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The Reanimated Corpse

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Somewhere in the middle of the Desert in Nevada, there’s a place where, if you look to the west at sunset you’ll be able to make out a tiny, house-shaped structure in the far distance, Wait for the sun to set completely and then you must WALK straight towards that structure without deviating.

As the night wears on, you will hear groans and cries of pain in the distance. Ignore them. You must continue to move towards where you saw the building. The night will seem much longer than any normal night, but if you continue walking until the sun comes up again behind you, you’ll find yourself suddenly in front of a battered, dusty shack. Inside, you will find no windows or doors (including the one you just came though) and in the center of the room will be a body. Reports of the decay vary from recently dead to a skeleton with clothes.

You might recognize the clothes or possibly the face. This body is yours. You can inspect it for as long as you dare. Check it for wounds or clues to your death… check its pockets for clues about your future if you wish. But you must figure out how to leave the room and do it before your corpse awakens. If you make it out of the room, you’ll find yourself back at the edge of the desert where you started. But if your corpse stirs before you can find the way out, you’ll be trapped in that room for eternity while your corpse is allowed to roam free. What does a corpse do with a second chance at life, you ask?


Well, remember those groans and cries you heard crossing the desert? A reanimated corpse has to eat, too…


CREDIT: Anonymous

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49 thoughts on “The Reanimated Corpse”

  1. Ooh!! Nice little twist at the end. ;) I rate this 7/10 because this was a cool little CreepyPasta to read.

    My corpse ~ *groan*
    Me ~ Hey, shut up! I can’t help you being stuck in there, so forget it! My soul shouldn’t even be in there…… o.e
    My corpse ~ *gurgle*
    Me ~ Eew… Okay, that is definitely not me in the future. OoO

  2. That is cool I’m in the room right now *roundhousekick*no corpse or death for me
    Yeah I wonder if you kill the corpse (lol if you can) if you get immortality

  3. I. Hate. Zombies. (Or Reanimated beings).

    I don’t care how I’m going to die! I’m not going to go pester my dead future self in hopes I don’t wake myself! Wait… I’m a heavy sleeper. This just might work!

  4. I. Hate. Zombies. (Or Reanimated beings).

    I don’t care how I’m going to die! I’m not going to go pester my dead future self in hopes I don’t wake myself! Wait… I’m a heavy sleeper. Maybe this might work…?

  5. God, I hate zombies. After checking that body, I would turn the corpse into a pulp

    And guys, it lets you find out about your future. Why not form a habit of, say, recording winning lottery numbers and the dates they occur? It would stand to reason that the corpse would have the book, but with far more numbers and dates on it

    You could profit from your own death! Wait…

  6. What is a lulz? and i thought this one was pretty cool, i liked it but i dont know why? i guess if i was stupid enough to do this, i would make sure i had a shotgun ;)

  7. Loved it. Although I never did understand why people want to know how they die. Death is inevitable (unless you’re immortal and in that case, shareyourpowersplease).

  8. Maybe it’s in your best interest to check the body for bite marks…
    Then you’ll know whether or not it’s worth your effort to try to escape.

  9. wait wouldnt you failing to escape and being killed by yourself leading you to know your death and since YOU followed the path your past self will also do it? unless of course you detour then that death would never have occur.

    the joke probobly is while your searching how you die you cant find anything UNTIL you realize that your gonna get eaten

  10. yes, let me walk str8 thru the desert for a whole evening with no hope of reward except knowing my death [which is inevitable n e way, id rather not kno]

    sorry, not doing this…i’d take a detour and head to vegas!

  11. The only logical explanation, it seems, would be to leave the door open. If, however, the door mysteriously disappears, then hypothetically the only ways out would be to hack out an opening with a chainsaw or an axe, or to somehow locate a trapdoor inside. Personally, I would do some reconnaissance work before entering, to see if there are any secret openings around the perimeter, or to fashion one with a tool of some sort. Perhaps with a gun and silencer? One could always shoot out a hole.

  12. @ D:, whatever they want to.

    Personally, this confuses me more than it scares me overall. It seems like a horrible trade-off in the risk vs. reward department. Stirs = moves, it moves once and you’re screwed. Chainsaws won’t even help there, you’re just trapped. Bad exchange.

    1. The Caressing....penis

      A Big Mac with large fries and a large coke then suddenly, your reanimated corpse becomes a true American.

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