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The Post Office

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In the panhandle of Oklahoma, along the interstate, there is a lone brick building marked “Post Office No. 56,” and is marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors, and looks like a small box of bricks from a distance. The door is always locked, and will never budge, no matter how hard you try.

Every July 7th, if you are positioned to the west of the building with the door opposite of where you stand, your nose will begin to bleed. If you drink some of the blood, one of your teeth will fall out.

Take the took and go to the door. The tape will no longer be there, and the building will have one small eye shaped window.


If you go to the window and place the tooth in it, the door will click open. Do not look in the window. Never look in the window.

When you open the door, a slow salty breeze will blow out, and the entire room will be pitch black. Enter the room and shut the door. You will wait 10 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the last time you saw your parents.

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After the time is up, a single shrill scream will sound. If you flinch, you will wake up in your bed, sweating. If you don’t flinch, close your eyes quickly and start running. You will run for about 4-7 minutes depending on how fast you are, then you will hit a wall. Do not open your eyes.

The ground will feel warm, and your eyelids will see the color red. Do not open your eyes. Just feel around until you find a ring on the floor. The ring will be cold as ice. Pull on the ring and a trapdoor will open. Enter the trapdoor.


After doing this, you will fall through the roof of an office tile in a building in downtown Tulsa, in a bathroom stall. In the toilet will be a wallet and a gold ring. Take the gold ring, do not touch the wallet.

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193 thoughts on “The Post Office”

  1. How do you enter the trap door with your eyes closed.. and what do you do with the gold ring once you’ve found it in the toilet?

  2. Um…da heck?? I really wanna know what was up with the wallet, and if you open your eyes, and are you stuck inn a dream if you don’t wake up (if you flinch)/????????

  3. is it a mistake in the story that says: “marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors,” ??

  4. Wait, you’re in the panhandle, then after all that, you end up on the exact opposite side of the state? Good teleportation there.

  5. I think its obvious this person wrote the story in the submission box and didn’t proof read at all.
    You can find much better stories on not sure why this one made it.

  6. This belongs on Crappypasta. The spelling/grammar is not quite as bad as “WHO WAS PHONE?” but at least that one has a decent plot.

  7. I think it had an A in it

    Lucky for me I don’t need a golden ring
    you see my girlfriend is a lot like my car
    I don’t have a car…

  8. Not only can this building add and remove doors at will, it can also give you the ability to see with your eyelids!

  9. There was tape on the door in the very first sentence as well. Tape on the door that doesn’t exist.. For the next two sentences, anyway..

  10. This might have been scary if like something i don’t know what else happened but it was terrible the ending was terrible *starts crying*

  11. July 7th is bungie day! What better way to celebrate than to risk your life/ teeth/ blood for a toilet ring.

  12. So … when is it ok for me to open my eyes? After I pull the handle of the trap door? I have to open them at SOME point, right?

  13. I laughed. I’m reading all the bad pastas just for the hilarious comments.
    My problem with this:
    Why would you run for 5 minutes with your eyes closed?

  14. Steezii Iero-Von Vanity

    Nice idea, I suppose. However, I feel as if there are several issues with this particular pasta. The first and foremost of these is the discrepancy between details throughout the story. How can there be no doors, but then doors a few lines later? How do you know where to place a tooth in a window without viewing the window? How can you even stick a tooth in a window unless there’s some oriface? These wouldn’t be very big issues, since I can understand forgetting these things. However, this story is only about 25 lines long!!! I just can’t see forgetting. Now, writing endings can be difficult, I get that. However, there’s no excuse for just dropping it off like that. All in all, I give it a D+.
    Regards, Her Grace Steezii Iero-Von Vanity, Dutchess of the Rainbow Ninja Ponies of Antarctica.

  15. “and is marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors” > LULWUT?! I know it’s been said but seriously author! The door has tape… there are no doors.

    Also I was really sad that this turned out to be a awfully done story, as these kind of creepypastas (Where they tell you to go here, do this and give you strict set of instructions to follow) are my favourite pastas of all!
    (also on that note… do these kind of pastas have a category? Or a name to describe them? i’d really like to find more!)

    1. I;m guessing he meant for this to be some form of Ritual Pasta.

      As soon as I saw the “closed sign on door, there are no doors” bull, I gave it one star. If this had been tagged as a Parody Pasta, I would have given it two.

  16. One: I live in Oklahoma, And this little tell hasn’t been passed around.
    Two: there are no doors, The door is locked.
    three: TAKE THE TOOK. TAKE IT.

  17. This Pasta made very little sense, lacked suspense, and was just nonsensical. Needs a lot of work, primarily to make any of it in the slightest bit logical.

  18. The funny thing is that at the bottom after the pasta, there was an ad for a wedding ring store with a silver ring as the picture …. i was like lolwut

    1. Ever had a nosebleed like that? Where you’re just like “Oh fuck this, not again. I don’t want blood all over my shirt.” So you don’t even tilt your head. You just STAND THERE defiantly, your mouth open, letting your own blood drain into your mouth rather than admit defeat?

  19. I like the randomnes of this pasta. You could just change a lot of stuff and it would be the exact same premise. Like changing “gold ring” for “toilet paper”, and “nose bleed” for “explosive diarrhea”.

  20. This ritual pasta has one of the least balanced trade-offs from any of the rituals that I’ve read so far. I feel like the author meant for there to be some mystery associated with the ring (maybe it’s magical, or something like that), but as it is, it just seems like I’m getting a two hundred dollar gold ring to pay for the dental replacement that I would need after getting into the building.

    Grammar isn’t great, but it’s pretty obvious that the author meant to write that the building has no windows, so it’s not that big a problem.

  21. And then once you have the ring, you hear a phone in the distance. Answer the phone saying “HURR DURR” seven times. You’ll hear a young girl say, “Seven days.” In six days you’ll die from asphyxiation while having a wank and hanging yourself in your closet.

  22. The building has no doors, but the doors are locked so you can’t get in. This is one of those mistakes that make the already bad story worse.

  23. Great. Now I’m stuck in a building in Tulsa, missing a tooth, my face all banged up, and I’m out of breath from running. Time to pawn off that stupid ring to take Greyhound Bus back home…

    But seriously, this was terrible. Comments made it worthwhile, though.

  24. where it doesnt* exist, excuse me. oops i just forgot all the math i learned in the past year due to the collapse of reality perception in my brain. please correct the mistake before my mind turns into fried eggs.

  25. the author states that the building has no doors, and then just a few words later states that you cant open the door because it wont budge.
    my mind is entering a state of doorception. one part of my mind is in a universe where the door exists, and the other part in a parallel universe where it does. the universes are colliding along with the confusion and now they just both collapsed. and now you just erased two whole universes with your crappy ritual pasta, thanks a lot

    1. ẠbracadaveЯ

      Ponyboy? You have my attention. Is it something like
      this or this? (Probably NSFW, btw.)

      …Or am I completely on the wrong track here?

  26. What if you don\’t want to drink your nose blood? o.o
    And how can you see the trap door if you have your eyes closed?


  27. Wouldn’t it be strange if several people suddenly (and possibly regularly) walk out of a bathroom stall in downtown Tulsa?

  28. A few errors, but nice story.
    I was surprised when I saw a creepypasta taking place in Oklahoma.
    Anyway, I would rate this about 6/1O.
    Heres why:
    -A few errors, including the fact there were no doors or windows in the beginning, and yet you go to the door and are instructed not to look through the window.
    -There are no descriptions of why you shouldnt do these things, which arose my sence of curiosity.
    -The consequences of every action are vauge and dull with a slight hint of suspicion.
    -Needs some editing.

  29. The ring probably kills you when you put it on, too. (That’s what I would make my magic ring do, just for the lulz)

  30. well its kinda confusing cause i dont know which direction i run, and how will i find the trap door if my eyes are closed? will i run into anything if i run other than a wall?

  31. “You will wait 10 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the last time you saw your parents.”
    What the hell? What does that have to do with anything? ><

    I’m a total grammar snob, so this pasta angers me more than most. Continuity errors can ruin anything, but the fact that you’re licking blood from your nose, slamming yourself into walls, and going into trapdoors all for a freaking ring in a toilet absolutely slaughters any hope this had this with a small hatchet.

    Bland pasta with sauce smothering it and draining out any and all flavor. 1/10 for effort.

  32. Worst ritual pasta ever, was way under cooked and cut my throat on the way down ):< Why the hell would you do that for a gold ring?! not only is that a little unrewarding, its VERY unrewarding. Gold rings start at just over a hundred bucks. seriously, just beat up some rich guy. It takes 1/20th as much time, it much safer, and the paypout is ten-fold lol

  33. It was kind of hard to ignore the ‘no doors’ ‘door is taped over’ thing, but I’m going to assume that the writer meant that the building has no windows.

    Anyway, the description of the structure and what happens to you if you go in is pretty good, but this seems to be pretty useless, and no where near worth it. The gold ring seems like a small reward for risking your life or sanity.

  34. marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors… lol so the first one doesn’t count?

  35. This is not a very good pasta. It tastes like a bad paradox with some lame-sauce and a heaping of boring on the side. I mean…Ring…wallet…ring…wallet…First off, this is NOT Silent Hil 2 and my name is NOT James, therefore I do not reach into toilets for crappy prizes. This ring would have to make me immortal and give me super powers and take care of my pets and do my homework…I don’t think I’m going after it.

  36. Maybe this ring has special powers.
    Like, whoever you offer it to will fall into love with you, forever.

    Would it be worth it then?


    I wish this one was cooler, my birthday’s July 7th, and I would have liked to try this if it weren’t so dumb. :[

  38. Displeased Bathroom User

    There I was, taking a shit in a bathroom stall in a building in downtown Tulsa, when all of a sudden some retard comes crashing in from the ceiling! He babbled something about a ring in the toilet I was sitting on, and that he had to go through all this paranormal bullshit. I responded by flushing the toilet. The look of frustrastion on his face was priceless.

  39. “The building has no doors”

    “The door is always locked”

    Fail. :P


    “You will run for about 4-7 minutes depending on how fast you are, then you will hit a wall.”

    I can’t resist imagining someone doing just that and breaking into a string of swears upon impact with the wall.

    Along with “Fuck, my nose is bleeding again.” :3

  40. So, do you still have your eyes closed when you open the trapdoor and dig into the toilet? If you’ve got your eyes closed when you’re doing that, you’d probably touch the wallet..

  41. Dude, I LIVED in the panhandle of OK. There’s no fuckin’ post office like this.

    Well, okay the post office was kind of creepy, but it had a door. You could get inside and mail packages and shit.


  42. teehee
    i’m a ms. moomoon
    but i suppose i love you too^^ -hugs-
    some people don’t appreciate my sense of humor, or my opinion
    o well =\


    yeah this was just some 11 year old kid who tried to write a story that can rival other ones on this site.

    im sorry but this one is just awful.

  44. …this=stupid…

    1. paradoxasaurus rex much? there are no doors, but there’s a sign on a locked door? eehhhhh?

    2. y wud i loiter around an abandoned building?…now that i know what the ‘reward’ is [some ring….ooooh, cuz i’m frodo or sumfing ><] i’m certainly not doing it.

    3. ppl are talking about shoving there hand in a toilet, what about drinking blood from ur snotty nose?!

    mr./ms. author…u lost me at oklahoma…try again…perhaps with something more frightening.

    if i open my eyes then what? what about if i look through the window? will i b killed?!
    puhleaaaase! it had promise, but it feels like it was written by a 14 year old attempting to be frightening.

    like we say in jamaica ‘ah fuckery dat!’

    that is all.

  45. gold ring? what if i lose it doing dishes or somthing :c

    i’d rather have i life time supply of bacon ice cream…any body wanna share *bacon ice cream*

  46. doode, wtf, i thot there werent anydoors………………… lets recap, door, no doors, window, door, wall, trapdoor, toilet?

  47. “In the panhandle of Oklahoma, along the interstate, there is a lone brick building marked “Post Office No.56″, and is marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors, and looks like a small box of bricks from a distance. The door is always locked, and will never budge, no matter how hard you try.”

    The door is locked? What?! There is no door!

    I’d turn on the lights when I got inside..

  48. “In the panhandle of Oklahoma, along the interstate, there is a lone brick building marked “Post Office No.56″, and is marked with tape at the door as “Closed”. The building has no doors, and looks like a small box of bricks from a distance. The door is always locked, and will never budge, no matter how hard you try.”

    The door is locked? What?! There aren’t any doors!

  49. This story is a lot like LOST. It creates a fantastic environment for things to happen in and around (a mysterious, doorless, abandoned building that causes nosebleeds to people who loiter around it) but becomes so preoccupied with throwing curveball after curveball at the user that it forgets to make the journey interesting or logical or the end reward worthwhile.

  50. Royal-Sovereign

    The abandoned building thing at the beginning was promising…and then it just went to shit.

    This the WORST ritual story by far.

  51. So I’ll be risking my life in a paranormal nightmare where my life/soul/sanity will be risked if I look in the window, open my eyes when I hit the wall, and/or touch the wallet, all for a gold ring.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can resist temptation. I just don’t want to risk my aforementioned life/soul/sanity for a gold ring, when I could get a similar gold ring with money, which I’m much more willing to give in lieu of my tooth and nearly an hour of fatal paranormal phenomena.

    Of course, I mean no offense to the writer of this story. I just think he/she should make sure that the reward is at least questionably worth the tooth, risk, and time.

  52. Daniel O'Briant

    What happens if you:
    look in the window?
    don’t flinch and run and open your ees when you hit the wall?
    touch the wallet and not the gold ring?

  53. Yeah. Hell with that. I don’t give a shit about gold rings. I’d rather look in the damn window.

  54. I hate creepypasta’s such as these, they tell you to do all these things, but they have no rewards or reasons for you to do these insane things

    1. I don’t know why but I’m feeling like this is a parody pasta. I mean, ‘your nose will bleed. drink the blood and your tooth will fall. place the tooth on the window and the door will slide open.’ I actually went lmao at that part.


        ME: Fuck that! I’d rather risk my life at post office No. 56 than pay for a 300-dollar gold ring!

        1. i would just go buy some flowers for my girlfriend that my school sells at lunch time 4 a dollar than almost risk getting taken to hell or whatever happens if u open your eyes or take the wallet

        1. Even if you went in this post office and got the ring, you would still never know who was phone….

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