever since i feel like i am being stalked. I saw a dark figure that kept saying “That might actually work” I am not sure what this means but it may not be what i expect…

  5. I was watching TV, and soundenly there was loud ringing in my left ear, and I heard a whisper in my right. As soon as I frozen and listened for just a second it stopped. And the ringing in my left ear stopped.

  6. ive heard the voices. and ever since i cant seem to get them out my head. they are always there to say something but ive been trying to ignore them. i have gotten better at hearing things that other people cant! like a fly in the air. so its good practice to try. but i keep wondering who owns those voices. maybe they are the things in my dreams? but from what i know, i havent seen them. or have i?

  7. The Veiled Voices

    We have heard you all, taken your names, read your testimonies, and we have decided your fate. For most of you, we will merely call you liars through and through, only hoping to gain a kind of infamy from claiming what you can not see, and deceiving others. And for the rest who mayhaps told the truth… Let the games begin.

  8. Don't look behind you.

    This might’ve happened to me (the ringing) but after reading this all I hear is my heartbeat pounding in my ears O.o

  9. What have I told you? Never listen to or trust anything if you can’t see where it keeps its brain!

  10. Diego Parada-Lopez

    The ringing for me I sense it as it starts in my head like a wave and then I hear really, really high pitched noise and then it gradually gets louder until it fades away after like 15 seconds, it happens in silence and I don’t know why.

  11. My freind picked something up in the woods and instead of ringing he hears voices EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT QUIET I’m kinda scared for him

  12. I hate this ringing sound i hear it all the time. I also sometime hear voices but they arent very clear just laughing sometime others its conversations and sometimes its children playing around.

  13. I want to try this, but the last line scares me. I don’t understand what is meant about there is no voice without a body. And what is meant by when you notice them they’ll notice you?

  14. I have done a little studying and I stumbled across an article explaining about how concentration can affect perception and it suggests that concentration, whether it is conscious or not, affects your brain in mysterious ways and exposes you to different dimensions. So the sound that is heard after the ringing disappears could quite possibly be extra dimensional beings. Being an open minded individual I personally think this is quite possible, don’t know what you guys think, but it’s creepy to think about it.

  15. This is creepy, in a realistic way, kind of~
    Some people commenting could be describing tinitus though. I heard of a man who suffered from severe tinitus (he had damaged his ears as he was a construction worker). In the end he showered 4 hours each day and after a while he decided to put a bullet through his head. The ringing in that case was nothing like the kind of ringing this pasta describes.

  16. Love this story and The Voice (the other longer one that is essentially the same as this one). Both are very creepy. But this kinda takes the creepy away. So sad that there truly is a real explanation for a lot of people who hear this ringing. I don’t have tinnitus, and I do occasionally hear a ringing (usually after going to bed when it is finally quiet) but I’m sure it is just because I am hearing no sound for the first time all day (I don’t usually like to sit in silence).


  18. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Ringing was memories of James Blunt’s song ‘You’re Beautiful’ being stuck in your head…


  19. First – ‘If you are quick, patient, and maybe a little lucky, you will be able to hear past the ringing’

    Then – ‘And when you start noticing them, they will start noticing you.’

    So if you want to hear them, and you are one of the lucky few who can, they will come after you – WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRY TO HEAR THEM THEN??


    1. Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? I want to try this I’m curious with what the voices would say and how they look like. If ever they do exist.

  20. horn of a rabbit

    Reminds me a buddhist teacher of mine talking about with practice you’ll see the little momentary things pop in and out of existence. Also reminds me of another who mentioned the danger against meditating alone.

  21. #3 had a better version, but the short one is nice, too.

    Damn, I ALWAYS hear that ringing.. :( Now I’m afraid of it..

  22. I hear ringing 24/7 since Feb. of 08 they only thing that blocks it is music/tv/being out where there is a lot of noise….but its really annoying when its really quiet, the ringing gets louder and starts to give me a headache on top of which my brain insist on thinking that there’s a something that took away the noise and that at some point its going to take me too…….

  23. Hm. I’ve heard shit in total silence that sound like a distant radio when absolutely everything was quiet in the house. I could never make out what was said though. Maybe that sort of phenomena is what this is based off of?

  24. lol until this post, i thought i was going mad, coz i kept hearing this ringing. and every now and again i hear things, that haven’t been said. and strangely enough it does tell the future. it says what someone is about to say or do. and you remeber the 9/11 attacks? well…

    1. 9/11 was actually predicted, but no one believed the guy that told the government, so the terrorists were able to go through without trouble

  25. I tried this myself when I was less learned than I am now. Such foolishness…now the hellish litany of miseries never ceases. And as for the source…truly horror made flesh. I would not describe it, even if I could find the words….

  26. @ Comment 3 – Ah, I see now. Nonetheless, both are good. They spooked me out pretty well.

    When I was young, I remember hearing a constant loud ringing in my ears, and though I was going deaf or something.

    I’ll probably never turn the radio off, now.

  27. blackneonsharpie

    Yes, they are quite similar. I think I like this one better though.
    It’s shorter and basically gets the same message across.

  28. This is a bad reproduction of another creepypasta.

    “If you ever are in an area of absolute quiet, still your breathing and move not a muscle. After a few seconds, you will notice that the silence has a sort of “sound” of its own, a kind of empty ringing tone. This is nothing unique, everyone will hear this, given the proper setting. An informed person will tell you that your brain is trying to interpret the lack of stimuli to your hearing and so creates a bit of a filler sound.

    Actually, there is never, ever, total quiet anywhere on Earth. This sound actually covers something very important. For a persistent individual, one can discern what is under this pitch. The next time you are in such a situation, shout at the top of your lungs for about half a minute, then become completely silent all at once. It will be different for everyone. Some will hear nothing different for dozens of tries. Others might catch a snatch of soft murmuring. A special few might clearly make out what they hear on the first attempt.

    What you will hear is a voice that relays an account of events about to happen in the immediate future. It’s like a sportscaster relaying the events occurring 10 seconds later. Such an ability would doubtlessly be invaluable, no? You will be able react to any immediate danger, relate to people around you with greater ease. No one would ever surprise you. As time goes on, you will be able to make out this voice under increasingly noisy circumstances, to the point that it can be heard at any time by just concentrating.

    Now, of course you are wondering what sort of horrible catch there is for this. Perhaps the tone of the voice is so horrible that it will drive you mad, or maybe the voice will only predict your death over and over again. Of course this isn’t the case, though, its a normal voice, your ears receive it no matter what, its simply a matter of noticing.

    But there is a danger. For you see, there’s no such thing as a voice lacking a body. And just like you will notice new sounds, so shall you notice new sights. More importantly, you will be noticed.”

    1. I like this one better, short and too the point, nothing too over the top supernatural or specific-and-destined-to-fail about it like predicting the future or shouting as loud as you can.

      Plus this one came first.

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